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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Waterboarding Paul Revere

Written By: Bob - Jun• 11•13

Between the social network analyses of Shin-Kap Han (PDF) and Kieran Healy, it seems that modern day tyrants would have ripped apart the original Committees of Correspondence, Tea Party, and other Patriot groups to shreds long before they had a chance to fight for liberty.

“Ye Royal Security Service” would have identified them, cataloged them as terrorists along with 8 million or more later day Americans, and eyed them for a nice “reeducation center” somewhere in the desert southwest (see Bill Ayers for driving directions).

We have a government that is more interested in it’s own preservation than the preservation of our liberties. The Democrats and Republicans are far more interested in preserving their duopoly of power over the people than they are our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or what is moral and just. And they know precisely who you are. I don’t know about you but knowing I’m on a list (or more) of those to be treated as enemies is somewhat liberating, in a certain sense.

We fought a war over this sort of tyranny once before.

Fortunately, the result of that conflict was that we built for ourselves mechanisms that slowed the ability of tyranny to infect the government. Unfortunately, tyranny still spreads like a cancer across all three branches of government over time.

I am sadly not alone in fearing that we are approaching an endgame to this present government, where it will either overthrow the Constitution and declare itself sovereign, or we will see the people rise up and reclaim their liberty by protest (if we’re lucky) or through force of arms (if we aren’t).

The federal government has made a mockery of the founding values of this nation.

They will be reclaimed, even if this particular government must be replaced in order to reassert the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the governing law of the land.

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  1. Kansas Gman says:

    Somehow, I think all of us who have visited and/or commented on this blog are in a special “enemies” database.

    Those who are authorizing these lists and labeling us as such need to remember something. We know who and where they are, too.

    Molon Labe

  2. t says:

    We need to start putting in place parallel institutions that will be mostly functional when they* revolt

    Home schooling is the first of these–replacing the corrupt and mindless government schools.

    Blogs are another, replacing the government press.

    One of the most important will be our own money or monies to replace the paper dollars the current regime is making worthless

    Another will be communications channels–our own internet.

    Another will be our code of ethics; our responsibilities to each other when the shtf.

    Serious times, serious times. Let’s be up to it.

    *yes, they revolt. We are preserving the Constitution and our liberties, they are the usurpers.

  3. Bill says:

    If I wasn’t on a list as of 20 year ago, I haven’t been trying hard enough.

    If I’m not on it now, they must have my last name confused with “Tsarnev” or something.

  4. AT says:

    every combat veteran is an automatic “on a list” I would assume as well..that would include me. *sigh*

  5. Big Country says:

    On the list, and proud of it… Just make sure you bastards get it spelled right… “Coughlin” with a “C” and yeah, I’m talking to YOU, you NSA lurker-trolls….

    • Mr. X says:

      Someone should kindly remind them that should their bosses just decide to finally use all this prodigous NSA data to kick off Civil War 2.0 and commence droning or blackbagging patriots their data center might be on the receiving end of some Air National Guard Arc Light. They won’t have all of the military on their side that’s for damn sure.

  6. NY OEF vet says:

    They will need to bring more than a list if they want me. I got plenty of 55gr reeducation tickets for them. Long live the republic.

  7. cmblake6 says:

    Yeah, if you ever swore the OATH and meant it, you are listed. If you have a blog which regularly reminds WTP of that fact, you’re highlighted. Obviously there are many government servants who said the words to get the job, nothing more.

  8. Don says:

    I think we should look at the recent events in Turkey as a possible model of what will happen in our nation.

    • B Woodman says:

      Except that “we’re” armed and the protesting Turkish students aren’t. That will change the dynamics.

    • Real Deal says:

      Not even close. I’ve thought long and hard about the fecal matter hitting the rotary impeller, and without leadership, without moral leadership it’s going to be a nightmare.

      Do you think that those millions on the dole are going to sit quietly by while people are bringing a halt to their gravy train? You think this administration is not above releasing and arming criminals to fight on their behalf?

      The military is already being reformated to drive out conservatives and to discourgarage those from tradtional sources from joining. The repeal of DADT, women in front line combat, and immigration “reform” are all designed to get large numbers personnel in the fighting ranks that are based upon identity or group politics. People who identify as something other than “American” first and will fire upon US Citizens when directed or can be easily manipulated into doing so.

      • Mr. X says:

        all of the above is true. They won’t turn things hot quite yet, save for a few more leaders getting Breitbarted. Got to create their own loyalist thug army first from the nastiest cops, DHS scum and street gangs.

  9. WyMacklin says:

    It is going to take the second coming of Jesus Christ to fix this mess. Do you really think the folks that are getting everything for free but don’t have to work are going to protest the Government and lose their gravy train. No way, no how. This is now a socialist society.

  10. well we certainly live in interesting times. and this summer with all the whirlwind of government abuses and petty tyrannies coming to light, the rising tide of chaos around the globe instigated by jug ears and his minions, the upcoming zimmerman trial which if justice is alive will see him freed, and could spark some of the ugliest riots we have ever seen, its like a perfect storm……

    all that we need is someone we cant see off stage to bring more gas and a match.

    take hope, many sheriffs here in colorado have decided to defy the statists and are suing, and have said they will not enforce, not all have lost thier way, and the dissident/enemies list of the statists is so huge it will be impossible to implement. think of it like the maginot line, looks impossing, scary, dire, insurmountable, I beleive they wiill be signing their own death warrants if they ever started the round up.

    an interesting sided bar on the ramifications of the “fundemental change” brought to our nation from the statists, came up over at ace with the “who would go nazi game thread.

    • Real Deal says:

      If justice were alive and well Zimmerman wouldn’t even be at trial. The charges would have been dropped at the local level, it’s political just like the Duke Lacrosse trial.

      With all that has come out about “little” Trayvon it would have been a slam dunk self defense.

  11. Leonard says:

    And aren’t you the guy who calls Bradley Manning a traitor?

  12. Chris Watson says:

    DHS shorts the ammo supply, our eComms are being monitored, and any dissent is being called treason.

    The clock is ticking and we’re about 360 days away.


  13. cmblake6 says:

    Ammo and weapons can be recovered from, *AHEM*, persons that don’t need them anymore. Guerrilla tactics get you far, actually. But you are correct in that we need a truly great leader. As for the entitlement sort who would riot? Some did go into the services to learn tactics and systems, sure. But “gangstas” aren’t the same as welfare sorts exactly. We need some good psy-ops to get them on our side. I suggest, as a theory, we need a Ben Raines to lead us.

  14. Comrade X says:

    It all started with the individual in this country, heck our whole beginning and Bill of Rights is about the individual and his relationship to his/her GOD given rights.

    From there it got started at the community level, maybe only a couple of people and in some places many more. Next time on the range check out the people (sometimes families there shooting with you) many of them most likely will be on your back or you they when SHTF comes.

    Our founding fathers though not perfect (that was their strength, they knew the weakness of man) gave us our solution & the way in our constitution, Article V, the day we quit using it was where this country went off track and the day we start using it again is when we start to find our way again!

    We will have a new constitutional convention IMHO, the only question is will it be before the shooting starts (& maybe prevents that shooting) or after!

    Death before slavery!!

  15. PJ says:

    You can’t live a life without ending up on some government list somewhere. But still, consider it a badge of distinction.