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A shooting school to avoid

Written By: Bob - Jun• 03•13

There is something called Lethal Weapons Training Academy in McKean, PA, owned by C. Robert “Bob” McDowell.

Sean Sorrentino of An NC Gun Blog and his family attended over the weekend, and had to walk away from the class after the lead instructor repeatedly muzzled his students.

I don’t have time for extra holes in my body if they can be avoided. Unless you do, I’d suggest acquiring your training somewhere else.

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  1. STW says:

    That’s going to leave a mark.

  2. after reading thier account of events the “school” obviously had only a lip service attitude about muzzling which is the cardinal rule.

  3. Andy says:

    I was at this class and sat in front of you at the table during orientation. I am trying to understand where you are coming from, and had I not been there I could see your point. However, I completely disagree with you. I have taken classes from these guys before, and they are consistently safe. During the orientation Bob obviously in plain view checked for the lack of a magazine, and racked the slide several times on all guns he was reviewing. Getting muzzled after a professional instructor has in plain view cleared the firearm is not an issue with me. Nor is it when the slide is back and locked in the hands of that same professional when showing students a broken gun. I did not serve in the military, but being a fire fighter for over 20 years with over 8000 calls, you learn to trust those you have seen in action. I have seen Bob in action for years, and trust him with my life, as a professional and as a friend!

    • ok, but picture this, you train for memory second nature and muscle memory. if you “talk about keeping your finger of the trigger but never do,

      it can and will lead to a tragedy.

      if you talk about never muzzling people but do, you set that rule up as a lip service only rule only to be taken seriously in the opening statement of any class and it will certainly not reinforce its importance later in less formal settings.

      rule number one never point the muzzle at anything your not willing to destroy.

      rule number one isnt never point the muzzle at something your not willing to destroy unless you think your an awsome instructor.

      lead by example not do as I say but not as I do….

    • Bob says:

      “Getting muzzled after a professional instructor has in plain view cleared the firearm is not an issue with me.”

      Andy, I’m a student and instructor myself.

      In my life, I’ve worked with, or have taken classes under, approximately 50 other instructors in various rifle and pistol courses. Some have been green-behind-the-ear IITs (instructors in training) still in their teens. Some are master instructors with decades of experience.

      Not one of them would still have a job if they muzzled students repeatedly. There is no justification for these safety violations.

      By all accounts, Bob is a fierce advocate for our rights and liberties and I thank him for his service there, and for the sacrifices he made as a Marine.

      That allowed, he was both unsafe and unprofessional, which you have yourself confirmed.

      No one on the range, including the most senior instructor, has any justification for muzzling students, even with an “empty” gun. Graveyards are full of people killed by “empty” guns.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      I’m not meaning to pile on here, but to me proper and safe gun handling rules are akin to a pilot’s checklist. Violating one thing can lead to disastrous consequences.