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Defective Kokesh agitates for slaughter of Second Amendment supporters in D.C.

Written By: Bob - May• 06•13
Defective IVAW agitator wants to trigger a shootout in Washington, DC, in an apparent effort to destroy the Second Amendment.

Professional agitator/conspiracy theorist Adam Kokesh seems to want to trigger a shootout in Washington, DC, in an apparent effort to destroy the Second Amendment.

Oh, Lord. Idiot agent provocateur Adam Kokesh has reared his conspiracy-laden head, and is agitating for an armed march on Washington, D.C.

This would not end well:

Libertarian activist and radio host, Adam Kokesh plans to lead an armed march on Washington, D.C. this Independence Day.

Launched as a group on Facebook, the “Open Carry March on Washington” hopes to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation’s capital with loaded rifles.

The group plans to meet at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  From there, they will march across the Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C. and continue down Independence Avenue.

While Virginia permits open carry, Washington, D.C. does not issue any permit/licenses to carry a firearm.

The Facebook page states:

“This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.”

The event is said to be non-violent and states that if the group is met with physical resistance, they will turn back.

“Turn back” my pale, skinny butt.

I recall Kokesh from his days with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), an offshoot of John Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), his ceaseless promotion of Adam Kokesh, and most of all, the crazed stare of the truly mad. My guess is that if he’s pushing an armed march on D.C., it is because he’s hoping to immediately surrender as soon as he hits police lines (There is no way he’ll be carrying a gun himself), and is counting on one of the hotheads he brings with him will starting a shoot war with poorly-trained Metro police units and trigger-happy federal agents armed with automatic weapons.

His only possible intent is to turn the “demonstration” into a slaughter of Second Amendment advocates, who would be exposed to merciless fire from what would essentially be an extended killbox on the bridge, where the wall of fire from government forces in armored vehicles and on rooftops enfilading the position would turn the Potomac red.

There is zero upside for RKBA activists in such a march, as we slowly but surely are winning our battles in courtrooms around the nation, in cases like Heller and MacDonald. The only beneficiary of such a march turned slaughter would be anti-gun statists in the polimedia, who would use the occasion and the sizable body count to advance even more outlandish gun control, if not a direct attempt to repeal on the Second Amendment itself.

When this Republic must one day plunge into a Second Revolutionary War, I want to know that we Constitutionalists are going into battle with clear minds and hearts, knowing that we did not instigate the conflict, but are merely acting in defense of our rights. Like the colonists at Lexington and Concord, we must not fire the first shots, nor be provoked into giving up our moral high ground. The next Revolution must be won in the hearts of Americans before the first shots are fired, the same as the first.

The time may come that we must stand our ground physically in the face of a tyrannical government, but we must stand on the moral high ground when we do so. Wars are not won by geographical advantage or troop strength, but by will.

Do not forfeit that high ground that will in the end assure that we carry the day.

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  1. Klingonwork says:

    I agree Bob, something like this cannot end well.

    Molon Labe

    • Klingonwork says:

      This is so absurd, and I just wanna throw this on the table for discussion, could this be a plant by der Fuehrer? A Reichstag burning if you will?

      Logic screams this cannot end well.

      • bikermailman says:

        While something like that surely isn’t beneath King Putt, I’m guessing not in this case. IVAW goes back a ways, well before the Immaculation. Unless of course, if they met back in the day. Given the web of connections he has, nothing would surprise me anymore. Saw just today a picture of him in college, with a bong, and an Idi Amin poster on the wall behind him.

      • bikermailman says:

        I should clarify. This nutburger and the Nutburger in Chief are definitely fellow travellers, and this guy may in fact want what you describe, but I’m doubtful of a direct connection.

  2. Right_2_Bear says:

    In response to a stupid act on my part as a child, I remember well my parents teaching me a lesson: “don’t let others make bullets for you to fire”. This guy is a “bullet maker”, and we don’t need guys like this in our camp.

  3. Gayle says:

    Just outrageous. And even if it’s just a handful of idiots that take him up on it, the potential for downside is just huge.

  4. Fu#kObama says:

    Should this happen the idiots of this gene pool will be eliminated leaving all other responsible gun owners to clean up the mess they will have created.
    It will not end up well and the international repercussions will give Imam Obama just what he desires to ask for ‘Blue Helments’ to restore order by dis arming America.Public sentiment will be lost and the real fight for our liberty will begin on a very bad note.

  5. Ann Onymous says:

    His job is to cull the heard apparently.

  6. So was this guy at the original Restore The Constitution Rally on 4-19-10 when we open carried long arms and side arms at Fort Hunt and Gravelly Point parks? Free men with long arms and bandoliers in sight of the Capitol Dome and Washington Monument, just across the river, with the NPS orbiting helo overhead. Beautiful.

    Or was he one who whispered “credible threats” in the ears of Second Amendment Foundation and Oathkeepers spooking them into a massive withdrawal of support, thereby decimating the participants at RTC to around 50-100?

  7. Mario v. Albano says:

    Thanks for your insight, Bob! So a provocateur may intentionally lead citizens as fodder to promote his whims, possibly create enough mayhem and bloodshed and thereby facilitate the imposition of Martial Law and suspension of Habeas Corpus. Let me think.

    Kerry must be salivating at this opportunity!

  8. Old Gringo says:

    This young guy, given his track record, is one brick short of a load. I’m reminded of a comment directed to me by my ADI at Parris Island in 1969.
    “Know what? I wouldn’t follow you into a whorehouse.”

  9. It’s called stochastic revolution. He is hoping to get someone else to start a revolution while he laughs in the background. Or to get people to sign up for it, so as to make a nice list for the feds to wrap up later.

    Even the hothead who calls himself “Sam Kerodin” didn’t go this far: For November 5 he wanted an unarmed march on Washington, but with empty holsters and slings, and T shirts saying “this is the last time I come unarmed”. This got scrapped at the last minute, I’m not sure why but probably because he didn’t get enough people.

  10. Brian Bowman says:

    I expect a negative outcome if this goes on.

    “Non-violent civil disobedience” is a good tactic, and has been developed pretty well. But it is solely for disarmed people. The left/pacifist crowd uses it all the time, often to good effect; however, they use it because they think guns are evil tools and have disarmed themselves.

    Yes, the famous Gandhi used non-violent civil disobedience, because being disarmed is the situation into which he was forced by circumstances; the British had disarmed the Indian people. If the Indian folks had guns, Gandhi may well have used them. He says so.

    “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” ~Mohandas Gandhi, Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth , page 446

    Again, and you can read their own literature, it’s a great tactic for disarmed people.

    But it’s a horrible tactic for armed people.

    It accomplishes exactly the wrong things like starting a Fort Sumter or getting guns confiscated, lives ruined by arrest, jail, carry permits yanked.

    Those are bad, but the worst outcome being a demonstration of the ineffectiveness of arms.

    If shooting does break out by accident, the marchers are going to be decimated. The American Revolutionary soldiers of 1776 may has well have announced a date upon which they would march armed into some British stronghold, just to prove how the Redcoats should respect them.

    Non-violent tactics do work and do firearms work; however, they do NOT mix well.

  11. NoName says:

    I’m not agreeing with Adam here, but have an honest question for people to think about.

    Are asking him not to exercise his constitutional rights? Should we exercise our rights in the shadows instead?

    If not now, when?

    I’m no fanboy of the tank top. Just some honest questions.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Basic rule of life: don’t follow the screaming lunatic.

    • NoName says:

      Looks like no one is answering my questions.

      I have a feeling the negative comments here are the same other patriots of our history heard.

      Guess it is ok to exercise our rights as long as we do it in the shadows and there is no risk.

      • John Jacobs says:

        I agree with you. It’s every citizens right. Let the bastards try to stop them. If they mean to have a war let it begin there!

      • NoName says:

        Yeah I guess the motto here is, “go to the internet to express your rights, but don’t actually exercise them in the real world.”

