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Surviving a riot

Written By: Bob - Jun• 29•13
Korean Shopkeepers during the 1992 Rodney King Riots.

Korean Shopkeepers during the 1992 Rodney King Riots.

As much as no sane person would want urban and suburban rioting, there are thugs making noise in social media that they would use the acquittal of Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman as an excuse to riot and loot on a grand scale, not just in Sanford, FL where events took place, or in Florida, but nationwide. These criminals—there’s no other way to describe them—are asserting that they will use an acquittal as a excuse nationwide to go on a rampage in many areas.

The last time we saw rioting on a very large scale, it was very, very bad.

The simple fact of the matter is that police forces are not large enough to contain widespread rioting. In such circumstances, you working with your neighbors are your best chance of survival.

This headline was from only part-way through the 6-day long 1992 Los Angeles riot. 53 people were killed, and more than 2,000 were injured, as police were forced to abandon entire communities to mob rule.

While it is unlikely that such large-scale rioting would break out nationwide as a result of the verdict of the Zimmerman case, it isn’t a bad idea to make contingencies just in case.

The very first thing you need to do is figure out a neighborhood protection plan (NPP). If you haven’t figure done out with your neighbors, I’d suggest you get a copy of (shameless commercial plug coming) A Failure of Civility and start working with them on that, posthaste. A guy with a firearm is a threat. A group if citizens acting in concert for the defense of their community, taking advantage of their intimate knowledge of the local human and geographic terrain, is a formidable force that can face down the most determined mob.

I’d suggest that caliber is less important than magazine capacity and accuracy in such a situation, and that firearms with excellent penetration qualities and long range aren’t optimal. It’s tough to argue a case for lethal force at 400 yards even against a mob, and if your bullet is recovered from the body of a neighbor hiding in a closet, the court will still hold you responsible.

In this sort of situation, the intermediate-caliber, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle cannot be recommended enough, and I’d suggest those chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO are best for this sort of situation. The 7.62×39 cartridge in most AKM and SKS variants is great combat round, but will tend to plow through more material than .223, which tends to fragment and may not penetrate as far. Likewise, .223/5.56 rifles tend to be more accurate than 7.62×39 rifles, which purposefully “loose-bored” to accommodate a wider-range of bullet widths due to the wide range (and questionable quality control) of the many nations that build ammunition for this cartridge.  I’d suggest at least five standard capacity magazines of 20-30 rounds, and a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition (more is preferable).

An accurate magazine fed semi-automatic rifle (or twelve), properly used by trained riflemen deployed in cover, can break the back of any unorganized mob.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail, and any crisis will be avoided. You can’t dictate how others will act, but it is within your power to make sure your family and friends aren’t easy victims. Get organized get trained, and plan ahead.

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  1. Al Reasin says:

    If one believes in conspiracies, the Zimmerman trial offers a good start. Hype the racial aspect and provide misinformation to the public as the MSM has, then when Zimmerman is acquitted the community organizers will start protests which will get out of hand, riots start and the President then calls for NG troops to be federalized and Marshall Law is declared. The National Defense Appropriations Act’s allowance for the military to arrest designated domestic terrorists and hold them infinitely with no charges is utilized to take into custody those who oppose the Obama Administration. That would be the final blow to the civility maintained by conservatives and armed resistance would breakout. The fears of the Founders about government’s tyrannical nature come true and the Declaration of Independence statement allowing citizens to overthrow tyrannical government becomes reality.

    Not a pretty picture to paint, but it has happened in other countries, so why would we think we are immune.

    When you elect someone who loves himself more than his county, such a scenario is possible.

    • mike says:

      I like your post. Please do not take offense. Marshall law is a sheriff taking control.Martial is government taking control.

    • david7134 says:

      I thin something is going on here, but not to the extent you are alluding. I think this is a battle on the South. If you look at everything that is going on, from Zimmerman to Paula Deen, the common thread seems to be an attack on the Southern culture. Why? Because they are trying to destroy our voting block and do the same thing they did before 1860. It was not the election of Lincoln that precipitated the War of Northern Aggression. It was the preceding 20 years of terrorist attacks by the North against the South (including killing women and children), the constant efforts to destroy our economy and wealth, the discrimination against us and our interest. In short, we are looking at the same thing that our ancestors did 150 years ago. We need another country, we need secession.

      • Michael says:

        “We need another country, we need secession.”

        Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the butt.

      • Rob Crawford says:

        It was not the election of Lincoln that precipitated the War of Northern Aggression.

        Hard to believe, when secession started AFTER the election and BEFORE his inauguration.

        Lotta respect for southerners, but the constant efforts of some to turn the war for slavery into something noble is disgusting.

