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More evidence of Trayvon Martin’s guilt?

Written By: Bob - Jun• 25•13
Heavy staining of knees and shins on Trayvon Martin's pants are very consistent with "MMA style ground and pound" eyewitness claims he saw of Martin viciously beating George Zimmerman seconds before Zimmerman fired.

Heavy staining of knees and shins on Trayvon Martin’s pants are consistent with “MMA style ground and pound” eyewitness claims he saw of Martin viciously beating George Zimmerman seconds before Zimmerman fired.

I’ve watched the first two days of the George Zimmerman Second Degree Murder case, and they’ve been a debacle for the prosecution, to put it mildly. Every prosecution witness thus far has been more advantageous for the defense, some incredibly so.

Of course, you’ll never know that if you listen to the media’s account. They judged Zimmerman guilty back in March/April.

One of the more damning pieces of physical evidence (which the defense hasn’t even touched upon yet, and may not need to the way the case is going) , was this photo of Trayvon Martin’s body. It shows that the knee and shin area of Martin’s pants are soaked and muddy, consistent with eyewitness testimony that Martin had Zimmerman “mounted,”  sitting high on Zimmerman’s body and raining down blows described as “MMA-style ground and pound.”

It is yet more evidence supporting the defense’s claim that Trayvon Martin viciously attacked George Zimmerman as reported, and strongly corroborates at least one eyewitnesses version of events that suggests Martin was the aggressor.

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  1. Phelps says:

    The defense pointed that out in Opening, and hit it with the forensics tech today. They haven’t missed it by a long shot — I think it will get a lot of focus in Closing when they tie the story together.

    • Bill says:

      Please tell me I’m not the only one who listened to Rachel Jeantel’s testimony. Right
      before the altercation at the tee, Jeantel stated Martin was at his Daddy’s fiancee’s house. Now that distance is about 60 to100 yards from the tee. How did Martin end up there, if he didn’t do so on his own initiative. As I’ve heard all these talking heads say that if Zimmerman had not gotten out of his truck this could have been averted. By the same logic if Martin would have entered his Daddy’s fiancee’s house this could have been averted. The timeline of Zimmerman’s 911 call and Jeantel’s calls seem to back this up.

  2. Thanks for our kind words on my coverage of the Zimmerman trial, Bob. As you know I’m a long-time lurker here, really enjoy your stuff.


  3. Sorry, “our kind words” should, of course, be “your kind words.”


  4. BulletsFirst says:

    As the prosecution bumbles their way through a trial that shouldn’t even be taking place, the media will keep harping on the race issue. When Zimmerman is found innocent and outbreaks of violence happen the media will disavow any responsibility yet further bloodshed will be on their hands.

    I still contest that if Zimmerman went ethnic and used his mothers maiden name via Jorge Mesa, this case would never have seen the light of day. But, media saw race baiting and jumped on board the crazy train that is trying to railroad Zimmerman.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      I still wonder if they were more excited over the idea of “Zimmerman” being white or Jewish. Well, for most of the press I wonder. I have no doubt what Sharpton’s motive was.

      • BulletsFirst says:

        You’re right about Sharpton, Rob. Al Sharpton wouldn’t have a career if he didn’t spread his own brand of race baiting sleaze.

        Hell, Martin could have actually HAD a gun, and shot an unarmed Zimmerman and if he had been put on trial every other word out of Sharptons mouth would be “lynch-mob” and “racism”.

  5. thebronze says:

    I think I just found my favorite pic of Trayvon!!

    • Michael says:

      The only good black person is a dead black person, is that it, Bronze?

      • NY OEF vet says:

        The only good scumbag is a dead one. They come in all shapes and colors. Please dont push your rascist views on us.

      • john says:

        Hey mikey, that “putting words in other peoples mouths” is a particularly pathetic transparent strategy. What else ya got?….

      • Michael says:

        I think that Bob’s a scumbag. I find almost every view he holds and expresses to be abhorrent. May I kill him now? Is that how it works?

      • Bob says:

        I love you, too.

      • Joe Mama says:

        Who brought up “black”? You are the race baiter, willing to say anything to keep race in the discussion. You sicken me.

      • Michael says:

        “Who brought up ‘black’? You are the race baiter, willing to say anything to keep race in the discussion. You sicken me.”

        Have you even read any of the other comments in this thread, Einstein?

        Svi: “There aren’t very many clueless white New England style know-nothings on race in Florida. Most of them have seen “diversity” up close and know what blacks are really like.”

