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Schumer-Toomey-Manchin gun bill allows the creation of federal gun registry

Written By: Bob - Apr• 12•13

Yeah, so all the unicorns and rainbows I was trying to salvage yesterday with unwarranted optimism over the possibilities of what could be done with the Senate gun control bill?

Flush it:

First, the legislation says that nothing in the legislation shall be construed to allow establishment of a federal firearms registry. In addition, it says that the Attorney General may not consolidate or centralize records of firearms acquisition and disposition maintained by licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers, and by buyers and sellers at gun shows (and makes it a crime for him to do so).

But then, the STM bill takes those protections away by using the all-powerful word “notwithstanding”—”notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this subsection with regulations.” The courts may construe the “notwithstanding” to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to issue regulations that could begin to create a federal registry of firearms, because the law says he can implement the subsection without regard to the protections against a registry elsewhere in the legislation.

The polimedia is the polimedia; it does not make the first bit of difference if they call themselves Republicans, Democrats, or the media. It’s the inside the Beltway crowd and urban elitists against the Founding Fathers and the soul of America.

I’m praying this all collapses into a steaming pile of nothing (as it should), but at this point, I’m starting to wonder if inertia towards the disintegration of our current government is now inevitable.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

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  1. Gayle says:

    I’m actually finding comfort in this direction:

    I’ve been trying so hard to get people involved in stopping the criminals in DC; I need to keep reminding myself that, basically, America as we know it is dead, and it is time to devote our energies to strengthening our states, and routing the criminals that have infiltrated our statehouses.

    (A big wakeup call: The BluePrint. EVERY Conservative should read this.)

  2. Comrade X says:

    IMHO it is only gonna getting worst;

    “Boehner: I Don’t Need GOP to Pass Gun Law…

    If this passes the senate with RINO support and Boehner & his band of RINO’s in the House work with the democrats then the GOP is dead to me and that is being said by someone who help raised in the seven figure area for GOP candidates in the last cycle. Also as a big supporter of the Club for Growth; they are toast too for their support of traitor’s like Flake & Toomey!

    What we are in now is war and in war you are either on one side or the other; those in the middle of the road end up as road kill sooner or later!

    Death before slavery!

    • r folsom says:

      Your allready a slave and have been for decades!

    • Klingonwork says:

      For Limp Wrist Boehner to say what he did really says to me that there really is no difference between the parties and that perhaps they are working in collusion as suggested by some.

      I’m not in the black helicopter brigade, but sure does seem things are moving in a particular irrevocable direction. I do believe the 2nd amendment will be officially removed in one way or another either by Limp Wrist giving in again, or EO. I hate to say it I really do, but all the things said that would be happening…ARE happening.

      Finally, do I think an orchestrated collapse is going to happen? Collapse yes, orchestrated…we’ll never know. Result will be the same…folks begging for Federal troops as chaos ensues.

      Maybe a little “National Enquirer” so take it with a grain of salt, but see DHS Insider article on “Investment watch” web site of when metals start to go bearish, look for event. Anyway we’ll see what happens with metals next week after a dump on Friday.

      Point is this…all seems to be coming together for collapse…what say you?

      Molon Labe

      • Comrade X says:

        Yep, agree, ain’t a matter of if but when!

        It is like someone has ridden by shouting the collapse is coming, the collapse is coming!


        Got your back!

        Death before slavery!

  3. I agree with Gayle. DC is pretty much a lost cause. Our war is in the states now, and if we don’t get in the game, more are going to fall, like NY, CO, CT, MD, CA, IL, MA, and NJ. Bloomberg is targeting 13 more states. Yeah, he’s a megalomaniacal moron with hoplophobia, but he’s got money, and idiots will listen to him.

  4. Lookin for some Light... says:

    A sound and sobering post. After all the letters and phone calls over the past 5 years you’d think I’d get the idea that those self-serving prostitutes in dc would actually give an ear and favorable consideration to the folks they represent. After hearing “Song Bird” McCain declare that he wanted to get on with the debate so he could tell his minions what they wanted I knew it was way past go time. He and the others are so confused about who wants what it amazes me…. Anyway, I reread Bob’s “What you’ll see in a revolution” and added a couple names to the list…

    • Bob says:

      “He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice…”

      Payback Claus is coming to town.

  5. Mt Top Patriot says:

    This is the end game.
    You only get those two choices unless you are a member of the ruling class.