      • Bill in Bama says:

        Deo Vindice

  2. thesouthwasrght says:

    i wouldn’t want to reside in any large metro area anywhere in the states these days. i doubt much would happen here in largely rural and nearly all armed north fl, but the cities in south fl could get interesting.

    sad times these days.

  3. Dustoff 28 says:

    California isn’t conducive to .223″s, and frankly, the Ruger mini 14 leaves much to be desired in the accuracy department. I think my m1 carbine will do just fine, with 30 round mags.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Have you tried a Mini-14 since they retooled the line?

      • Greg B says:

        My Mini, of late 90s vintage, performed best with a slightly heavier projectile. 62 grain, FMJBT. 3/4″ groups at 100yds with a scope.
        That said, every one of my mags, for every one of my firearms, is fully stacked. As well as every stripper.
        But I truly hope nothing comes of it all.

    • Star says:

      With all due respect…

      California isn’t conductive to survival in such a situation. PERIOD! Partially because they prevent you from owning a capable weapon.

      Your .30 M1 carbine won’t do everything in a modern urban/sub-urban battlefield.

      You need a rifle. Even if it’s a bolt gun. You need to be able to shoot through barriers and persuade groups to avoid you (at a distance).

      Grab the book Bob recommends. It will explain why you need weapons for multiple roles.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      My Ruger Mini 14 is the go to rifle here at the homestead – nuff said.

    • Dustoff 28 says:

      Haven’t tried the newer mini 14’s. In case the m1 carbine isn’t heavy enough, the back up is M1A, 10 20 round mags and plenty of extra ammo. Being California, I won’t say more than that!

  4. rumcrook says:

    I really feel bad for people living in or near the urban ring.

    If at all possible I plan to not have work in the city when the verdict comes.

  5. Greg B says:

    In addendum, these asshats claiming they are going to riot and murder, obviously haven’t been paying attention to the sheer volume of citizens building up their personal stockpiles.
    Just sayin’……

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      Yeah, and down here in Florida especially so. We are the concealed carry capital of the US. You’d think the TM/GZ case would give perps something to consider. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail. But good luck to those in anti-gun states.

    • hutch1200 says:

      While we are stockpiling ammo/food/water/batteries etc…, the “aggrieved class” are just out casing Best Buy for big screen TVs and the package stores. Nothing more, not even condoms!. Unless you have your largest vehicle set to escape the urban area on verdict day, pull the engine coil wire off, remove the battery, pull the starter fuse….anything to make it inoperable. DO NOT give the looters your pick-up truck!
      I pray ALL are safe, but this could be THE pivotal moment of our lifetime.
      Sharpton/Jackson/Holder have the fate of thousands of “their people” in their hands. I hope no more blood adorns those mitts.

  6. Sulaco says:

    I have noted over the years that all most all the time those making such threats while hiding their true IDs on line are the last to put their progressive butts at any risk, they will always lead from behind. They are much better at the “lets you and him fight” kind of thing then getting their own hands, ya know dirty.

    • Mr. X says:

      I find it ironic people can tweet, ‘I’m gonna kill me a cracka’ and nothing happens to their accounts after making actual if not specific death threats, but tweet just a tad at certain usual suspects on Twitter calling for the death/blackbagging of Edward Snowden and you get instantly suspended. How f—–d up is Twitter, really? Seems like a channel mostly for comms the BigSiStatists want and not for those they don’t like.

  7. rd says:

    One comment. Do not show all your weapons. Hide most of them. The police in progessive cities are likely to confiscate your weapons to reduce the likelihood of gun violence. Just ask the folks in New Orleans after Katrina or the folks in High River, Alberta, Canada this week.

  8. Texas Top Cat says:

    Not sure what will happen this time, but at some point if the division in the country continues we will see such events.
    Now what I would really like is some more information how a riot in a middle class small city next to a large city would take place. What would we expect to see, a large group going down the street burning houses and shooting at people inside? Bombs?
    Or would it be a small group in the middle of the night looting and raping?
    All I ever see in news stories are in large cities where there is little resistance and lots of looters.

  9. Comrade X says:

    A Failure of Civility is a great book but if I remember right they said shot guns were the way to go, they are cheap and for those who are less experienced they are a lot easier to do damage with & with today’s ammo problems shotgun ammo is still out there at reasonable prices(AR & AK’s for those with experience & 20 gauge for those who aren’t is what we are doing).

    BTW a failure of civility is already with us IMHO:

    Death before slavery!

  10. rumcrook says:

    Instead of wide scale rioting think flash mobs that appear out of nowhere and fade away just as fast. Think riots of opportunity where what seems like a normal setting without any visible dangers suddenly sees unprovoked violence. Think gas station everyone pumping gas suddenly a car full of people empties out and picks you for a beat down.

