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“Swear to me!”

Written By: Bob - Apr• 27•13

Epic… for a military PSA.

Bagram Batman has tackled the mundane with flair, with public safety announcements ranging from normal military stuff like making sure soldiers carry their weapons (above), to stopping criminal acts, like vehicle theft (below).

They soldier playing the bad guy is a hoot as well.

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  1. Big Country says:

    There’s a reason it used to be called “A-Farts” back in the day… It stunk like a Silent But Deadly. AFN (Armed Forces Network) used to be called by the acroym ‘AFRT’ (Armed Forces Radio/Television) hence the nickname, mainly because of those cheesy assed PSAs. Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these yet, but I’m sure they’re right up there with the usual “AFaRTs” Quality LOL!

  2. Bill Chunko says:

    Now, that’s funny!

    People that think the military is humorless, simply don’t know the military.

  3. Casey says:

    Only problem is that they screwed up the line. The original movie exchange went:

    Cop: “I swear to God!”
    Batman: “Swear to me!”

    Then again, given the rampant PC culture shoved down the Army’s throat, they’re probably not allowed to say “God” any more.