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No, I will never be able to do that.

Written By: Bob - Jun• 04•13

One shot. Cold bore. 1,000 yards. Standing. Unsupported.

One my neighbors told me about this video Saturday. Having seen it, I’m still having a hard time believing it.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    I hope he is on our side!

  2. Critch says:

    Those type of shots are only possible because he practiced so much that a cold shot was going to be this case dead on. That is impressive…

  3. rustbucket says:

    Tango down!

  4. dekare says:

    As I watched that video and saw him take the rifle and stance with no support aiming at a target 1,000 yds away, I kept saying NFW. If this video is real (which I suspect it is), then HFS, that is some darn nice shootin Tex…

    I wonder if this guy was talking trash and pulled off a shot he didn’t think he could do…but did. I’ve gone shooting where someone usually brags about an insane shot that could only be made in one in a million circumstances, and every once in a while, the braggard pulls it off, to not only the amazement of everyone around, but to him/herself as well.

    One such time was when we were shooting with friends near their cabin at our set up range, shooting at about 75 yards. It was about 25 degrees out, we had a fire going, and the sun was going down. We had been shooting for a couple hours already and were winding up our shooting. As sorta a final shootng joust, A few of us tried to shoot, using only our pistols, a one inch wooden post and snap it in half, with all of us failing. My wife, who is in fact a decent shooter, bragged that she could do it in one shot and backed it up with the statement that she would cook and clean up our entire dinner that evening if she missed. A good friend called her on this and puffed his chest up stating that if she did in fact hit the one inch target in one shot, he would cook dinner and clean up for the remainder of our visit. My wife, walked over to him, picked up his pistol (a nice S&W .40 cal that she had never handled before) and stated, I’ll even do it with your gun instead of mine. She then nonchalantly took aim, with very little sighting time, and wham, we all watched the stick snap in half.

    All of us stood there dumbfounded. My wife then, in a very cocky manner, handed him his gun and said, “What’s for dinner”. One great moment to say the least.

    Later, my wife said to me in private that she in no way expected to hit that damn stick and had resigned herself to the fact that dinner was on her that night. When she saw she hit it, she simply went with it, held in her excitement, and the rest was history.

    So, I wonder if this too was such a moment. Though I have to say, that guy has mad skills and unlike my wife, could probably make that shot over and over if he so desired.

    Anyway, great video invoking a great memory. As stated above, I hope he is on OUR side.

    • David says:

      If you listen to the video, the shooter explicitly says before he takes the shot “I shoot standing all the time, but I won’t hit 1000 yards.” and then comments that they shouldn’t film him just messing around. So, as most of us were assuming: he had the skills to do everything right and expect to be close, and luck favored him to do the rest.

  5. rd says:

    Note that he did not try to duplicate the shot.

    But skill, preparation and practice is often disguised as Just Dumb Luck.

  6. Tim says:

    That he pulled it off was amazing. (37 lbs. held steady!) That he did with a Barrett rifle with their optical ranging system is not surprising. That is one sweet setup.

  7. Hello...Bors, duh. says:

    I guess no one is familiar with the BORS?

    Go read about the Barrett Optical Ranging System, and consider how much easier the shot was.

    Really all he had to do was not flinch or jerk the trigger. That said, it’s still cool.

  8. Austerlitz says:

    I’m glad Texas is on my side.

  9. Orion says:

    OH, TOTALLY easy. He’s got all the tech sitting right there.

    I could do that JUST as easily.

    After spending years in the Rangers. Going through Sniper Training. Learning to be a Ranger Team Leader, then a Sniper Instructor, then spending more years practicing endlessly.

    Then just picking up someone else’s 37 lb .50 cal rifle and hitting a target at 3,000′.

    Why is this even impressive? ANY superman could do it.

    #snark# Totally lame video #/snark#