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Whatever happened to ‘naked guy’ in Boston?

Written By: Bob - Apr• 22•13

During the early part of the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston after they’d killed MIT officer Sean Collier, authorities took a suspect into custody that they thought was one of the suspects.

Because of the legitimate fear that the suspects might have more bombs or even possibly a suicide vest, police made one suspect they took into custody strip completely naked before cuffing him and stuffing him into the back of squad car to be whisked away for interrogation (and hopefully, pants).

As both Tsarnaev brothers later participated in a shootout with police, we now know “naked man” must have been an innocent bystander that just looks way too much  like Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Naked Guy & Tamerlane seem to share a close resemblance.

Naked Guy & Tamerlan seem to share a close resemblance. (composite via photobucket)

Has anyone in the media found “naked guy” to get his side of the story since he’s been released? I’m sure it was quite the experience.

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  1. Torqued says:

    He’s probably a member of the sleeper cell and the feds let him loose so as to not hurt his feelings.

  2. B says:

    Despite my bad attitude towards how this whole thing was handled, I have to say that making the guy strip down isn’t such a bad idea. I would file it under “reasonable precaution” for the officer’s safety.

  3. PubliusII says:

    In the Pacific War, any Japanese who came to our lines ostensibly surrendering were made to strip down to their loincloths, just in case.

    Then, after word got around that some “surrendering” were detonating grenades hidden in the loincloths, those had to be removed, too.

  4. Roger U says:

    To quote General Anthony MaAuliffe, “nuts!”