    Like Toomey and Manchin. These two public tools of the highest order of treason and tyranny have crossed this entire Republic onto the far shores of the Rubicon.
    When I gaze around me, see all the good hard working law abiding people I have met and know, it beggars my mind how demented these “elected representative” are who can not leave us alone. Collectively I think, they have devolved into first principles of greed of power above anything, over others, at any cost, in every facet of the entire sphere of our lives.
    These elites, Damn, how utterly despicable a term, for it extends elevated status to those whom represent the most barbaric people within our civil society, or what remains of it after their insidious meddling in our private lives and Liberty. In their minds they aim, no matter the consequences, to eat out our very substance of our existence. These “elites” have created what they wish for, an end game in their agenda. Where the only safety valve of resistance to tyranny, our primal right to defense from the very thing they represent, where the social contract of rule of law, where resolution to keeping our Liberty, protecting ourselves from their tyranny, will be a loss of civility and violence on a scale that will eclipse any human event in the history of civilization.

    But they will be, in their “elitist” minds, lords of it all.

    Good luck to em, it will suck to be them.

    God bless please the rest of us.

  6. NY OEF vet says:

    Gentlemen this is it. If you dont have it and you need it now is the time. It will get ugly and if you still have faith in these fools then god bless you. Me, Ill keep my faith in my windage tables.

  7. Right_2_Bear says:

    Even if the bill expressly prohibited a gun registry or gun owner database of any kind the fact is ignored that one already does exist via NICS. UBC only strengthens the NICS database and is troubling. The way things are going socially and politically in the US, does anyone really grounded in reality think that when the tyrannical shtf, DHS et al will abide by the law and not dig thru the NICS database?

    • Bob says:

      NICS is actually sort of an “Unfit” registry. It doesn’t catalog gun owners, but instead checks against a list of known bad eggs. As long as you aren’t flagged for on of the disqualifying criteria, you’re golden.

      • Right_2_Bear says:

        Bob, you are far more trusting of the government than I. If NICS doesn’t catalog gun owners then why the need to enter in the specifics of what type of gun is being purchased?

        Section “D” of form 4473 requires Make, Model, Serial Number, Type (pistol, revolver, rifle, etc.), and Caliber/Gauge AND QUANTITIES of. This is all unnecessary info for purely a permit or deny of eligibility.

  8. tahDeetz says:

    Whatever they write, it’ll be written to usurp rights sans the constitutional process, as is it’s always done. Never does any real freedom-based legislation ever pass. Always to the left.


  9. mytralmann says:

    NSA has trillions of emails already stashed and probably every phone call, text, bank statement, credit card transaction, ever made for a decade, or ever will be made from now on in the world, and so for ever. All major cities and even smaller ones have face recognition abilities so great they are hard to believe even when you see them used. The innocent man is most susceptible to tracking and cataloguing because of his trusting nature and clear conscience. Holder or any AG can get this info on a whim. After 9/11 the very idea of “privacy’ went out the window and will never come back. As noted by many here what ever freedom you have left is in the hands of the states, and they too may someday cave. I also believe the suicide rate in men is going to climb as more and more people avoid the coming stigma of taking antidepressants. The politicians will blame this on guns too. Alcohol use can also be tracked….

  10. john says:

    Ain’t registerin shit. Sure as fuck wont be judged mentally unfit BY the obviously mentally unfit. Nor will I allow common criminals (politicians” to label me a criminal. I no longer care to play their game. They want my guns? Come get ’em cowards. Keep pushin and I’ll bring ’em to YOU. No more fucking games with these miserable fucks.

  11. HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

    They think they won’t get a war.

    They are wrong.

    So very very wrong.

    God help us all, and God forgive us for what we will have to do when they start the way.

    Anything that happens beyond this point is on them.

  12. Jeff Hoser says:

    OTOH, its only a “registry” if we comply. Ample examples of civil disobedience exist. >Jeff

  13. raybiker73 says:

    I think it’s inevitable that this will all end badly. Remember, in the end, these people don’t care about ideology one way or another. They care about power, and if they have to burn the Republic to the ground, they’ll do it. They’d rather rule over ruins than live in a prosperous and free society that they couldn’t control.

  14. Bert says:

    It will take an honorable patriot to set the example. The selfless act of one American coming to the aid of his neighbor when the storm troopers descend will motivate the nation. The battle cry will be heard above the din.

    “Not on my watch, Brother!”

    Will you stand against the forces that seek to strip you of your Natural Rights? Alone,we are lost.

    Not on my watch, Brother.

  15. chief661 says:

    Registration will lead to confiscation. When the order to confiscate our weapons comes, remember it will be your state and local Leo’s who will do the dirty deed. If/when that day comes it will be my last day on earth. I have studied history and I know once disarmed we become subjects, alive and “free” only at the whim of the Gestapo an d their keepers. I am getting myself mentally prepared for that inevitability. Churchill said it best. “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves”.

  16. StrangernFiction says:

    They’d rather rule over ruins than live in a prosperous and free society that they couldn’t control.