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State of a nation

Written By: Bob - Apr• 19•13


238 years ago today, citizens near Boston took on the most powerful military in the world and won. Today, they cower from one man.


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  1. Real Deal says:

    Bob on this one I have to sort of disagree, though I understand the sentiment and agree with that.

    Its also a different time than 238 years ago. There are way more people and communities are less closely knit than ever in our history. Having a bunch of Bostonians running around armed looking for this guy is a recipe for disaster. People would be injured or even killed, either by trigger happy cops or citizens.

    Hoever I bet many a Bostonian and Boston Suburb dweller is wishing they had a firearm and were trained in it’s use. Perhaps they will rethink their stance on the 2A.

  2. PissnVinegar says:

    Comparing apples and oranges.

    First, the tactics are completely different. The British Army wore uniforms and fought out in the open. Their behavior was predictable and their geographical location was obvious.

    The douchebag in Boston has no uniform, hides in the shadows, uses discreet means, and wages war in a fashion which the British would have considered cowardly.

    Second, nobody saw the Boston bombing coming. Boston was not a colony owned by the Boston bomber, who legally had every right to be there. He was an undetected intruder in a sneak attack.

    Third, American society has largely opted to pay others to do their fighting for them. While this largely keeps most citizens from mortal danger, it also creates too much a sense of distance from danger and breeds too much reliance on others in one’s personal defense.

    I hear what you’re saying, and agree that we’ve given far too much reliance to others, but the comparison is apples and oranges.

  3. DB says:

    Bob, I had the same thought. And the two dissenting comments prove the point all the more. Citizens in Boston could not find a terrorist among them if they tried- that is condemnation of their community as well as a fact. They hire others, a professional police department, to use force on their behalf, and are willingly disarmed in the process. Under the threat of an empire, the people once rallied and worked together, sharing the danger and the responsibility. Now, under the threat of two terrorists, the community cowers. How they have shrunk from civic responsibility, and not only in Boston.

    • Klingonwork says:

      Good point, although I can also see the dissenting points above. For me, I think it is somewhat telling of our society where people don’t want to be awakened or disturbed from their comfort zones…is DWTS on tonight?, what’s Kim K. wearing?, oooh there’s a sale on chips at the market…and this is why when something like this happens the reaction from them tends to be severe, and any police response is harshly judged to the negative. When the 2nd revolution happens and big cities go on lockdown, these will be the first to panic because they’ve hidden from reality for the majority of their lives.

      If these are the knuckleheads who did this in Boston, I applaud the cops, but earlier it just seemed too fast and too convenient. If I am wrong to prejudge the situation, then I was wrong…I’ll wait for more evidence to come out, but perhaps I am jaded by the excessive lying that is verified daily coming out of the MSM.

      Molon Labe

  4. John says:

    One size fits all thinking.

    The Boston area had a late winter storm this year, severe, but this IS New England! The Governor bans all travel and extends it over a day. When (unlike 1978) every other car is a SUV or has all wheel drive. Now this.

    We have thousands of veterans in the Boston area who have seen this kind of threat before, why is it that during their service they were expected to continue doing their jobs but back home they are told to go cower in their beds?

  5. PissnVinegar says:

    Let’s say there were no police departments, and people were charged with defending themselves. How would you go about finding the suspect?

    Logistically speaking, it’s a far different war with far different weapons. Without police, many people may be armed, but how many would be armed 24/7 with pistols on their hips? If they did have pistols on their hips, are we completely certain they’d be able to draw and fire on what appears to be a kid breaking in?

    There are so many logistical factors involved in finding one of these guys, there would be a severe lack of resources and experience if the citizenry were to drop what they’re doing, take time off work, and go play city defender at the very rare occurrence a coward with a bomb decides to go on a killing spree. It’s not pathetic or pitiful on the part of the citizenry. What are they supposed to do about it?

    • Tom Wolff says:

      No offense, I think you’re painting a good picture for us to consider, but it isn’t a realistic one. In a free, minarchistic society, everyone still performs a service or makes a product. We just do it through private contracts, and not through government force financed by theft (taxes).

      Just because there is very little government doesn’t infer that we would be disorganized. It would actually be much more efficient, or you wouldn’t win a contract or make a profit.

      Most laws are stupid and unneccessary, so we would have very few of them. Common offenses would be handled by the citizens through agreed procedures. There’s your minimalist Gov’t.

      In special circumstances? The guys and gals who had the contacts, resources, and talent would stop what they normally do and engage in their mission.
      They’ve been contracted and put on retainer for such events. You can fill in the details however you like. That is how it would work.

      Just a little more of my wild dreaming:
      After this coming disaster is over, if we can reestablish a civil society, there would probably be a lot less crime. With no more bleeding heart liberals around, real criminals would not receive the soft “punishments” they now enjoy.

      Please don’t try to pin me down on the details. That’s like asking me to singlehandedly write an entire thesis on a huge subject on Bob’s site. This ain’t the place, I don’t have the time, and I’m not THAT smart, I’d need a lot of help. :D

      Think independent but interdependent, and write your own solutions.

      • John says:

        That blueprint was written by Robert Heinlein, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”.

      • Tom Wolff says:

        Damn, John. You’re right, partner! :)
        I must’ve first read that 45 yrs ago. Of course, this whole minarchist/libertarian concept of “no cops” has been written on by at least dozens of others. I know I wrote a long article on this years ago, on my own blog. If I could just find it … ;)

  6. Tom Wolff says:

    Guys, I’m not seeing this as an instance where the People should duplicate the actions of that time. Everyone falling in with their rifles would be a disaster. Regarding a physical response, you’re all correct, it’s completely different.

