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What we remember

Written By: Bob - May• 27•13
Arlington National Cemetary

Arlington National Cemetery

It is important to honor those who died at war defending our liberty. It’s sometimes hard to do that, however, for those who haven’t personally known someone who died under those circumstances.

For far too many who have served during wartime, they can fill pages with a list of the names of those they knew, now solemnly interred in gardens of stone.

Matt Burden, known to many as “Blackfive,” pays a fitting tribute to his friend Major Mathew Schram that I would like for you to read. Major Schram died in Iraq, charging an ambush by Iraqi insurgents to give his convoy time to react and escape.

It is because of men and woman like this that we set aside this day for remembrance.

Go with God.

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  1. Big Country says:

    Bravo Bob. Best wishes from Afghanistan on this Memorial Day. (118 days and a wake up!)

  2. Zoowippy says:

    Just which war did we fight to defend our liberties? Unless one believes our liberty is derived from or secured by empire, then the war of 1812 was our last defensive and just war. It breaks my heart to think of the young men killed or maimed for a globalist, un-American agenda. The patriot act, military commission act and the NDAA have done more to destroy your liberties than Saddam could have ever hoped. Freedom IS free, global military empires and domestic tyrannical socialism are damn expensive.