  11. Peccable says:

    Armed citizens don’t get caught in beat downs. The Koreans had it right, look at the results.

    A .243 works fine, better yet are small rounds like the .22WMR or the high velocity .17 cal make for quiet head shots.

    If the civility quotient falls off the edge, don’t think that the police are going to go out and get their butts shot. And there is nothing proven that the NG will answer the Federal call in full.

    The biggest mistake in ’92 and ’65 was us rebuilding those burned out crapholes. Should have let the bungholes do the rebuilding.

    • Michael says:

      “Armed citizens don’t get caught in beat downs.”

      Except look at Zimmerman. He had a gun. He used it. He’s on trial for getting caught in a beat down and acting as you guys would have everyone act. Was Martin going to kill him, or just kick his ass? The world will never know. Let’s hear it for guns!

      • Dustoff 28 says:

        If you are ever on your back with an athletic young man sitting on you and slamming your head into the concrete, are you going to contemplate, is he only going to hurt me, or kill me? And in such a situation, I am going to wonder if you might wish you had a gun.

      • Michael says:

        Whatever. Zimmerman was the armed citizen taking charge of his world, just as you guys seem to want. We’ll see how it goes for him.

      • poppa india says:

        To Michael: When he was alone in the night with a guy holding him down and pounding his head against the sidewalk, who else was supposed to take charge of his world?

      • Rob Crawford says:

        Zimmerman’s alive, Michael.

        St. Skittles isn’t.

        Yeah, the “state” might get Zimmerman imprisoned (and then, likely, murdered), but everyone but the most racist, hate-filled SOB realizes that’s not justice.

      • Comrade X says:

        IMHO Trayvon would be alive today if he had not been so bigoted against those “creepy ass cracka’s”.

      • Iconoclast says:

        You do bring up a good point. And even Zimmerman didn’t go for his pistol until he felt Martin try to grab it while threatening him (do I believe Zimmerman? Yes. As did the Investigating detective).

        But this kind of lynch mob is difficult to put together over and over. So the likelyhood of another Zimmerman-style persecution becomes less likely with each self defense incidence.

        And, after all, if you are going to be dead or crippled otherwise just what do you have to lose?

  12. Sulaco says:

    The world will never know….

    Yes we will the jury will decide. For good or ill.

    • poppa india says:

      No, we’ll just know what the jury decided. Some of us will be pleased, some displeased….

    • John Morris says:

      No, in a Republic where the Rule of Law held sway we would be able to trust a jury verdict. We don’t. Actually finding the Truth is a undesirable side effect in a modern courtroom; something the system goes to great steps to prevent. It is all just a game of lawyers designed to end the public’s faith in Justice. End faith in the Rule of Law and all that is left is raw power. The Rule of Men.

      Promise ya before this farce is done every person in the land will know things the jury will not, I’d give odds that once released and permitted to see the Internet again (forget the Party Media) at least one juror will be saying “I can’t believe I didn’t know that.” Regardless how it comes out. Although in this case enough reasonable doubt has made it in that the verdict should be a given. But again, we all know it isn’t, otherwise we wouldn’t be in doubt. Nobody can predict a court’s rulings anymore, they are arbitrary, capricious and heavily politicized.

  13. i was there says:

    I was there in ’92.

    You will be up against hundreds of semi organized mobs with handguns and gasoline cans. All cops will be AWOL.

    To survive you need distance+range and something you can quickly move around with.

    If I had to do it again my #1 pick would be ak74 tantal. #2 m1 carbine.

    Ideal would be high capacity semi auto carbine chambered in .44 magnum.

  14. Legal Alien says:

    At future (soon) riots, DHS might very well utilise their latest resources, per recent agreement

    “In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events”

  15. Iconoclast says:

    I agree that social media organized flash mobs will be the preferred pattern. And gangs of teenagers armed with just their fists and feet can kill you very fast while robbing the store or mall you are in then quickly disperse until the next attack.

    What will be interesting to see is that this type of civil disorder will not happen in the ghetto or in the local Walmarts. It will happen in upscale malls, city blocks, and stores. Locations full of oh-so-liberal people whose sensitive and progressive politics not only will not matter but, because they will almost certainly not be armed, will be badly injured by the racial violence. How will they ultimately react?

  16. Lex says:

    Michael says:

    June 30, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    “Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the butt.

    Your life is going to be picture perfect in the land of the Libs after all us hick, red-staters are gone right?

    Nevermind that if you’re Free enough to JOIN a Union, you’re Free enough to LEAVE, right?