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Gun safety: always follow the four rules, even after a tornado

Written By: Bob - May• 21•13

Front and center on the cover of right now is a photo of two men cleaning up from the Moore, OK tornado. They’re running a risk of adding to the storm’s bodycount.

Don't ever do this, whatever the circumstances.

Don’t ever do this, whatever the circumstances.

The man on the right of the photo is handing a scoped rifle to the man on the left, with the barrel apparently pointing at his chest. The rifle bolt is clearly closed. This is a major safety violation (never cover anything with the muzzle you are not willing to destroy), and handling the rifle in this manner at any time, much less on a debris pile, is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. Jake says:

    Hate to be contrary (not really) but there is a reason we have 4 safety rules not just 1: There are situations where violating 1 of the rules is going to happen. However, given the there are 3 others we’re *probably* ok.

    But yeah – this picture sends shivers down my spine – is that weapon unloaded? Did he check it first? Is it on safe? Will the guy he is handing it to keep his booger hooker off the trigger?

  2. John says:

    Notice the safe behind him?….. Who’s to say this weapon wasn’t chamber-checked immediately upon removing it from that safe?…. There are lots of things a still photo wont convey, what say we reserve judgement, especially considering all the other factors in these mens lives right now. I’m not advocating the way they’re handling that rifle, i’m just sayin in all the devaststion, THAT is what you picked up on?!

  3. Mozart says:

    Agreed John!

  4. Arthur says:

    > i’m just sayin in all the devaststion, THAT is what you picked up on?!

    The rifle doesn’t care if there’s a disaster around it. It’ll still kill someone if you handle it wrong.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      Agreed. That is dangerous weapon handling in any situation. The muzzle is ALWAYS pointed in a safe direction (until ready to fire). This is non-negotiable.

  5. Craig Peterson says:

    the man is also standing on a power meter

  6. dekare says:

    I agree with Jake and John here. The photo doesn’t give the whole story. I am going to assume that prior to handing the gun over the guy checked it to make sure it was unloaded and/or safe. Also, I do see he was considerate enough to point the rifle at himself instead of the other guy. Considering the distance between the two and the apparent inability to step closer, handing the gun over like that seemed to be the only way. If you ask me, I would rather see them do what they are doing in the photo then have the gun try to step up/over/under/out of all that debris and fall, while carrying a bunch of firearms, and no way to use his hands and arms to catch himself, thus one wrong step, we have assholes/elbows/firearms flying all over the place.

    During a SHTF moment, the rules become mere guidelines and as stated above, as long as a minimum of safety was engaged, everything should be fine. Considering there is no more to this story, I will assume these guys are alive and okay and possibly hunting looters. Not knowing the whole story, not being in their waterbogged shoes, and sitting in my cozy warm home, I give them a pass too.

  7. Brad Ervin says:

    Oh, come on. The guy is obviously CERTAIN his pal won’t grab the gun by the trigger. If he made a big deal about safety it would have hurt the other guy’s feelings.