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Don’t just sit there…

Written By: Bob - Jun• 28•13
WWII Russian Sniper, by Oleg Volk.

WWII Russian Sniper, by Oleg Volk.

One of my favorite photographers, Oleg Volk, also knows his way around a pen. He’s authored a article on shooting positions that any aspiring rifleman would benefit from reading.

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  1. Matt says:

    I can’t use any of the sitting positions that Appleseed teaches, instead I wind up sitting more like the picture above except that I have to have my elbow behind my knee to get enough elevation to hit anything other than the ground. The Appleseed folks weren’t much help either on working on positions.

  2. LKNPatriot says:

    That guy has obviously been to Appleseed training. 😊

  3. DAL357 says:

    Pretty good article, but he’s not having his model use the one thing that helps all of those positions work at least 50 percent better: the sling. A sling is far more than just a device for carrying a gun.