        Tucker: “I understand the black capability for spontaneous, random violence and total lack of impulse control”

        That’s who brought this stuff up, Brainiac. Save your self-righteousness for someone who gives a shit.

      • john says:

        Got a mirror mikey?……

      • Joe Mama says:

        We’re talking about your comments dipshit. Didn’t make it through fourth grade reading comprehension?

      • Michael says:

        Bob: it’s stunning that the comment you delete is the one that’s not full of racist slurs and hatred.

      • AFIraqVet says:

        Yeah Michael, I don’t know why your first comment regarding dead black people wasn’t deleted either. I can’t help but laugh at your other comments, since you most likely couldn’t competently kill a gnat, much less a peaceful & law-abiding Constitutionalist like Bob.

      • Michael says:

        “I can’t help but laugh at your other comments, since you most likely couldn’t competently kill a gnat, much less a peaceful & law-abiding Constitutionalist like Bob.”

        You’re right; I couldn’t and wouldn’t. I wasn’t saying that I would. But at least I’m honest with myself about it, unlike you grown men still playing army.

      • AFIraqVet says:

        There’s that unfounded assuming that makes you look like a giant jackass again. I’ll spot you a clue, since you won’t be using any intellectual capital to buy one in our lifetimes: When someone (i.e, veterans in a place like this) has been there-done that for real, it isn’t “playing” anymore.

      • Michael says:

        “When someone (i.e, veterans in a place like this) has been there-done that for real, it isn’t “playing” anymore.”

        A. Not ever armchair badass here is a vet;

        B. Even the vets find themselves in civilian life, where simply opening fire on people they have disagreements with is frowned upon and can bring jail time, so the posturing is, at this point, playing army.

    • Carla says:

      You’re sick. That’s someone’s son. Do you have children? When it comes to a human there is no color. How senseless of you. Bet you’d never say that in a black persons face. Of course not because you’d get your head knocked off. But im the “good nigger” the exception to the “rule”. Im still praying for you.

      • john says:

        Prayin is easier than taking responsibility for your children ain’t it carla?…. Face facts, The “culture” you embrace is directly responsible for the death of trayvon and MILLIONS of other young blacks. YOU are at fault. Period. Pray on that awhile.

      • AFIraqVet says:

        I like how you invoke “no color” just before you apply your own uninformed bigotry. It’s funnier that way.

      • Carla says:

        What culture do I embrace exactly? Are you stereotyping me? I take responsibility for my child. Contrary to your preconceived thoughts of me, im not a gum smacking, welfare receiving, illiterate hood rat. But because of the color of my skin you’d never believe that I am college educated (Master’s degree) government employee with one child. Im not a baby’s mama and I take responsibility for my child. She can’t recite a Nicki Minaj song but she can recite to you passages from the US Constitution (at 5 years old) so news flash don’t put every person in the same category

  6. Real Deal says:

    Another case I’m interedted in that involves a self defense shooting.

    I shudder to think what would have happened to the guy and his family if he had not been armed. Yet in the Poeple’s Republic of MD it is almost impossible to get a CCW permit.

  7. geb4000 says:

    Doesn’t look like a twelve year-old in that shot. I’m sure the jurors are noticing that the dead tall black guy might have had a physical advantage over Zimmerman in a fist fight.

  8. Tucker says:

    I wish I could share Bob’s optimism about this case. But, as he said – he has been watching the trial and I haven’t, and have only heard bits and pieces of information about it over the radio. What I’ve heard so far makes me think that the fix is in, and the judge is participating in setting things up and restricting the introduction of evidence that the defense needs to prove that the Martin kid was a thug who had a history of violence and an inability to control his volatile temper.

    I only recently found out that the jury consists of 6 White females – which, based on the recent history of White females to engage in race treason and always feel sorry for minorities, and to fall all over themselves to prove they are not ‘racists’ – it would not surprise me one bit if they decide to throw Zimmerman to the wolves.

    Despite the fact that he is innocent.

    • Phelps says:

      You’re wrong about the jury. It’s all female (there are men alternates) but at least one is Hispanic (the nurse), and four of the six have or have family with guns — and one is a former CHL holder (she let it lapse because she didn’t carry on her person often.)

      I think this is a very good jury for Zimmerman.

      • Svi says:

        Yes, it’s an all-female jury, mostly white females. But let’s keep in mind that this is also a Florida jury. Florida whites vote en masse for Republicans. There aren’t very many clueless white New England style know-nothings on race in Florida. Most of them have seen “diversity” up close and know what blacks are really like. They even have a mestizo defendant, so they don’t even have to face any pangs of (misplaced) guilt over acquitting a white man for putting Tray-Tray where he belongs.