    I can’t speak for Bob or identify his intent, but what I first thought upon reading this post is that the mental/psychological state of Boston has gone 180*.

    We should be seeing angry people with their rifles next to them, as they watch this develop on the tube, thinking, “Just let that SOB come up to MY door!”

    Instead, they are cringing in fear, hoping that the cops get this guy, because if he kicks in their door, they are helpless. They don’t have the will or the means to defend themselves or take this goblin out.

    THAT is the shameful part.

    That’s just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.

  7. Gayle says:

    Bob, I think Mark Steyn just quoted you on this ;-)

  8. Comrade X says:

    “Chris Wallace Links Bombing Suspect Manhunt To Gun Debate: How Many In Lockdown Area ‘Might Like A Gun’?

    Death before slavery!

  9. Zoowippy says:

    I grew up in Lexington MA, hanging out on the common after school under the watch of the iconic Minuteman statue. The last time I visited family there, I spent a few minutes looking at that statue and was struck by the fact that this man that I was taught was a hero (40 years ago) was standing armed in defiance of the government. Hell, his rifle didn’t even have a serial number let alone being registered. Today almost all of the residence of Lexington would scream for the “authorities” to put this guy in a orange jumpsuit. Before I left I took a silent oath to the spirit and bravery of this man that if and when the call comes, I will stand with him. But I will not set foot in that town again.

  10. Bob, I had the same thought today, and wrote a post at Backwoods Engineer juxtaposing the Three Strikes of The Match of April 19, 1775 with a million Bostonians of 2013 hiding in their homes from one terrorist.

    From Lexington Green to Cowering in the Corner: Disarmed Boston ‘Shelters in Place’

  11. david7134 says:

    We have had people on the run here in my home town. As everyone has a gun, it is very dangerous for the criminal. Also, people here don’t sit in their homes, they go out looking for the guy and find them. I would be dis-honored to live in the Northeast and cower like these people do.

    • Tom Wolff says:

      Yeah, David, as it should be. But in Boston, I wouldn’t go out. The stupid cops would be shooting everything in sight, like in LA.

  12. My two-cents: If they are so sure he is in Watertown, why is the entire Boston Metroplex on lockdown? If there were more IEDs they’d have found them by now. I have to wonder if they’ve told everyone in Boston and the surrounding suburbs to “shelter in place” just to see if they will, and make note of who doesn’t.

  13. chowthen says:

    I have a question to the top 2 dissenters…If you live in Boston and police comes to your door and announced they have to search your home for the bomber will you allow it? What happened to your rights will you disregard it everytime something like this happens? If they found something in your home like a gun which is illegal in Boston what will happen to you?

  14. Joel C says:

    Here’s another way of looking at it.

    Personally, it galls me to think of being ordered to stay in my home on account of one individual on the lam from the law. I’ve served my country, I know how to fight and how to kill, so I am presumably as dangerous to him as he is to me. He may get me, I may get him, we may ignore each other, or most probably should I venture out, our paths will never cross.

    The cops, on the other hand, will jump my ass in a red hot minute for violating their 24 hour until-further-notice curfew.

    No matter what scared the folks in Boston, it was the cops who told them to stay home and functionally it was the cops whom they were hiding from.

    Just a thought.


  15. John says:

    It’s 8:45pm, it is over.
    The younger brother is in custody and it was after the curfew was lifted that a Watertown resident came out to inspect his property and saw the blood coming from his boat. Incredibly, he looked inside, saw the fugitive and went and called the police. And that was that.
    So if they had released the public from confinement earlier would all this have been over earlier?

    If the authorities stopped acting like our keepers, and if we stopped meekly accepting every order as if it were gospel and we were sinners.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t most of the important breaks in this case come from the people; the legless man who woke up and gave a positive I.D. to the Watertown homeowner, it was the people.
    Maybe we need the police, but they sure as Hell need the people. And NOT hiding under our beds.

  16. Jim says:

    When Capt John Parker saw the large number of British regulars his men were facing he told them to peacefully disperse. When the Boston (and other)police saw they were dealing with a suspect (or suspects) armed with suicide vests, trying to escape from a heavily populated metro area they asked the public to stay put to both remove themselves from danger, and, to make it impossible for anyone to flee the area.

    Now that you’ve called all of Boston cowards for aiding the police why not come full circle and insult Parker for the order to disperse as well. I mean it’s obvious that you and your fellow keyboard commandos would have stood your ground and fired shot after shot on Lexington Green.

    • Tom Wolff says:

      You are so full of non-sequiturs. Parker wouldn’t have retreated from one kid, no matter how heavily armed he was. However, faced with such “overwhelming opposition”, the cops, as has been pointed out repeatedly, have given every terrorist in the world a proven way to shut down an entire area and disrupt the lives of as many Americans as possible. They also subjected them to illegal, random searches. This was due to overreaction and incompetence. You need to get over your cop-worship.

      We witnessed the cowardice of the unarmed sheeple of Boston. It’s a fact, you can’t change that.

      “Keyboard commandos”? Your ad hominem is meaningless, since many of us are either combat vets or well-trained citizens. Pick a commenter at random and tell us all about their capabilities. I’ll make popcorn and grab a beer.

      Parker’s physical situation is completely different, but you had to throw that red herring into the room. You should take a course in logic and debate. Anyway, you conveniently told half the story. The citizens regrouped and engaged the King’s Army at Concord, defeating them, and ultimately chasing them back to Boston.

      Read what Bob and others have written. This was about mindset and programming. Police state and terrorists, 1. Boston and the people, 0.