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This is our gun culture

Written By: Bob - May• 21•13

I had never been surrounded by so many guns in my life, yet for some reason I’d never felt so safe. The next day, reflecting on my experience, I realized that not once did it cross my mind that someone was going to turn on us and turn the range into a crime scene. All the customers were responsible and all were focused on their targets. In fact, gun owners must be some of the most responsible people out there. Their owning a gun means they are being proactive about their own protection. They are taking matters into their own hands and, because of their determination, they will be prepared if a criminal ever tries to claim their possessions or their lives. Very impressive and very smart.

After trying my own hand at a powerful firearm, I have nothing but respect for these more experienced gun owners. Firing a gun isn’t as easy as it seems on the silver screen. No one can just grab and shoot – a lot of steps have to be taken before you’re ready to pull the trigger. Each finger has to be in the right place on the gun, each stance is specific to the kind of gun you’re holding, etc. Having this new knowledge is powerful and I am more confident knowing I have the ability to stop an intruder.

Guns, I’ve come to understand, are more than Al Pacino’s malignant “little friends” or James Bond’s toys. They are defensive tools that can serve as equalizers for women when confronted with criminals. Forget birth control, taking away our firearms would be the real “war on women.”

A true conservative at heart, I suppose my appreciation for the Second Amendment was inevitable, though long and coming.

My lesson? Guns are more than weapons – they’re a girl’s best friend.

From Second to None: An Evolution on our Right to Bear Arms.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ll be adding that young lady to my blogroll.

  2. Comrade X says:

    NRA News Commentator Natalie Foster challenges the president for honoring women victimized by guns while ignoring pro-gun women who should be role models for young girls.

    • juliesa says:

      That video is terrific. This is one of my huge beefs with the libs, that they celebrate victimhood rather than heroism or accomplishment, especially with women.

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for posting that Bob, that is a good one.

  4. Hill Country Dog says:

    Like you, I was late to the 2nd amendment fight but I have been a constitutionalist since birth. Ayn Rand struck a chord with me in 1990 and I have been against the looters ever since. I think the groundswell is rising against the collectivist destroyers and I pray the swell will gain enough strength and momentum to retake our great country. Liberty, not safety, is my ideal.

  5. juliesa says:

    I’ve always said that gun rights are even more important for women than they are for men. it’s crazy that so many women (and minorities) prefer to deny themselves that power.