      • Tucker says:

        Well, despite the fact that I am hard core White race realist/White Nationalist – I’m sure the msm would have a tough time explaining why I am rooting for Zimmerman to be cleared and be exonerated of all of these kangeroo court charges.

        Maybe that’s because I understand the black capability for spontaneous, random violence and total lack of impulse control – and I would sympathize with any race of people (not only my own) who would want to protect themselves against it?

        Gee whiz! I’m one of those white guys who the msm would call a ‘racist’, but here I am, rooting for a non-White, Hispanic-jew who defended his life in an attack by a feral black thug?

        Maybe I’m not such a ‘racist’ after all? Maybe I’m just a White guy with common sense and a deep understanding and appreciation of racial differences in behavior and temperament?

      • Shel says:

        According to:

        Racism-1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
        2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

        Racist-1. a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

        According to Tucker:

        “Maybe that’s because I understand the black capability for spontaneous, random violence and total lack of impulse control –”

        “I’m just a White guy with common sense and a deep understanding and appreciation of racial differences in behavior and temperament?”

        If the shoe fits….

  9. rumcrook says:

    I’m not hopeful. Mike McDaniel had a post about social justice versus traditional justice and it seems to me we may have gone t o far down the road of group grievance revenge and pseudo victim warfare hidden under the banner of justice for this to have an ending based on our traditional rule of law.

  10. Treker says:

    My buddies and I have a poll on how many cities will burn when Zimmerman is found innocent . I picked 12 cities . My side bet is that Holder will file hate crimes on Zimmerman in less than 3 hours after the verdict.
    Then of course there will be the wrongful death suite.

    • John Groenendaal says:

      Assuming there is a riot it will be in Miami not Seminole County/Sanford not enough population density to have a good riot. the police can put down a riot there quickly

  11. Bill says:

    I notice the knuckles on the right seem to be fine. I don’t offer an opinion one way or another other than I think Zimmerman is innocent until they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he isn’t.

    Any ideas?

  12. John Groenendaal says:

    I noticed the pants looked wet on the front from the tv but was not able to see it clearly. This photo helped. I believe Zimmerman would have asked what the kid was doing there ( a gated community). The kid came out with punches for his answer. If the boy was raised right who knows. just my two cents

  13. Carla says:

    I, for one, am saddened by the level of disrespect that you all show for another human being. “favorite picture of Trayvon” “Tray Tray” “Thug”. He was a kid who had far less opportunity than you just because of the color of his skin. From the day he was born he had to fight harder to be seen as equal. We are all human beings and lets not forget he is someone’s child and a child of God. He would be alive today had George Zimmerman not followed him. Why did he follow him? Because “they” always get away. Who is they? That’s so racist. That black man was in a neighborhood in which he had every right to be. But his rights were taken away. Jesus loves you all. God bless.

    • john says:

      He voluntarily surrendered his “rights” when he ATTACKED another human being princess.

    • Joe Mama says:

      “…far less opportunity than you just because of the color of his skin.”

      Like Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones , Oprah Winfrey, etc. etc.

      Nice try, thanks for playing, parting gifts are at the door.

      • Carla says:

        You named 3 famous black people. Wow! Im talking about the average Joe. We as blacks have it much tougher. But I dont expect you to understand. Also, Trayvon did not give up his rights nor attack Zimmerman. The fool followed him! You guys kill me with this.

      • john says:

        Frankly carla, you BORE me with your rhetoric.

      • Joe Mama says:

        “We as blacks have it much tougher.”

        Oh you poor thing!! And how, may I ask, is the man “keepin’ you down”?

        If you are a failure it’s nobodys fault but your own.

      • Carla says:

        Frankly John, with the little due respect, you bore me with your racist attitude. Joe Mama im not sure who this “man” is or what “keepin'” means. Are you stereotyping me now? No man is keeping anyone down. Im doing great personally, but im still just another negro. If you aren’t black you won’t understand. Keep living in your white is right world. It’ll never change…oh wait yes it will my President is black so there’s still hope for us yet

      • john says:

        [comment deleted. -ed.]

      • john says:

        [comment deleted. – ed]

    • AFIraqVet says:

      Everything you assert as incontrovertible fact is not that, and a lot of them are small details that none of us will truly know. The two people involved in the confrontation are the only ones who really know, and one is obviously dead. The physical evidence corroborates Zimmerman’s account of being pinned on the ground and beaten before the fatal shot was fired. You’re not psychic, and you don’t really know what occurred that day. Neither do I. The difference is, I have no problem acknowledging this reality and base my opinions on the facts and evidence provided. Unfortunately, you’ve chosen to use the case as a venue for venting your racial grievances and allowing them to shape your judgment of people you don’t even know.

