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Bloody weekend in Fallujah on Lake Michigan

Written By: Bob - Jun• 17•13
The Second Battle of Fallujah, or an average weekend in the Windy City? It's getting hard to tell.

The Second Battle of Fallujah, or an average weekend in the Windy City? It’s getting difficult to tell the difference based on the body count.

There were forty-seven shot and seven killed in Chicago over the weekend. This occurred inĀ  the heartland of America, in a city in which boasts of the strictness of its gun laws.

This is greater carnage that the low-grade war still being waged across Iraq between government forces and various insurgent groups.

This is comparable to our losses in the entire Afghan war zone over the same time period.

This is comparable to the dead and injured in continued fighting between factions in Libya.

This comparable to Turkey’s riots which have garnered international condemnation.

This is only slightly less than the casualties of the Syrian Civil War.

Despite the bodies filling the morgue and screaming wounded filling emergency rooms, progressives insist this third-world conflict in Cook County is a model of how strict gun control makes citizens safer.

Tell us another lie. This one isn’t working.

Update: Never blog before coffee. Originally had “47 shot and killed” when I should have put “47 shot and seven killed.” Incredibly sloppy, and corrected. Thanks for calling me out on that one.

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  1. Survival Skvez says:

    Bob, I expect better of you than this:
    “There were 47 shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend”
    There were in fact 46 shot of which 7 were killed.
    You’re line very much misrepresents the facts.

  2. Larry says:

    I love the profiles of all those who were killed. Really, they were just angles who had strayed from the path. They were getting their lives back together. Really, they were. I’d love to see the day when the paper(s) characterize these guys for what they (most likely) were – violent street thugs engaged in criminal behavior.

  3. Bill says: tracks this stuff on a daily basis.

  4. david7134 says:

    You forgot to say they were honor students as well.

    • Larry says:

      Ha ha. Yes, I’m sure they were. Future valedictorians all, no doubt. Is it too insensitive to note the Darwinian element to all these street criminal murders ?

  5. NY OEF vet says:

    Those gun laws work just fine. Now we just need a law to make people follow the law. Yeah that should work…………

  6. Big Country says:

    I’ve felt safer walking down Darwahnia Street in Baghdad during the hieght of the ‘Insurgency’ than I would in Chicagoland…

  7. DAN III says:

    The problem with pointing out the debacle of Chicago is that the Marxists will ALWAYS blame firearms possession, legal or illegal. They will never put the onus on the scum doing the murdering or maiming. It will always be the fault of the inanimate object.

    I’m expecting soon, that the illegal soetoro-obama and/or his compatriot in treason, Rahm Emmanuel will soon issue a call for further 2A infringements, using the Chicago casualty figures as justification.

  8. Stoutcat says:

    Yes, gun laws do work! Why in the news today I see that the case of that terrible miscreant, the 5-year-old boy who brought a cap gun to school (unloaded), and was caught, interrogated without parents present for two hours, until he wet his pants… Well, the incident is apparently going to be on the kid’s permanent school record. That’ll teach him! [/s]

    Is there anyone at the NRA smart enough to step in and offer the kid (and family) NRA membership, or at least an Eddie Eagle class or two? Same thing for the kid who ate his poptart and the teacher thought it looked like a gun?

  9. david7134 says:

    I once wanted to vacation in Egypt. My wife thought we would be in danger, so I looked up the stats. I turns out that my town is more dangerous than most countries.