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Prayers for Moore

Written By: Bob - May• 21•13
Moore, OK tornado, as recorded by witness.

Moore, OK tornado, as recorded by witness.

As a kid, I saw the devastation left by the ¾-mile wide EF4 that struck near my home during the Carolina’s Outbreak in 1984. It was, on a very real level, too much for my mind to comprehend. I cannot even begin to fathom the destruction left by the more-than-a-mile-wide tornado that leveled much of suburban Moore, OK yesterday, taking scores of lives. As of this morning, hundreds are injured, and their are 91 fatalities, many of them children from an elementary school that was hit head-on.

Please pray for the thousands of families affected by this natural disaster and the other tornadoes that were part of this outbreak. If you have the means, consider finding a good relief organization to donate to for their long-term recovery, such as an area church-related mission outreach program.

Most of all, please pray for them.

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  1. RuralGal says:

    Joplin, MO had a team assembled and on the way even before the numbers were out.

    Its ironic how all the little differences no longer mean much when rubble is all that is left to bind a Community together.

  2. rustbucket says:

    Glenn Beck’s charity is already on-site with water, food, and supplies. They arrived in OK at 3:30 this morning. They would be my first choice as far as donations.

  3. RuralGal says:

    If you can’t do that : Team Rubicon had people on their way as soon as they heard also:

    Heard TR descriptions on the ground as “working at the front lines without being shot at”. i.e. Conditions FUBAR – we’ve done that – we know how to help.

  4. louielouie says:

    i heard hussein vomiting about this. he said the same horsesht after sandy. and they voted for him. not so here.
    on a macabre subject, the same storm/cell that did this to moore traveled up I-44 and gave tulsa 1/4 inch of rain.
    no thunder, wind, lightning, hail.