      • Carla says:

        I too have based my opinion on the evidence and facts. It is fact that the 911 operator told George Zimmerman, we don’t need you to follow him. Case closed. Its not about race. There are black people that I despise that commit hate crimes against whites. Im about what is right not just rooting for the black guy. Yes I believe George got his butt kicked and shot out of fear and even self defense but he followed Trayvon against the advisement of a professional

      • Joe Mama says:

        “…the 911 operator told George Zimmerman, we don’t need you to follow him. Case closed.”

        WOW! I hope you aren’t a lawyer (I know, silly thought in the first place). Now, get back to the Circle K, you’re gonna be late for work.

      • AFIraqVet says:

        In your observation of fact, you fail to continue those observations when it gets to the fact that Zimmerman did stop following at a distance after the 911 dispatcher suggested that Zimmerman cease doing so (not ordered, since a dispatcher has no legal authority to do so).

        Since we’re on the subject, following at a distance to observe behavior is part of standard training for neighborhood watch volunteers, as reflected by testimony from the Sanford Police liason several days ago.

        If you are truly interested in facts and evidence, you should read Mr. Branca’s detailed analysis of this part of the case and reconsider what you think you know about what happened.

      • AFIraqVet says:

        As far as your own racial issues go, I don’t presume to know what’s in your mind and heart on the subject. You should show others the same courtesy since you don’t know them either. But, it seems like you don’t miss any opportunity to write off anyone who disagrees with you as some kind of a racist.

      • Carla says:

        AFIraqVet im not saying that you’re a racist or anyone who disagrees with me is a racist. But I am saying the people like JoeMama are racist. I work at the Circle K? Im not even sure what that is but I certainly dont work there. But I do work for a subdivision of HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) and I am paid quite handsomely may I add. But I don’t need to post pics of my tax returns or paystubs to prove anything to the likes of you. Stop making it personal. I came on here to argue about this case, not to be personally attacked. So going forward unless that’s what we are talking about, I won’t respond. Thanks in advance.

    • Bill says:

      Was he a “kid” or a “black man”?


  14. WWHBD? says:

    Zimmerman is Toast—either this jury convicts or a federal jury convicts—but he will be convicted of a minimum of 2nd Degree Murder….the fix is in.

  15. emdfl says:

    ‘Cuse me, Carla; ever heard of the Knockout Game or the Polar Bear game etc?
    And Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle when he was jumped.
    Poor little Travon probably forgot that he was not up north where most honkies/cracker/knockout game targets are unable to cary firearms to defend themselves against sudden attacks by innocent youths.

    • Carla says:

      You’re excused. But he was on his way back to his car right? Meaning he got out in the first place. Had he just went to Target as planned and let the real police handle his suspicion, because lets not forget they always get away. Who is they? What category did Trayvon fit into that made Zimmerman follow him? Had he just kept going a mothers child would be alive today and he would not be on trial.

      • john says:

        Care to rationalize the wounds on the BACK of Zimmermans head carla?…. Take your time. I know the truth hurts.

      • Bill says:

        What category? I’m guessing “Suspicious”.

      • Carla says:

        Truth is George should’ve stayed in the car as the dispatcher suggested he do. And I do believe the category to be young and black which automatically made him suspicious. How dare he actually belong in that neighborhood. We don’t belong there. You don’t get it and I don’t expect you to. That’s the beauty about the internet you can show just how much of a racist you really are. But I bet if asked later you’ll say “I have plenty of black friends some of my best friends are black” ha!

      • john says:

        [comment deleted. -ed.]

  16. emdfl says:

    Yeah, let’s all weep because a wannabe thug ain’t around anymore… NOT!!

  17. Cooter says:

    We learned from the states witnesses in never disclosed info by 2 separate witnesses, that TM ran and made it back to the townhouse where he was staying. Then saw Zimmerman about 80 yards up the sidewalk went back to confront him. One of the witness said she heard running and shoes shuffling like the sound Nikes make when your playing basket ball on concrete, out side her porch going from left to right. That was most likely Trayvon’s Nikes running towards Zimmerman who would have been at that time to the right of the witness house. Trayvon should have been way down the sidewalk about 80 yards at his dad’s girlfriends house. They only way she would have heard his Nikes running left to right behind her house, is if Trayvon cut across to the front of the houses on the other side of the side walk from his dad’s place, and looped around behind Zimmerman. Trayvon would have come up behind Zimmerman and could have jumped Zimmerman, as he has described.

