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Zimmerman prosecutor attempted to withhold photo evidence

Written By: Bob - May• 30•13

If George Zimmerman persecutors (yes, I spelled that correctly) Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda aren’t disbarred and charged with crimes of their own, then there is no justice in Florida:

Former prosecutor Wesley White said he was ethically obligated to reveal that Fourth Judicial Circuit Information Technology Director Ben Kruidbos retrieved the data that weren’t turned over.

Kruidbos was placed on leave shortly after White testified during a hearing in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder case on Tuesday. White said Kruidbos was interviewed by state attorney investigators twice before the action was taken.

White said he wasn’t surprised of possible evidence violations by Zimmerman prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

“I was saddened by it, but I’m not surprised,” he said.

White first learned about the evidence through Kruidbos more than a month ago, he said.

Phone and email messages left at the office of Fourth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey were not immediately returned.

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  1. Even with all that has transpired, including the realization that the girlfriend’s original statement was not factual, if Zimmerman is acquitted, there is a good chance that not only Sanford, but other American cities will riot. If this occurs, the blame will fall squarely on the main stream media and its selective reporting.

  2. Real Deal says:

    Let them riot. The only people they will hurt is themselves as businesses close and don’t return as they did in the 60’s & 70’s. A documentry film I saw recently, Halsted Street USA,a man talks about this very thing in Chicago and how the neighborhood never recovered.

  3. Skip says:

    From a recent story I have read: A judge Tuesday refused to delay the June 10 trial of George Zimmerman, charged with second-degree murder in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin,

    Circuit Judged Debra Nelson, at a hearing on motions, also ruled that lawyers can’t mention Martin’s school records, past fights, marijuana use, ownership of gold teeth, or any photos or text messages found on the teen’s phone.

    Nelson said she reserves the right to change the ruling during the trial if lawyers open the door to such issues. However, she said she can’t imagine that any of these issues would be relevant.

    The Judge also said witnesses can’t mention whether they think George Zimmerman’s prosecution is politically motivated.

    They might as well forget the trial and put Zimmerman in prison and throw away the key. He has no chance. The judge will not allow Zimmerman to be declared NOT GUILTY!

    • Orion says:

      They are only allowed to mention Trayvon’s impending sainthood, Zimmerman’s racism, his evil nature, or his desire to hunt black people.

      Outside of that, minimal restrictions…


      • Phelps says:

        Actually, that’s the hang up. This stuff only comes in if the persecution brings up “what a good kid” Martin was. If they do that, then the door is open to impeach that testimony, and all of it comes in.

        I’ve seen a couple of commentators say that the persecution will be “careful” not to cross that line. I honestly don’t think they are skilled enough to not cross it.

  4. Comrade X says:

    This will not be the first or the last innocent man lynched by a mob!

  5. Neo says:

    So how did MSNBC get it so wrong …
    White told NBC News that Kruidbos was placed on administrative leave Tuesday and considers himself a “whistleblower” under Florida law. Kruidbos was grilled by staff in the state attorney’s office twice, either to learn what he planned to testify about or possibly to “bully him,” White told NBC.