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But 90-percent wanted more background checks!

Written By: Bob - May• 29•13

We’ve been listening to the New York Times, and Washington Post, and both of MSNBC’s viewers continually bleat about a dubious poll someone commissioned where the end result was that “ninety percent of people want more background checks on guns.” These same outlets, along with their financial sponsor Michael Bloomberg, have been browbeating people with this claim for months, and yet, neither the House nor Senate come close to passing any legislation.


It’s quite simple, folks: Congress critters and Senate denizens poll the living crap out of their constituents, and despite the media’s rhetoric, they know that if they push for and pass gun control, they’re going home in defeat, for good.

It turns out that those shrieking for more gun control are a small portion of the population, and a clear supermajority want politicians to leave our rights alone:

President Barack Obama has vowed to keep pushing for new gun control measures and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the failed gun vote in the Senate was “just the beginning.” However, the latest Reason-Rupe national poll finds just 33 percent of Americans feel the “Senate should debate and vote on gun control legislation again,” while 62 percent want the Senate to “move on to other issues.”

This data is surprising given earlier polls finding what appeared to be overwhelming support for expanding background check for firearm purchases. For instance, Gallup found that 83 percent of Americans favored a law requiring background checks for all gun purchases. The Washington Post/ABC poll found that 86 percent of Americans support a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online.

Understandably the media punditry expected public outrage when the Senate voted down gun control legislation. However, a Pew Research Center poll found that 39 percent of Americans were relieved/very happy the “Senate vot[ed] down new gun control legislation that included background checks on gun purchases” while 47 percent were disappointed/angry. But then again, Gallup found that 65 percent thought the Senate “should have passed the measure to expand background checks for gun purchases.”

At this point I’m forced to wonder: are Democrats only pushing gun control in order to keep Americans focused on anything else other than Obama’s various, apparently impeachable scandals?

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  1. Gayle says:

    I’d love to know what the internal polling of the Colorado politicians was saying at the time their votes were cast. And if Bloomberg was promising them that national gun control was a sure bet, so not to worry – their fannies would be covered.


  2. Survival Skvez says:

    Focus on the street show, don’t notice the pickpocket working the crowd.

  3. Comrade X says:

    The house of cards that those in power have built is about to fall and without gun control the masses cannot be controlled so that is why those in power are pushing their “common sense” gun control to make sure we fall in line after their collapse!

    They lie about the 90%, they lie about the economy, they lie about the IRS, they lie about bugging the press’s phones (and the rest of us), they lie about the killings in Benghazi, they lie about guns given to the cartels, and they most definitely are lying about why they have to take our guns!

    Be prepared to defend this republic!

    Death before slavery!

  4. NY OEF vet says:

    Those polls crack me up. If you look at the fine print most of the polls had less than 1000 people voting. Thats not a cross section of the countrys feelings is bull#$%@.

  5. Rich says:

    You can bet the people dont have a clue!!

    Gun Grabbers usually begin with we support the 2nd Amendment but……..

  6. DClan says:

    For heaven’s sake, stop focusing on gun control and start focusing on impeachment of the Criminal in Chief.

  7. Bloomberg, Obama, Feinstein, etc. weren’t worried about these guys having background checks: