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Appleseed in Ramsuer this weekend.

Written By: Bob - Jun• 17•13
If not now, when?

If not now, when?

I’m heading out to instruct at an Appleseed in Ramseur again this weekend. It is my first Appleseed after learning that this Presidential Administration has used the considerable power of the Executive Branch for at least two years in what must be referred to as the “Tea Party Plot.”

The ATF, EPA, FBI, IRS, and OSHA have been confirmed to have been used against the founders and organizers of Tea Party groups. The groups were apparently targeted as a direct result of  Tea Party’s stunning success in the 2010 elections, which saw Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives. President Obama’s Administration (and perhaps the professional bureaucracy itself) feared a similar fate in 2012, and implemented a plot to subvert social networks and the democratic process itself. It was a wide-ranging campaign of abuses and usurpations that affected hundreds of groups and destabilized the right of assembly of millions of voters.

I personally do not think it hyperbole to carefully weigh whether this Administration’s acts constitute treason.

Details of the plot continue to unfold, and it seems assured that there is enough evidence to warrant political impeachment and criminal prosecution.

Instead, there is no credible investigation of any kind. The FBI hasn’t contacted any of the groups affected in the plot, and FBI Director Louis Freeh Robert Mueller can’t name who is conducting the investigation. This, in a plot that is of most transparent assaults on the basic political liberties of citizens in the history of the United States!

This will be a good weekend to listen again to the story of a prior government’s long train of abuses that led citizens to stand against a tyrannical foe. It’s a good time to fellowship with fellow patriots, and pass along the history and heritage that is every American’s birthright.

Yes, we’ll also help you become “well-regulated” as members of the unorganized militia recognized by our Republic, put “in proper working order” as riflemen the Founders intended us to be.

Register here and muster out.

If not now… when?

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Col Allen also says it well:

    Death before slavery!

  2. RuralGal says:

    Great news. On the Trail again, just can’t wait to get on the Trail again…”

  3. I’m teaching one in Crittenden this weekend.

  4. Rob says:

    I got a chuckle out of that picture.. that kid has a lot of scope on that 10-22.

  5. Bob says:

    Uhh, don’t you mean Director Mueller? Freeh left w/ Bush didn’t he?

  6. bryan says:

    we just had our first family appleseed in proctor vermont, this saturday and sunday. no lie, it was the best father’s day i ever had. the kids loved it, and my bride is talking about buying a 10-22.

    it really left an impression today. walking around work, i was just struck by how much time is wasted in triviality, and was at the same time above it all. the warrior has awoken – it was that good.

  7. Chris says:

    Come for the history, stay for the shooting :)

  8. Jackdaddy63 says:

    My son and I just did the Appleseed in Eunice, LA. Had a great time and am on my way to Rifleman. My son enjoyed it, and, to my amazement, stayed focused on the shooting and the history through two long hot days.

    We’re going to hold a family Appleseed at my Dad’s place this Independence Day long weekend and see if we can get through the AQT within the allotted times. Those 65 second rounds with transitions are tough!