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Act Fast: “Unintended Consequences” is back in print

Written By: Bob - Jun• 02•13


$30 plus shipping for the softcover. Here’s the link. Hardcopy originals like the one’s pictured are going for $125 and up.

I’d suggest purchasing a copy for yourself and one to pass around to your friends.

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  1. Looks familiar . . . I still have my original hardcopy on the bookshelf next to my desk . . . right next to a couple of old volumes of Gunsite Gossip.

    • parker says:

      I too have an original hardback. A great narrative, a thorough history of firearms in the daily lives of Americans, and a playbook for when TSHTF.

  2. David says:

    Bob I’m really glad I got you to read this and love the press you’re giving it. The book is the best book on the gun culture I’ve ever read. I really wish John Ross would write a sequel.

  3. Brad says:

    When the second copy has finished the circle of friends, donate it to your local library (assuming they accept donations)

  4. RPL says:

    Ordered it a couple of hours ago!

  5. RoyK says:

    Somehow I ordered two (2) copies.

    I wonder if the local library will accept a donation?

    Any ideas?

  6. CyberNorris says:

    I want a Kindle version…!

  7. I got my copy the first time around. I recently downloaded a .pdf. If that’s a violation of Mr. Ross’s rights, send me a bill.