      • John Jacobs says:

        I think the problem is much of the Patriot movement still shows an excessive deference to authority. It’s a bit of a contradiction if you’re trying to develop a true revolutionary consciousness. Samuel Adams would have said the same I believe…

      • molly pitcher says:

        there’s a time and place for everything – this is neither and a lying, megalomaniac is NOT the person to lead the cause. People need to take a breath.

    • steve says:

      Look at it strategically. Say Adam got his 1000 people. You march along that bridge, and are stopped by Armed Police at a barricade. How do the folks in the back of that know what’s going on in the front? How do you “turn around” a 1000 people strewn across that bridge? The Police will be nervous as hell, and chances are at least a few of the Marchers will be nervous as hell. All it takes is one misunderstanding/F-up, and it’s a bullet festival. I’m all for exercising the Right. However, when a known Fruitcake says, “Hey! How about 1000 of us march on Washington, armed?” Anybody with the sense God gave a cricket should sense something wonky. If this were being led by a non-lunatic, I’d probably support it. This, is a set up.

    • Noname asks: “If not now, when?”
      Noname forgets the first two questions of Hillel’s famous saying:
      “If I am not for myself,who will be for me? If I am for myself alone, who am I?”
      Adam’s agitation fails with respect to both questions, as well as the third.
      First, one has the obligation to protect one’s own life. Second, one has the obligation not to endanger others, not to “put a stumbling block in front of the blind.”
      Not only is this hare-brained scheme suicidal, it is deeply damaging to the cause Adam purports to support. With respect to the third question, “If not now, when?” Only when we have had force initiated against us, is it proper to return force with force. What Adam is planning is a provocation, not a principled stand.

  12. Steven says:

    This is exactly what the ANTI-gunners want, not what we want.

    It’s like some Hollywood movie written to make us look crazy.

    No way he’s sincere or genuine – either that or he’s stupid.


    • Curtis says:

      No. What the anti-gunners want is for you to stay home, send your dues to your favorite gun rights group, and vote yourself out of this. Again, and again, and again, and again.

      If we do this, the goobermint will counter with that!

      And if we do that, the goobermint will counter with this!

      No matter what we do, the goobermint will counter it to make us look bad and then they will win by the public perception they have created of us. So let’s just sit on our arses, be on the safe side, and just keep on voting!

      I don’t know much about the man but for some of his video’s. I fail to see why so many of you have a problem with the man and those who show up shoving their inalienable right to keep and bear arms in the face of tyrants. Me-thinks it has to have something to do with balls.

      But we don’t have to worry about you lot. When they have fettered you arms and legs with chains… you all will beat them to death with your tongues.

      • Chuck says:

        There are many, many things wrong with this idea, but from a strictly tactical perspective, the biggest flaw in the plan is that 1,000 is an insignificant number for what he hopes to achieve (unless what he wants to achieve is a suicidal death march).

        In order for this thing to work you’d need AT LEAST 50,000 armed marchers approaching from every bridge on the Virginia side. With 50,000+ marchers, arriving in DC from multiple directions, there’s just no way for the .gov to do anything but stand back and let it happen.

        But, 1,000? Assuming he got that many suicidal idiots to show up, that number is not enough to do anything other than get the marchers broken up into smaller groups and arrested, and/or shot in detail.

        This knucklehead may have been a Marine, but it’s obvious that his level of tactical expertise is limited to squad level at best. And his political savvy is even less impressive.

  13. Richard Lewis says:

    Its people like this that will destroy this country. Mental health is what needs review, not gun control. This nut-wing is no different than other extremist groups like NCRnegade, where the author attempts to influence others through his crazy distorted rhetoric and propaganda.

    This will not end well.

  14. bogbeagle says:

    Adam Kokesh makes a very good case for his actions, in this short video.

    • Bob says:

      “Good case” and “Alex Jones video” do not belong in the same sentence. You lost my interest as soon as I saw where the link went. Sorry.

