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Backlash: Democrats in CO face recall elections over unconstitutional gun laws

Written By: Bob - May• 28•13

When legislators assault the rights of the people, the people have right to demand their ouster:

A handful of Democratic state lawmakers in Colorado face recall petition efforts in what looks to be the first wave of fallout over legislative votes to limit gun rights. In an era in which recall efforts are booming, from governor’s offices down to town councils and school boards, the Colorado efforts will serve as the first test of gun-rights groups’ ability to punish elected officials who expanded gun control laws after last year’s Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., shooting massacres.

In Colorado, gun-rights activists wasted no time seeking recalls to oust state Senate President John Morse and three other Democratic lawmakers. The targeted lawmakers weren’t necessarily the main advocates for ratcheting back gun rights, but all come from districts with enough Republicans to give opponents hope they can boot out the Democrats and replace them with lawmakers friendlier to guns. Colorado is the only state outside the East Coast to have adopted significant statewide gun controls this year.

Odds are that politicians in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and California will not face any near-term electoral repercussions for their transgressions against the rights of citizens who seem quite content to be slaves.

The recall effort in Colorado is predicated on the belief that conservative and moderate Democrats in the state will choose to defend the Constitution from local politicians who made alliances with New York progressive Michael Bloomberg to push an intrusive government further into people’s lives.

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    One of the problems is we have no recall mechanism in NY.

  2. Comrade X says:

    There’s more than one reason the cowards of Colorado needs some recalling;

    Cowardly Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Commutes Death Sentence Until End of Term….

    Being rotten on gun rights really means you are rotten to the core, IMHO!

    Death before slavery!

  3. Fred says:

    NJ has no recall either…

  4. Al Reasin says:

    Unfortunately in MD, our constitution does allow recall for any elected official. The legislature is Democrats 3 to 1 vs Republicans. Our citizens in Baltimore, many who are on the dole, and the large populated counties around DC vote the Democratic way. We have 24 counties plus Baltimore and last I checked Baltimore receives 17% of the state’s budget. The delegation from Baltimore was not a known entity for the gun control vote, so according to a Delegate I know, they were given a legal bribe; a 1 billion plus dollar school construction grant.

    • Real Deal says:

      Al is correct. While many of us in the “red counties” would love to kick Owe’Malley and company to the curb we just don’t have the numbers to do it. I’d have moved a while ago if I wouldn’t completely lose my backside in selling my house.

  5. Roger U says:

    The problem isn’t that the citizins of NY, NY, CA, Md and CT are “quite content to be slaves.” The problem is that, under the current system, they can export their bad ideas to us.

  6. DAL357 says:

    I have been asked several times outside of gun stores to sign Morse’s recall petition, but I just can’t do it. No, I’ m not sympathetic in any way to him, it’s just that I live about two blocks outside of his district and my signature wouldn’t count.

    You know, with all of the Californication that has happened over the last 20 years in Colorado, I can barely recognize this state any more. Far too many Cals. left their mess of a state but forgot to leave their politics, the reason that state is such a mess, in California. They have, generally speaking, been a blight on a once pretty decent place to live.

    • Gayle says:

      Which is why it’s craziness for Texas to be begging for an uncontrolled influx of the California locusts. That state is in the Left’s sights anyway – why make matters so much worse?

      Conservatives in Colorado AND Texas need to read The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado to learn more about the enemy at their gates, and how to combat it. It should be required reading, actually, for *all* conservatives, because the Left is the wolf always at the door.

  7. Klingonwork says:

    I would ask for a recall here in California, but unicorns are exempt by state law.

    Molon Labe

  8. Drew says:

    WTF? At least I could respect a real position, like “I oppose the death penalty.” Don’t quite agree, but I could respect it.

  9. bobby says:

    Honestly, I am fucking sick and tired of safe-as-a-baby Red Staters talking shit about conservatives and republicans in California.

    I am a native-born Californian. My entire life except for 12 months has been here. I have lived in both SoCal & Norcal.

    I look for work opportunities in other states frequently. I find them … lacking. Pay differential is a consideration, but more so is my ability to participate in the activities that I enjoy.

    Another consideration is that I despise simply abandoning this place, my home, this weather, my beaches to liberal statist pricks.

    Instead of deriding California conservatives as sentenced to their fate, hoe about you treat us as East Berliners? A hurrah for those that make it over the wall, and support for those that are left behind?