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FBI now backing off of earlier claims in shooting death of Tsarnaev friend

Written By: Bob - May• 23•13

My skepticism that the FBI’s story may have had some merit after all.

An FBI incident review team from Washington, D.C., is in Orlando today, a day after a Russian man who knew Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot dead by an agent.

Federal and Central Florida law enforcement agencies are still collecting and processing evidence from the shooting scene at a condominium complex on Peregrine Avenue, near Kirkman Road and Universal Orlando, where Ibragim Todashev was shot early Wednesday.

Initially, FBI officials said Todashev, 27, became violent and lunged at an agent with a knife while he was being questioned about Tsarnaev and an unsolved 2011 triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham. The agent, acting on an “imminent threat,” then shot Todashev, they said.

However, later in the day, some of those officials had backed off that preliminary account, and it’s no longer clear what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting, The Associated Press reported.

Will the truth come out, or just more spin?  My gut is telling me that the FBI agent—who went after the suspect in the middle of the night, alone, without any sort of backup—was attempting some sort of illicit shakedown of Todashev.

I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. Drew says:

    Bob, you mentioned in the earlier post about this story your natural inclination to give the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement. At the local level, where officers and deputies usually live where they work and are known by the people they serve, I can appreciate and even respect that.

    But the FBI is the FBI. We’re talking about J. Edgar Hoover’s life’s work. Remember the Kent State University shooting, where National Guardsmen opened fire on unarmed, non violent protesters? It was an FBI informant firing a starting pistol that was the initiating event. Or the Disneyland riot that discredited the anti Vietnam war movement? Thank you FBI for engineering that in it’s entirety. How about the Black Panther coloring book, fabricated entirely by the FBI to scare white people away from supporting them and lets not forget it was the FBI, through infiltrators and informants, that militarized them in the first place. Take a good look at the Cointelpro hearings of the late 70’s and understand that nothing has changed. I could go on for days and not run out of problems with the bureau.

    If we look at the recent history of the FBI and “terrorism” we find that most of the incidents turn out over time to be purely fabricated cases of entrapment. The Oakland, CA bank bomber and the Miami 7 come to mind. They recruit someone, usually financially desperate, mildly retarded or otherwise mentally unstable, plant the idea for an attack, train them to carry it out, supply the (usually) fake bombs or other devices, drive them to the scene and heroically swoop in and make the arrest to banner headlines, only to have cases quietly fall apart in court when the entrapment becomes laughably obvious.

    In the case of the Hutaree Militia, back in ’09, an FBI informant and an agent recorded conversations between each other about plans to kill a police officer and then attack the funeral procession (an common tactic by the military in our current wars.) After the loss of more than 2 years of their lives in prison and the loss of nearly all of their property, the judge, ironically a Clinton appointee, dismissed the charges without even bothering to hear the defense. Banner headlines on the arrest and character assassination, but did you see any headlines on the dismissal?

    The short version is simple: If the FBI says something, it probably isn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. Redbear762 says:

    Todashev was executed since his role as agent provocateur was no longer useful. SSDD

  3. Jay Williams says:

    What about Lon Horiuchi and Vicki Weaver?