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Unknown gun manufacturer eyes North Carolina for relocation

Written By: Bob - Jun• 13•13

There are at least a dozen gun companies considering leaving the Northeast because of their absurd gun laws. One of them is testing the waters in Rockingham County… but who?

No one seems to know:

The Rockingham County Partnership for Economic and Tourism Development and the Town of Mayodan announced Tuesday that an industry-leading firearms company is trying to determine if the Western Rockingham area would be the right location for a new manufacturing plant.

A key factor in that decision will be the availability of an experienced pool of skilled manufacturing workers. In order to determine that, the company will conduct pre-employment screenings and hold an open house for qualified candidates June 18 in Mayodan.

“We’re pretty excited about what this could mean for our community,” Mayodan Town Manager Michael Brandt said. “This offers the potential to reuse one of our existing buildings and provide hundreds of much needed jobs for the area.”

Brandt said the amount of support demonstrated in this early candidate screening process would be a major determining factor in the company’s decision on location.

“So we really need people with the right skills and experience to apply as soon as possible,” Brandt said. “There’s a short timeframe here and we want to show the workforce is here and ready.”

Rick Perry has been garnering a lot of screen time—and constant complaints from blue state governors—for his very public attempts to draft companies to move to Texas. But while Perry is making the headlines, it is North Carolina’s first-term Governor Pat McCrory that is quietly making noise, encouraging Cape Fear Arsenal to move up from Dillion, SC up the road to Lumberton, NC, and now this mystery gun company looking at Mayodan as a potential relocation site.

Momentum is a funny thing. If whoever it is decides Mayodan or another North Carolina location is where they want to move, their decision-making process is going to be analyzed by their peers. The gun industry is a uniquely friendly competitive environment with a lot of respect between manufacturers. If one announces “come on down, we love it here,” others might follow them down in short order.

Update: Cleaned up the post to clarify that the gun company is looking at the town of Mayodan in Rockingham County, not the town of Rockingham.

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  1. rob says:

    This is Rockingham county, not the town of Rockingham. Rockingham county and Mayodan is NNW of Greensboro.

  2. Jeff Hoser says:

    I’m not entirely sanguine about the Carolinas being “gun friendly” now – or in the foreseeable future – as they seem a haven for “NE Liberals”, IME. And while I identify strongly with the many hundreds “rank and file” Carolinians Ive worked with over many years, I can’t but suspect the “new complaints” – having both money and connections – may well dominate both states’ legislatures. Past history on other issues are “proof of this particular pudding” .

    Bob, I hope you’re right, but I’ll reserve approbation until I see the “proof” !

    Good Gardening ! >Jeff

  3. Dan Almashy says:

    I do know the corp office for Remington is located in Mayodan, NC. I would think the un-named gun company would be them. Hopefully that is true. It would be a big boost for their economy. The skills and dedicated work force is there.

  4. Dan Almashy says:

    Wow Just saw thw update on this….It appears to be Ruger that’s considering the move. Great news for those who live near Mayodan.