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PTR bolts Connecticut for South Carolina

Written By: Bob - Jun• 19•13
Later, Fascists: PTR bolts Connecticut for South Carolina

Later, Fascists: PTR bolts Connecticut for South Carolina

PTR Industries, which makes high quality G3-style .308 rifles, is leaving the gun and job hating state of Connecticut with all their employees, and is relocating to South Carolina:

“The cat is out of the bag on Connecticut firearms manufacturer PTR Industries. They are coming to Horry County, South Carolina!!!,” South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons (R- Myrtle Beach), who met with the company earlier this month, wrote to his constituents via Facebook this morning.

And it’s true. PTR Industries announced that it’s packing up and moving to South Carolina, the company confirmed with this morning. It’s the first of all the Connecticut gun makers to do so.

The formal announcement will be made at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday at 2:30 p.m. at an industrial building in Aynor, PTR Vice President John McNamara said and added that “the entire company will be relocating.”

While the irony is probably unintentional, PTR is relocating to a county named after Revolutionary War Col. Peter Horry, who served under guerrilla warfare legend Francis Marion. Marion who earned his reputation as the “Swamp Fox” fighting another group of tyrants who didn’t think Americans should have guns or liberty, either.

PTR is the first gun company to leave Connecticut, and may be first of a flood of industry leaving a state that has turned harsh to the liberty of all, for the crimes of a single mentally ill young man.

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  1. parker says:

    This is very good news and I hope it is the beginning. Its time to demarcate red from blue.

  2. Treker says:

    Great news on PTR. I have a PTR-91 GI and I always love to tell the story of how I purchased my rifle . A year or so I spotted an incredible deal on a PTR-91 GI on Armslist . It was $900 for the gun and sling and carry case also 380 rounds of .308 . Plus 9 magazines , but the ad did mention a scuff on the butt . So with cash in hand I went to make the purchase.
    Well, a young man had just turned 18 and he wanted that rifle . A small man about 5-2 with a slight build . His father owned a software firm so money was not an issue . After the purchase he needs a place to shoot . So he heads to a small boutique pistol range in an upscale neighborhood . He consequently proceeds to squeeze off 20 rounds without ear or eye protection . Thereby deafening all around. The scuff on the rifle butt matched the one on his chin when they both hit the sidewalk , courtesy of the owner and staff.
    I purchased the rifle the next day with his mom in tow.