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Limited posting until further notice

Written By: Bob - May• 07•13

I’ve tried to keep this blog compartmentalized. Apart from the occasional anecdote or relevant items from my volunteering at Appleseed or the garden I’m trying to grow, I don’t talk much about about my life, and that’s by design.

I’m making an exception today to explain why my posting here will necessarily stop or at least be greatly curtailed until I get my life back on track.

For the past 14 years I’ve been a front-end web developer for large corporate sites, using HTML and CSS to do the necessary work of content updates, primarily putting up new content and taking down old content. It wasn’t the glamorous artistic stuff, and it wasn’t the tech-heavy Flash and scripting work that makes web development “cool,” but it paid the bills and provided insurance and other benefits up until November of 2012. At that time, my now-former company and I parted ways, as they increasingly needed someone who was more of a programmer than my skillset and aptitude allowed. My background is in English, not Computer Science.

Since then, I’ve been trying shift careers to content strategy, technical writing, or other communications jobs. As that has proven to be lean pickings in a down market, I’ve expanded my search to look at community college teaching, business analyst positions, and technical recruiter jobs. So far nothing is panning out, and I’ve burned through my resources.

My wife’s truck required a new transmission a few weeks back, and I want to offer a very sincere “thank you” for those of you who used the PayPal link on the right to help defray some of that cost. My car still needs a transmission control module, and we’ve had a potentially dangerous medical emergency pop up in the past few days that we’re going to have to address immediately. The crappy insurance we have has a $10,000 deductible, so the doctor wants $2,500 up front, despite the fact that the procedure in question is necessary. “When it rains, it pours” indeed. As you may imagine, I’m tapped out financially and emotionally at the moment.

I’ve got to focus every waking moment on finding a way to support my family. A blog that pulls in 300K hits/month, while awesome as the hobby it has always been for me, isn’t a viable business, and I don’t see an Ace of Spades-type fundraiser as a viable long-term option.

As much as I love to share my thoughts with you, is going to be only sporadically updated until I find a stable job again here in the Raleigh area or via telecommuting.

Thank you for understanding as we adapt to whatever this is God has planned for us. It’s tough now, but I’m confident we’ll emerge on the other side of this trying time a little more humble and hopefully a little more smarter than we were before.

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  1. Charlie Hargrave says:

    Thank you and good luck sir.

  2. Tripseven says:

    Like many others, I recently found this site. I check in several times a day.

    Your political acuity and comprehension of our constitution is inspiring.
    Your writing is concise and precise. I enjoy the clarity of thought and brevity in your remarks.

    I think you should accept subscriptions. I would pay for what I’ve read.

  3. Jeff Hoser says:

    How can I help ? >JH

  4. Larry Sheldon says:

    G*d bless and good luck.

  5. rich says:

    Bob – I’ve always benefited from your thoughts. Thanks you and God bless.

  6. Casey says:

    Kicked in some money to help offset your misfortunes. Least I can do for the guy that turned me on to “Lexington and Concord.” Great read.