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Absurb Zimmerman/Martin farce almost over

Written By: Bob - May• 26•13

Trayvon Martin, the 17 year-old street thug that racialists wanted to portray as a saint gunned down by a “white” tri-racial neighborhood watchman, was pissed off he’d just been beaten in a street fight earlier in the day when he chose to hide and then confront neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

Attorneys for alleged murderer George Zimmerman are now arguing that text messages sent by 17-year-old victim Trayvon Martin – in which he describes being ‘angry’ following a fight with another teen – the night he was fatally shot by Zimmerman should be heard by a potential jury because it’s ‘relevant to [Martin’s] emotional state,’ and would strengthen the defense’s claim that Martin was the aggressor in the struggle that ultimately took his life.

‘He got mo hits cause in da 1st round,’ Martin says in a November 2011 text message, apparently in reference to a fight he’d been in prior to his run-in with Zimmerman. ‘He had me on da ground nd I couldn’t do ntn.’

According to Zimmerman’s attorneys, ‘this is relevant to Mr. Martin’s overall demeanor that day and relevant to his emotional state,’ according to a new court filing by Zimmerman’s attorneys. It goes on to say that the text messages ‘may assist the jury in understanding why Trayvon Martin chose to hide and then confront George Zimmerman rather than simply going home.’

Leftist legal experts Jeralyn Merrritt and Alan Dershowitz were stunned that Zimmerman was charged, and the latter wants the prosecutor Angela Corey disbarred for an overly political prosecution. This is like the Duke Lacrosse/Tawana Brawley case all over again, and I’ll be glad when it is over.


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  1. Skip says:

    Bob…good post and you know as well as I do if a jury finds Zimmerman‘not guilty’ he will always be having to watch his back and all hell will break in many cities among much of the black population.

    Even the members of the jury will have problems and you can be sure some liberal journalist will release the names and addresses of the jury members.

    • Brad says:

      If some people do riot in the wake of an acquittal, the news media will be primarily to blame. The way the media have propagandized this story, why would anyone expect anything else from those shocked and surprised at the verdict?

      The Zimmerman trial begins in June. Expect a hot summer.

  2. I’d be very surprised if any of that specific detail evidence is admitted.

    The current law in Florida is that in a self defense case the defendant can introduce evidence of the general reputation of the “victim” (meaning, in the sometimes counter-intuitive language of the law, the attacker against whom the defendant used force in self defense) to show that the “victim” was more likely the aggressor in the conflict. He can introduce this reputation evidence regardless of whether the defendant was aware of the reputation at the time he acted in self defense.

    The defendant can also introduce specific prior acts of the “victim” to show his own (the defendant’s) reasonable fear, but ONLY if he was aware of those specific prior acts at the time he acted in self defense.

    I expect that Zimmerman was NOT aware of Martin’s prior fight, or other pictures or texts on Martin’s phone, when he acted in self defense, so I don’t expect those specific prior acts to be admissible. Which is too bad.

    For anyone interested in more detail, I have a full-length post on this on my Law of Self Defense blog:

    • Rob Crawford says:

      It won’t be used to say Zimmerman knew his state of mind, but to support that St. Skittles was a violent thug.

      • I expect that only general reputation evidence will be permitted for this purpose, not any specific evidence of particular past acts, including internet posts and phone pictures.

        Indeed, today the trial judge granted the prosecution’s motion to exclude all mention of Trayvon Martin’s social media use, including images and text relating to fighting and marijuana use.

  3. IMR4895 says:

    The prudent will pay close attention to the announcement of the verdict and will remain wary and not unnecessarily place themselves or family in harms way.

  4. Lana Hessenius says:

    This incident has been a travesty from the beginning. If Obama. Jackson and the media hadn’t gotten involved. Zimmerman would have been released with no charges of any kind filed.

  5. smitty says:

    This (the Zimmerman case) is another indicator of how the courts are manipulated based on political and economic considerations rather than the advertised goal of blind but fair justice…

    This is the same way the courts operated in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

    That’s too bad, as the courts could be a peaceful means to righting this country through a transition from rubber stamp to intelligent and thinking Grand and Trial juries.

  6. Ironically, the potential for large scale rioting is yet another rationale for the civilian possession of high-capacity magazines. Indeed, also fully automatic weapons. After all, how else is a law-abiding person supposed to protect themselves from a murderous rioting mob? I mean, that’s why the police and military use those tools, right?