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Police State Boston excels at shooting unarmed suspects, innocent bystanders, each other

Written By: Bob - May• 16•13

We already know that terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was shot up by Boston’s finest as he cowered in a boat without a weapon. Now we have confirmation that the cops shot up the wrong vehicle (but couldn’t shoot straight enough to hit the innocent citizens) the police officer wounded and nearly killed in the shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers wasn’t shot by the poorly-equipped terrorists, but was instead blasted by other poorly-trained cops:

almost a month later, two police sources have shed new light on exactly what happened when police confronted the two suspects in Watertown during the early hours of April 19, triggering a gun battle unlike anything recently seen on the streets of an American city.

Among the new details from the two police sources:

— Police fired nearly 300 rounds of ammunition within five to 10 minutes as they confronted the suspects — 100 more than initially reported. And that included one round that nearly killed Massachusetts Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue. (Others bullets struck the Tsarnaev brothers, seriously injuring Dzhokhar and contributing to the death of Tamerlan.)

— Tamerlan was the only brother armed with a handgun. The only other weapons they had were the homemade explosives that police say the brothers tossed out of the hijacked vehicle, including a few that detonated.

— Police accidentally fired on an unoccupied black SUV during the mayhem. “In the chaos, an officer or trooper (or some combination of personnel) mistook it for one of the two suspect vehicles,” David Procopio of the Massachusetts State Police told CNN.


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  1. Cleburne says:

    Young, undisciplined, trigger happy psudeo LEOs. Trained as paramilitary, I’m led to believe they see themselves as supermen and are chomping at the bit for any opportunity to use their :skills:.

  2. Factotum says:

    Wow! Talk about lack of discipline. Where was the adult supervision?

  3. lineman says:

    Is this a surprise….I’m sure there will be people commenting on this site how this is a rare thing and cops don’t normally act like this…It is just a very small minority that do those things and the rest are just like us and love the constitution…It make me sick how brain dead people are in this old world…It also make my heart ache at the evil that permeates society these days…How can people that read these sites for nefarious purposes of classifying people sit there and not realize that they are evil for doing that..We want people to be free to pursue happiness not on the backs on others but to be helping people up through our success and them doing the same for us…It is only then that you can achieve the Utopia that the liberals claim they want…It is not taking from someone (putting your boots on them) to give to someone else…

    • Heyoka says:

      Its about power. The Biblical Phrase, “drunken on the blood of the saints” is about unrestrained power and the abuse it lends itself to.

      Jeffereson said it a bit differently when he commented on binding the ambitions of men with the chains of the Constitution. Madison’s desription of the amoount of authority “delegated” to the general government as “few and defines”, fedralist 45 and Hamilton argued for even listing rights as it would be used as a plausible pretext for those disposed to usurp, Federalist 84.

      How prophetic……

  4. parker says:

    The danger the police (including the FBI) pose to innocent citizens and fellow LEOs has been well documented for over 30 years. For the most part they are reckless and unaccountable.

  5. Richard says:

    If the police are under-/poorly- trained, where does the fault lie? With the police department administration? With the political leaders who represent the people? Or with the people who don’t take an active interest in how their local government operates?

    Clearly there is enough blame to go around, and the departments and elected officials are rightly criticized. But I submit that if even a small number of citizens took an active interest in how police departments operate, what kind of training they provided and how officers are hired, we would not see many of the problems that are reported on today.

    • bob r says:

      The responsibility for *where* a bullet will land lies with the person pulling the trigger. If a person carries a firearm then *that* person has the responsibility to *know* how to shoot it and to have ability to determine what is being shot at and what is in the *background* of the thing/person being shot at. NOBODY else bears that responsibility.

  6. Real Deal says:

    Well look at it this way. If the fecal matter hits the rotary impeller they’re going to run out of ammo faster (we hope).

  7. Comrade X says:


    “U.S. Military ‘Power Grab’ Goes Into Effect….

    Death before slavery!

  8. Jeff Hoser says:

    A not “unsurprising” result of the “circus atmosphere” created by multiple/conflicting agencies responding to a dynamic event lacking a centralized “Command and Control Authority”, (which is the sine qua non of all “mass causality” events”) . Compound this with the pandemic lack of training for LEOs in adrenaline-charged situations and you get the “spray and pray” sort of armed response we saw.

    Not picking on the street cops at the dirty end of these encounters. Instead picking on their administrators and the public who see police social skills/training predominating over practical firearms training/use in high-stress situations. As always, failures at command levels means bleeding at troop levels. >Jeff

  9. jHoffman says:

    Really? lol

    300 rounds?

    Overkill much? lol

  10. rd says:

    The people sitting, sleeping, & just living in their houses in that neighborhood were lucky. God or someone was watching over them, as no one was hit by stray bullets.

    300 hundred rounds in 5-10 minutes? 1-2 rounds every SECOND. Bang – Bang – Bang x100. They only wounded the two bad guys, and (Thank God, only wounded) one of their own? Sounds like the LA / Torrance PD free fire on the two pickups in the Dorner manhunt.

    By the way, how many shot themselves dry?

  11. Rich says:

    Google the police shootin g and killing of 2 innocent ands unarmed civilians in a vehicle now under scruntny in Cleveland. They fired about 140 rds in mag dumps and killed unarmed people.