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Tacnition releases anti-drone ammo, exclusively through Lucky Gunner

Written By: Bob - Apr• 01•13

drone_loads_product_image_2I’m told my T&E samples of these new anti-drone loads are “in the mail.”

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  1. Thomas says:


  2. Klingonwork says:

    As someone said, “ammo in stock?”…must be a joke.

  3. simms520 says:

    “Do I actually need to see a Drone or can I just shoot through the door if I hear one?”

  4. Orion says:

    April 1 and they’re already available!?

    MAN, I’m gettin’ me some – Now all I need is some radar tracking for my shotgun and no drones will be flying over MY house!


  5. louielouie says:

    when i saw this at LG site i was wondering if it was april fool.
    their disclaimer sounds pretty serious.
    if these people aren’t careful, they’re going to get gibsoned.

  6. Stel says:

    Well played.

  7. Comrade X says:

    Anyone want to bet that when the patriot drones hits the market this ammo will become hard to find?

    Death before slavery!

  8. Kevin J Kehoe says:

    Death Before Dishonour!