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Surviving a riot

As much as no sane person would want urban and suburban rioting, there are thugs making noise in social media that they would use the acquittal of Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman as an excuse to riot and loot on a grand scale, not just in Sanford, FL where events took place, or in Florida, […]

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Four points on the five principles of the law of self defense in the Zimmerman case

Attorney Andrew Branca, a reader here and author of The Law of Self Defense, who has been covering the Zimmerman trial over at Legal Insurrection, has written a very interesting post called The Five Principles of the Law of Self Defense that anyone following the case in any detail should read to understand how the […]

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Don’t just sit there…

One of my favorite photographers, Oleg Volk, also knows his way around a pen. He’s authored a article on shooting positions that any aspiring rifleman would benefit from reading.

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Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome

It has been a fascinating experience to watch the 2nd Degree Murder trial of George Zimmerman in Sanford, FL over the past few days, as one eyewitness after another has impeached their credibility. Selene Bahadoor added a new claim to her testimony, that she heard noises moving “left to right,” during her testimony that had […]

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More evidence of Trayvon Martin’s guilt?

I’ve watched the first two days of the George Zimmerman Second Degree Murder case, and they’ve been a debacle for the prosecution, to put it mildly. Every prosecution witness thus far has been more advantageous for the defense, some incredibly so. Of course, you’ll never know that if you listen to the media’s account. They […]

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