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Exclusive: Cape Fear Arsenal to produce 24M rounds of .223, starting in August

Written By: Bob - Jun• 03•13

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I mentioned several weeks ago that I was sure Cape Fear Arsenal got commitments from institutional buyers (government agencies) as part of the funding process, to show their investors they have solid commitments, and that they will indeed sell as much ammo as they can to John Q. Public.

I can now confirm that they are going to make ammo for you… lots of it, and soon.

I spoke with CFA Founder and CEO David Hargitt, Sr. this morning, and he said that they are working on an e-commerce solution for their web site, currently in development. This solution is geared to allow direct commercial sales to the public.

Mr Hargitt stated that Cape Fear Arsenal is going to be producing their own brass and projectiles in-house, but that the very specialized machines CFA will use to make the brass and bullets will not be arriving until January of 2014 (which is when they can start filling the institutional orders for handgun ammo alluded to in the Governor’s press release).

In the meantime, they’ve got materials lined up to produce 24 million rounds of .223 Remington as their first offering to both institutional and commercial buyers, at a rate of 2 million rounds a month over the course of the next 12 months. The first batches of ammunition will be ready for purchase on their web site in August.

I’ll see about acquiring some and reporting back on it once it becomes available.

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  1. D Sides says:

    24M rounds of .223 Remington? Well… that’ll just about cover my WROL stash. Good luck to the rest of ya! LOL

  2. WWHBD? says:

    Hi Bob—how about you making some $$$$ and working out a deal with CFA on a referral system?

    You can organize a “Buyer’s Club”—and setup preorders for CFA—this will get you a referral bonus and CFA cash in the bank (tell them NOT to use Bank of America so they don’t get screwed over like American Spirit Arms in Scottsdale AZ).

    And you can coordinate with the other 2A and III blogs to do order coordination as well.

    WE the People can show Ammo Producers that WE are their important clients—and not just .gov

    Let us know if this works out—we’d like to give you our support.

    • Bob says:

      I thank you for the thought, and would capitalistically remind folks that I already have a referral bonus set-up with Lucky Gunner. Click on their ad in the right margin, buy ammo, and I get a referral fee. :-)

      As for CFA in specific, we’re in close contact.

      • AZOlddog says:

        Bob, if you are supposed to have an AD or a Hot Link for lucky gunner in your sidebar it does not show in either of the browsers I use!

        Opera or Firefox are all that are going to be used on any of my machines :)

  3. Phil says:

    How about skipping the “light” .223 and producing 5.56 65gr ammo. You know, the stuff we’ll actually NEED.

  4. Papa Mike says:

    Can you please be more specific with regards to 9mm Ammo for “John Q Public”. I think Obama has depleted most handgun Ammo!

    • Bob says:

      At this time, I can’t say. They are going to be making their own projectiles and cases (including for pistol ammo, but they’re going to be early 2014 before the equipment to make it arrives.

  5. herbert wray says:

    When are you gonna start hiring