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Izmash builds bullpup Dragunov

Written By: Bob - May• 06•13
Ismash VS-121

Izmash VS-121

Visually I’m not impressed, so I hope that whatever happens under the hood is more impressive that the cosmetics. If it is then maybe it’s a legitimate new rifle, not just a retread of an old design in a new stock.

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  1. Right_2_Bear says:

    I think firearm design is similar to car design – most designers have run out of new ideas. It has all been done already. There’s only so many ways to mate a receiver and barrel to the human body, add sex appeal and make it run properly. Then add all the oppressive rules and regs that have greatly hampered gun design (especially here in the States) to the equation.

  2. GarryB says:

    If it isn’t broken, don’t waste time and money fixing it.

    The SVD was designed to be rugged, though it was designed to a lower level of accuracy to that required in the west it was a very good practical weapon.

    The SVU was intended for police use, the requirements were a short compact weapon useful to police sniper ranges… ie up to about 400m so the barrel was shortened making a suppressor manditory.

    This rifle has been designed recently for the Russian Army which has demands for longer range and better accuracy and that shows. The barrel is the same length as the conventional SVD (620mm) and the rifle is 4.5kgs which is very similar to the original rifle… a miracle in the bullpup world where an AR-18 design turns into a 5kg SA80 bullpup.

    They have modified the trigger and mechanism and clearly fitted a much heavier barrel… I rather suspect this SVD will be at least competitive to the more accurate versions of the M14 like the M21, and in a much more compact rifle. The new ammo they talk about might be the 6 x 49mm cartridge they were working on, and if it does enter service then 20 round magazines should be more practical than with the rimmed 7.62 x 54mm bottleneck rounds.