  18. john says:

    Carla should be along shortly to tell us all how we deserve the impending riots upon the acquittal of an innocent man. That’s what ignorant racist animals call “justice”. I mean we as Americans are such unfair racists we could NEVER allow them (blacks” to sink or swim based on their own merits. Right carl?….. It’s ONLY about pigmentation. Right carl?…… Hell, just ask the president. Right carl?….. Perpetuate the stupidity carl, it’s what your ilk does.

    • Carla says:

      Actually I pray that there aren’t any riots. The way to change things starts within my own race. We need to educate ourselves and work hard to change the opinion of us. We need to stick together. Jerks like you never change, therefore we have to change ourselves. So I for one will be happy to pop a bottle with you when it’s all over J-Dogg (isn’t that what you’d expect me to say)

  19. unclechopper says:

    I don’t believe this will matter at all. The witness who saw Trayvon in the “ground and pound” has had his testimony reduced to seeing Trayvon on top, in a struggle with George, and that he saw a downward motion of Trayvon’s arm ONCE before he turned and ran upstairs. He could not see if Trayvon’s hand was clenched in a fist, nor could he see or hear Trayvon’s hand connect with George’s face.

    It was so dark outside I am surprised he could see anything.

    What will damage George is the multiple testimonies that George himself has given police. It is clear that he was lying through his teeth to police investigators in his written and oral statements, as well as his video re-enactment. This becomes abundantly clear when the police investigators play him his non-emergency hotline call and he cannot reconcile his previous statements with what is heard on the tape.

    George goes completely out of his way to give police the impression that he was not following Trayvon. His story is of a guy that, once Trayvon had run and was out of sight, got out of his car JUST to look for a street sign because the police dispatcher wanted an address.

    At present George is the only witness to events immediately prior to the witness sticking his head out the window to see what was going on.

    The fact that he has lied – and this isn’t in dispute – about many things leading up to the shooting shows that George’s version of events cannot be trusted.

    • unclechopper says:

      It’s also interesting to note that George passed the lie detector test – while giving answers that contradict what can be heard in his recorded call to the non-emergency hotline.

    • AFIraqVet says:

      Wrong. His testimony did not state that there was only one such motion. Read the transcript of the testimony, not what some hack on a news station says about the testimony.

      • unclechopper says:

        AFIraqVet, thank you for your response. I agree, hacks on news stations add pretty much nothing to this debate. That’s why I watched the live stream from the court room.

        You may be interested in the following exchange:


        MO: The person who you now know to be Trayvon Martin was on top, correct?

        JG: Correct.

        MO: And he was the one who was raining blows on the person on the bottom, George Zimmerman, right?

        JG: That’s what it looked like.

        MO: Okay. Now I said a moment ago that you were literal because, you couldn’t actually see fists hit face, right?

        JG: No.

        MO: Because he was blocked, by what?

        JG: I didn’t say it was blocked, I said it was dark out.

        MO: And you were looking at Trayvon’s back, right? Wasn’t that what was towards you?

        JG: Incorrect.

        MO: Then tell me what –

        JG: On the sidewalk there, their side to me, because they’re laying on the sidewalk which would be going lateral to my house.

        MO: Oh that’s right, by the time they made gotten up to the sidewalk they had sort of moved into a position where it was a little bit more that your could see what would have been George’s left or right side?

        JG: It would have been his right arm.

        MO: His right arm was toward you and Trayvon’s left side would have been a bit more towards you, right?

        JG: Correct.

        MO: And then after you saw him striking down.

        JG: That’s when it looked like, yes, arm movement going downward, correct.

        MO: How many times? Do you think? If you have to guess.

        JG: I have no idea. Soon as I saw the movement going downward, that’s when I turned around and went back inside.

        MO: That’s when you knew that it was very serous?

        JG: Yes. It looked like it was getting serious and it wasn’t just someone playing around.

      • unclechopper says:


        Actually, upon further review, I guess that it could be construed either way.

        It may have been a flurry of downward motions that happened before he was able to turn away, I just know that listening to his testimony, live as it happened, the impression that I had from his statement was that as soon as he saw whatever type of downward motion it was he turned and ran upstairs. I immediately found that interesting and I was surprised that it wasn’t touched on further.

        I think we can both agree, however, that what was stated on the stand creates a substantially different impression than “raining down blows, MMA style.”