      • Mr X says:

        Just keep in mind Bob the next time some random nut damages a transformer station the SPLC will point to YOUR article, not Brother Jones’ stuff.

  15. Cole says:

    I think a case can be made for a peaceful open carry march. Especially in places that violate state and federal law like Chicago will this June when constitutional carry becomes law of the land. The people who took part in the civil rights marches expected to be beaten, jailed, or killed. Shouldn’t we have the same courage when it comes to the second amendment? The problem is leftist plants like this Kokesh character. I agree with Bob this guy wants to start a shooting war between the Feds and OWS so the pro-gun crowd can take the blame. Even if you screen your group carefully to make sure they are committed to nonviolence how do you stop some lefty from running up mid-march in a Don’t Tread on Me shirt and shooting off some blanks? Calling the FBI with a threat or complaint? It’s a powder keg with too many variables to control. Especially since these marches would take place in enemy territory and reported by a hostile media.

  16. Zee says:

    If this Useful Idiot does get a group to go along with his lunacy, the only recourse to PREVENT bloodshed and reign in the madness might be for cooler heads to block access without involvement of ‘the man.’ And that could go badly too. No, an agitprop such as this fellow will only create death and strife.

  17. Semper_fi says:

    Though I think this is a BAD idea someone needs to send a message to morons like the “writer” in Colorado(send NRA members to gitmo) and Obama,Clinton,Bloomberg,Finestien and the rest of the facists that ‘keep pushing and see what happens’ and if its kokesh so be it since it seems the majority of freedom figures lack the guts to go this big,loud and obvious…..most of you will not agree with me but it seems the time of talking has accomplished very little and we’re slowly being marginalized by the admin and media again and if SOMETHING doesn’t happen to reverse that soon liberty and freedom will be dead and buried under monuments to collectivism and the mentally zombified will run our country into oblivion

  18. D.O.M says:

    “The next Revolution must be won in the hearts of Americans before the first shots are fired, the same as the first.

    Until this is accomplished, shots fired means we lose.

    • Curtis says:

      You must have just arrived on this planet. Your government has spent years and billions of dollars studying the Nazis, Marx/Lenin/Stalin, Mao propaganda/indoctrination machine. If it doesn’t appear to you that it has paid off… Wait! Go look in the mirror!

  19. Dan Frain says:

    He wants to do this on July 4th, a very busy day in D.C. every year. Bad day to demonstrate, especially with arms.

    What’s July 4th known for?

    Marching bands, parades, and FIREWORKS! Someone will hear a firecracker go off and think he hears gunfire, then return fire. Soon everyone will be “returning fire” and there will be a bloodbath. If he takes 1,000 into the District, there will be 10,000 waiting for them.

    Just as no one knows who fired first at Lexington Green, no one will know or care who started it; it will have been started. There is no good outcome for this. Do it on the third or fifth, and it will go better for everyone. The kill box on the bridge is a bad, bad idea.

    • Pablo says:

      Right. No one knows who fired the first shot at the boat that Tsarnaev punk was hiding in either. But lots of shots were fired, and none of them were fired by him.

      This is a profoundly bad idea.

      • Chuck says:

        Oh we know who fired the first shots at the boat…it was the cops. Dzhokhar was unarmed. Turns out between the two brothers they had just one handgun and no other firearms. Anytime there’s a police shooting where an excessive amount of ammunition is expended, the answer for who fired first is almost guaranteed to be the same in every case: it was trigger happy cop(s). But I repeat myself.

  20. Sam says:

    I don’t know if this is the right person to follow or not, but civil disobedience of some kind is needed, and Patriots have to accept the risk involved with it. We have been losing to the left for decades, and that isn’t going to change using the same losing tactics. Our government is broken. We live in a post-Constitutional era. If this guy lacks the credibility needed within the Patriot movement, then those who are more respected should organize a peaceful unarmed protest using acts of civil disobedience. The protest that resulted in the Boston massacre didn’t hurt the cause, but help advance it. We don’t have any good options left, and lying to ourselves about that doesn’t help.

