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Cool reviews coming up

Written By: Bob - Jun• 12•13

I’ve unfortunately been a bad gunnie as I’ve focused a lot on the very important subject of the federal government’s perfidy, so I’ve let slip some reviews that I want to take tackle.

Stacked up I have:

I think that is “all I have” in the pipe. Here’s hoping I can get to all that soon.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    That book “American Insurgents…. is a great read!

    We can learn much from it!

    Death before slavery!

  2. rocketguy says:

    Really looking forward to your Savage reviews. I was perusing their catalog recently and those were the two models I was most interested in…and since my company is in the process of purchasing Savage…there may be an employee discount in my future.

  3. idahobob says:

    The two books that you mention by Max Velocity are both excellent! I highly recommend them to everyone.

    Yesterday. my copy of “Patriot Dawn” went out the door on loan to a friend of mine. Seems that I have a lending library in my “community”!


  4. Jeff Hoser says:

    Shame on you, Bob ! >Jeff

  5. I’ve read Max Velocity’s Patriot Dawn and can recommend it highly.

    If you can swing a factory tour with Cape Fear, maybe you could talk them into including a few other NC gun bloggers as well. (hint!)