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Shotgun virtuouso Tom Knapp has died

Written By: Bob - Apr• 27•13

I’ve never been much of a wingshooter, but I’ve always admired those who could run a shotgun well, and nobody shot a shotgun better, or with as much flair and class, than exhibition shooter Tom Knapp.


Tom retired from 20 years of shooting with Benelli in 2010, and most recently represented CZ-USA.

Tom died yesterday. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Robert Zaleski says:

    Sad, saw him on Discovery a few times…

  2. jmacgreg says:

    As an avid shooter myself, I’ve always greatly admired Tom’s incredible talent. The shooting sports have lost one of their greatest ambassadors. Rest in peace Tom.

  3. Right_2_Bear says:

    Sad news. I hope his records stand for a long time.

  4. TMR says:

    That is sad news. He was a great shot and talented man.

  5. dekar says:

    Okay, next he’s going to throw into the air, 50 cases of clay pigeons, consisting of 50 pigeons each, run to the store, buy a Benelli shotgun, have it custom made and shipped to his house, go home, eat lunch, take a nap, bring his truck in for an oil change, drive back out to the field, throw his trusty Swiss army blade pocket knife into the air, shoot it so that it cuts open every single case, so the pigeons scatter out of the boxes, then shoot each pigeon so as not to break them, but simply carve his initials into all of them, after which, each pigeon then lands perfectly stacked on the ground in their respective boxed order ready to be used again.

    I bet he could do it.

  6. Justin says:

    Tom Knapp:Clay Pidgeons::Barack Obama:Fiscal Sanity

  7. brenda says:

    I was lucky enough to have seen Tom shoot a few times, He always made it a point to talk to each of us personally. What a great man and gentleman. He will be greatly missed. May God Bless him!