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New York District Attorney refuses prosecution in first arrest under unconstitutional NY SAFE act

Written By: Bob - May• 24•13

Columbia County District Attorney is showing the sort of intestinal fortitude that died in Albany and New York City long ago, and has effectively told Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the treasonous legislature to get bent:

The Columbia County District Attorney is making good on a promise not to prosecute a man arrested under the SAFE Act.

DA Paul Czajka told NewsChannel 13 he would not prosecute Gregory Dean Jr.

Dean was pulled over earlier this month after police say the light over his license plate was out.

Police say he also had a gun in his car.

While they say it was possessed legally, it had nine rounds of ammunition, which exceeds the state’s new limit of seven rounds.

I have no idea of Paul Czajka’s politics, but I like his background. Think there is any chance we could get a guy like him in the governor’s mansion and turn New York back into a free state?

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  1. citizen says:

    Here is a District Attorney that I can respect. Perhaps New York (and by extension America) is not lost after all.

  2. Gayle says:

    Yay! A small light of sanity shines in New York! Whoda thunk?

  3. Greg B says:

    Please tell me the man had his property returned to him.
    Along with a frikkin apology.

  4. Bill says:

    I don’t know if we can, but we’re certainly going to try now.

  5. louielouie says:

    the district attorney is engaging in the same sort of law enforcement as eric holder.
    enforcing the laws you want to is not law enforcement.
    i have a litmus test.
    either enforce the law or change the law.
    that test applies to all municipalities that prevent cars being within 150 feet of main street because it scares the horses.
    bringing sanity to new york state is done at the ballot box, not by individuals charged with a fiduciary responsibility to enforce the law.

    • Brad says:

      But what if there is a justifiable and reasonable belief that the law is unconstitutional? DA apply (or at least are supposed to apply) prosecutorial discretion all the time. Are you saying that all prosecuting attorneys should have no discretion?

  6. Just A Patriot says:

    Except when the ballot box is horribly broken.