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FBI turns formerly cooperative witness in Boston bombing case into the slavic Trayvon Martin

Written By: Bob - May• 22•13

I’d never heard of Ibragim Todashev before now, but I have a hunch that if the media does their job, we may be hearing a lot more about him in the near future.

He’s got dibs on earning the title of the slavic Trayvon:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation shot and killed a man early Wednesday morning that it had previously interviewed about his connection to deceased Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to multiple media reports.

According to the reports, Ibragim Todashev attacked an FBI agent overnight and the agent responded by shooting and killing the man. Todashev was previously interviewed about his connection to the Boston bombing suspects, and until late Tuesday had been cooperative.”We are currently responding to a shooting incident involving an FBI special agent,” the FBI told NBC News. “The incident occurred in Orlando, Florida. The agent encountered the suspect while conducting official duties. We do not have any further details at this time. We expect to have more information later this morning.”

So the FBI interviewed Todashev (other news outlets claim he is a MMA fighter) before, and he cooperated completely with authorities, without a problem. Then, for no reason at all, he snaps and attacks a FBI agent, who is then forced to shoot and kill this unarmed man in self defense, in Florida, in a condo community, at night?

Was Todashev wearing a hoodie at the time?

By nature, I’m inclined to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt in most instances. This one doesn’t pass the sniff test. As a rule, formerly cooperative witnesses don’t suddenly attack men they know to be armed without extreme provocation.

If the media isn’t completely asleep at the switch here, the Department of Justice just earned another scandal for the growing pile.

Update: So he was a murder suspect and they interviewed him while armed?

The man shot dead by an FBI agent in Orlando, Florida early today was “about to sign a statement” admitting to a role, along with Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in an unsolved triple murder in Massachusetts in 2011, two people with direct knowledge of the case told ABC News.

Ibragim Todashev “just went crazy,” and pulled a knife during his interview with the FBI, said state and federal law enforcement officials briefed on the latest strange twist in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing.

One official said an FBI agent was stabbed several times, although his injuries were described by the FBI as “non-life threatening.”

I want to know why the interview was held in front of a condominium, which is where the crime scene was in earlier reports, including photos just off the sidewalk in the grass (which is what was so jarring to me earlier, which was the similarity to the Martin/Zimmerman crime scene). This is even more shoddy than normal reporting (and that says a ton right there), or the story itself is changing.

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  1. Real Deal says:

    The only thing I can possibly think of in the FBI’s defense would be if the guy was on drugs/steroids, or the agent presented him with evidence or an accusation that caused him to panic. I’m going to withhold judgement until I hear more. additionally I don’t think the Trayvon Martin analagy is accurate since Trayvon was not the innocent initally portrayed by the media. Not enough info at this time to even attempt a call about Todashev.

  2. Federale says:

    Looks like you were about to go all Erik Scott on the FBI but then suddenly a knife shows up. Well, the commies at Danger Room beat you to it. They said it was a deliberate hit by the FBI on a peace loving Muslim immigrant. Wwwwrraaccccissssmm. Good to see you appear to not be making that mistake.

  3. picturerock says:

    A quibble: I don’t think Chechens are Slavs.