  21. rumcrook says:

    Listen closely this is like sticking a gasoline soaked rag in fire assuming it WILL NOT burn. This is not how to make a point unless the point is suicide and throwing lives away cheaply. To para phrase Patton war is not about dying for your cause it’s about making the other poor bastard die for his. This reaks of foolishness, never ask a question you do not already know the answer to. Well the answer to the question of this March is very bad.

  22. Dave says:

    Maybe if they can get David Gregory to walk point they could make it across…

  23. Curtis says:

    OMG! If we do this, we might die! OMG! If we exercise liberty… we might die! OMG! Exercising inalienable rights is such a bad bad idea! Da goobermint might get mad! The goobermint might shoot us! Make martyr’s out of us! The goobermint might put agent provocateurs amongst us! The goobermint might do this or that! We are doomed! There is nothing left to do but vote! Join the NRA! It is our last hope!

    • DAN III says:

      Curtis….again, you are absolutely correct in your comments. Again, we have the sheeple here bleating about how terrible it would be to have a Liberty & Freedom show of force against the obamites. These are the same folks should soetoro-obama and Feinstein and Schumer tell us to “turn them all in” will be fighting to be first in line.

  24. rumcrook says:

    Ok go ahead and do it. And after the man will call it a modern day rebellion, tantalizingly will all be compared to that criminal mcviegh, our beliefs will be propagandized as being dangerous and terroristic, any popular support traditionalists might have had will be gone and new energy and support pumped into the barky regime.

    So go ahead, help out the leftists.

    • Sventvkg says:

      Ok..What should we do. NOTHING until all of our Natural rights are abolished by a criminal illegitimate out of control tyrannical Govt? Just what is your solution and how long do we sit back and do absolutely NOTHING?

      I’d love to hear a plan of action from all the people who think exercising our Constitutional rights is a bad idea…Seriously..Are we to wait another 10 years for the long list of abuses and usurpations to expand yet more?? when do we issue OUR Declaration of Independence to restore our Republic????

  25. Drew says:

    What can I say. Don’t know Kokesh or much of his work, but this just seems like a stupid idea. It does not bother me that having experienced the Iraq war, he came to think of it as a shitty idea. I’m still not sure why we were there or what exactly we accomplished, other than a shiny new embassy the size of the Vatican.

    I understand that, like it or not, violence is coming. Whether by open civil war or by the absolute clusterfuck caused by the collapse of civil government at the local level, we’re going to have to fight to survive in the very near future. But, seriously, why start with Sodom on the Potomac. Why not, at least in smaller communities and even counties doing what worked in the battle of Athens, or what parts of Mexico are doing now and arresting whole local governments.

    To those who use the future tense in describing the revolution, make no mistake: WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR. Although shots have already been fired and men from both sides have already been carted off in boxes, our PRIMARY weapons are still the keyboard and camcorder.

    While much of the revolutionary fever of the last four years will fade with the “election” of the next republican, (just as anti-war organizations shut up pretty much the instant “Chocolate Jesus” was crowned king,) our true numbers and strength continue to grow.

    I don’t have any love for Obozo, but he isn’t the cause of our problems, just another symptom, apparently too dumb to realize he’s playing the political equivalent of hot potato with a live hand grenade and he’s the one who’s probably going to be holding it when it goes pop.

    Focus on your homes, neighborhoods, towns, county seats and even your state capitols if you’re ambitious enough, but let the swamp have DC.

    Keep your powder dry and your bayonets sharp, and if it comes to a fight, don’t let any of them escape.

  26. Dave says:

    Really? Dare the feds and DC police to shoot you while you have a gun on you back and breaking several laws.
    This is a no-brainer. Mixing tactics is not smart.
    Either have a non-violent march or don’t and if don’t is the answer, you sure as hell don’t announce your arrival. After you become the next “martyr” you can join Osama, standing in that line, waiting for your 72 virgins. Oh, forgot, we don’t get them muslims only.