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Schumer-Toomey-Machin falls

Written By: Bob - Apr• 17•13

Schumer-Toomey-Machine collapses, 54/46. Even Harry Reid voted against it.

Senate now moving on Grassley/Cruz.

Update: Grassley/Cruz falls 52-48. Leahy/Collins Amendment is up next, expected to fail.

Update: Leahy/Collins falls 58-42. Cornyn’s concealed carry amendment comes up next.

Update: Cornyn’s concealed carry falls short 57-43. Feinstein’s “assault weapon” ban comes up next.

Update: Feinstein falls by a humiliating 40-60.

And that’s enough for now.

The actual up-down vote for all the marbles is tomorrow.


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  1. Jake says:

    Reid may be a crook but he is not stupid. Frankenstein on the other hand is a stupid crook.

  2. Gayle says:


  3. Frank Pasqualone says:

    A day of fails for Obama, Biden, and Bloomberg! Come to think of it, just a normal day.

  4. Comrade X says:

    “Be Aware That What Is Being Voted On Are Amendments, The Up Or Down Vote Is Tomorrow….

    Death before slavery!

  5. Klingonwork says:

    Der Fuehrer said that it is unimaginable that Congress should go against the will of the people on gun control(and the look of disappointment on DiFi’s face made me lose my lunch) to which I say:

    1…”gun control”?…the founders SPECIFICALLY said ‘shall not be infringed’. They did NOT want gun control.

    2…it is UNIMAGINABLE the president of the USA should piss on the Constitution.

    Not one more inch shall I give, not one more law, not one more urine soaked decree from that socialist traitor.

    Now, he will be even more compelled to EO, like his heroes Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, a gun ban.

    The anger is palpable and pregnant with tension for the law abiding Constitution loving free people left here in LaLa land. If I display a sticker or my neighbor displays a flag saying ‘Join or die’ I am near the end of my ‘tolerance’ for those who count me as a radical, because ‘tolerance’ doesn’t count when it comes to our viewpoints.

    My apologies for ranting, but the left via their outlets on CNN and MSNBC have been associating the terrorist bastards in Boston with the Tea Party and ‘gun nuts’…equating me with what happened there. They are suggesting I want to maim and kill innocents out for a run and some sunshine?

    If the left wants a war they are very very close to one…God Bless Captain John Parker.

    Molon Labe

  6. Fu#kObama says:

    The only thing Imam Obama can do at this point is to get his pigslamic pals at the mosque to start bombing, like they did in Boston, then declare Marshall law and order the DHS & ATF to begin seizure, for our safety you know.

    It is a longways from being over as long as there are RINOs colluding with imam Obama and the communists are prodding them along. When is the Reishstag event coming to start this push for marshal law.

    Keep your eyes open because it is not close to being over.

  7. Fu#kObama says:

    A added bit of fact, today in Missouri it was revealed that the ATF has been quietly collecting the records and names of all CCW permit holders…..

    Coincidence, yeah right.

  8. Cole says:

    It isn’t over. But I’ll celebrate the victory. Hopefully the run on guns & ammo dies down for a while.

  9. Mark says:

    Paaaleeeessssee, “even Harry Reid voted against it”. Don’t believe for a minute that he only cast his vote after knowing it would NOT PASS. Only voted against it to look good. Don’t fall for his antics and don’t give him the credit he doesn’t deserve

  10. Arkaden says:

    Watching the President’s tantrum today was disgusting. “These people are not props.” No, the PC term for them are “agenda enhancers”.

    I swear if I hear the anti-gun crowd throw out that bullshit 90% poll number one more time… Nothing like asking people if they support background checks and then claiming that’s the statistic for this horrible garbage legislation. Of course 90% support background checks because we already have them. Ask this correctly – do you support universal background checks that may require additional records to be kept in order to enforce said universal check, and I guarantee the answer is hell no.