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When the levee breaks

Written By: Bob - Jun• 05•13
Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good, Now, cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good, When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
Now, cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.

Get settled in, because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

On December 28, 2012,  I wrote a stream-of-consciousness post about the dangers of a backlash to the incredibly aggressive and highly politicized gun control push that was developing in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. What you’ll see in the rebellion (WYSIR, so I don’t have to type it out again) has been “shared” on Facebook thousands of times, and links have been posted to it from hundreds, if not thousands of web sites and forums.

At the time I wrote WYSIR, there was a passionate push by the polimedia for very intrusive federal gun control, with support in some coastal states and Colorado for state-level gun control at the same intrusive level. The forces of tyranny seemed poised to pull off the biggest coup d’etat since the Raleigh News and Observer, Ku Klux Klan, and other leading North Carolina Democrats conspired to drive the African-American supported Republican government out of Wilmington in 1898 with a great loss of life 115 years ago.

Much to the President’s anger and the polimedia’s dismay, federal gun control efforts have largely failed. Sadly, blatantly unconstitutional state-level efforts in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York have been passed and rushed into law, to confident proclamations of success by mostly Democratic legislators that eerily parallel equally delusional pronouncements of “peace in our time.”

Since these gun control bills began working their way through state and federal legislatures after Sandy Hook, something happened in the form of revelations of  a pervasive train of abuses and usurpations in the current Presidential Administration.

We now know that the White House has used the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon against “enemy” political groups, in a naked example of tyranny so extreme that when the IRS Inspector investigated, he found it worse than even Richard Nixon’s attempted abuses of the system.  He call the targeted political terror campaign, “unprecedented.” It is an abuse of power never before seen in our nation’s history.

News is confirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency was also used to target activist groups.

Attorney General Eric Holder personally authorized using the Espionage Act—which has been used to put spies to death—against members of the press, and then lied about it in Congressional testimony.

We have seen a perfect storm of abuses at the hand of the Obama Administration, and the government itself has been exposed as rotten to the core.

That changes the scenario immensely.

When I wrote WYSIR, I could never predicted that the government would self-destruct in living color before a revolt against tyranny ever began. Incredibly, the federal leviathan became so bold in it’s overt corruption that it has self-destructed, without any external help, before the first shot has been fired in anger.

We are viewing a collapse of the trust of the government:

With this exposed plan of intimidation, big government has finally, irrevocably exploded all over us–drenching us in its own corrupt excesses. It’s gotten so fat, so immensely greedy, so impossibly grotesque, that the only thing that can end it is itself.  Big government exists only through expansion. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to kill. But it got too cocky; it grew too fast, and now all of its insides, are outside–for all of us to see.

Which is why this is no time to lend it a helping hand. Let big government die from its own desires. The IRS, to its own horror, has just helped create a new movement. Think about it: If you were to go to a hardware store right now, buy a sign and paint “audit this,” and place it on your lawn, what could they do? Nothing. Once you’ve got a thug’s number, the thug knows better than to target you.

Nevermind the appeasers–the IRS scandal IS a big deal. It’s such a big deal, it could ruin the agency forever, and take a few others down with it. And sure, it’s a lot of fun on the right to be clamoring for scalps–like, who should be fired and how many. But pink slips are small potatoes.

The end game is way, way bigger than that stuff. What we are witnessing is a collapse of trust in big government, which ultimately–to our benefit as small-government types–leads to a permanent undermining of the whole system.

Until now, this administration produced loads of soaring rhetoric that made many forgive its lack of substance. But now, to everyone who pays taxes, the wolf is suddenly at the doorstep, and it’s looking for food. This new era, for some, sounded great in the abstract–but with the IRS scandal, we’re starting to see our first home front casualties. The IRS just gave small-government America–which is most of America–a wake-up call like no other.

We’re at an unprecedented point in history. This current implementation of the federal government under the Presidency of Barack Obama and the Vice Presidency of Joe Biden are so obviously, incredibly, indelibly corrupt, that they’ve devalued the legitimacy of the federal government itself.

Folks, that is incredibly powerful for the cause of liberty. It is also incredibly dangerous until that liberty is reclaimed and it’s attempted murderers dealt with in a just manner.

A threatened government can lash out unpredictably, especially a government populated with an incredibly arrogant cast of morally repugnant ideologues and the cast of followers they’ve groomed for ideological war:

Longtime readers of mine will recall that one of my bugaboos is the liberal obsession with the “moral equivalent of war.” Ever since William James coined the phrase, liberalism has essentially become a cargo cult to the idea. The core idea, expressed in myriad different ways, is that normal democratic capitalism is insufficient. Society needs an organizing principle that causes the citizenry to drop their individual pursuits, petty ambitions, and disorganized lifestyles and unite around common purposes.

Naturally, the State must provide leadership and coordination in this effort, just as it does in a war. That was the essential rationale behind the New Deal – war mobilization without war.

Barack Obama has spent much of his presidency all but begging the American people to imbue themselves with a moral equivalent of war spirit. Sometimes he’s used the phrase explicitly, other times he’s dreamed that America could act like the military. Other times he’s droned on about the need for unity and dedicating ourselves to a “cause larger than ourselves” – that cause invariably being the government. He’s talked a lot about “Sputnik moments” and the need for Americans to rally around his green agenda the way we rallied around the space program.

I loathe all of this. The whole point of a free society is that people will do what their hearts and consciences tell them to do, individually and in voluntary association. We have a military to keep us free, not to provide examples of how best to surrender our freedom. Moreover, the exhortation to give our selves over to the spirit of wartime mobilization when there is no war is frightening because, unlike real wars, not only is “victory” not defined, it cannot be defined. We will never have a kingdom of heaven on earth, so any call to mobilize the people to fight for one necessarily means permanent mobilization, which means the permanent surrender of what this country was founded to establish.

Goldberg has it almost right, but he’s terrified to let his thought run it’s course, and seems to shut himself down instead of allowing himself to think about how far this cargo cult is willing to go in the execution of their ideas. If you’ve been paying attention at all for the past dozen years or so, the radical left has ramped up their rhetoric into not just competing against their opponents, but in portraying them as an “other” that must be destroyed if their moral good is to be realized.

They have defined victory, Jonah. Their “victory” is the demonization and elimination of all dissent, and all dissenters, every man, woman, and child.

It has been their goal for more than 40 years.

They are not content to stop with political victory, where they merely shape policy. The actions of Executive Branch agencies under the current regime show their desire to destroy conservatives, libertarians, and independents politically, professionally (outside of politics, in private sector business), and personally. This is all within the “normal” doctrine of Alinsky tactics. But if we’re being honest with one another, we all know that Alinsky wasn’t any more content with the thought of stopping with political and personal victory over his enemies than were Stalin, Lenin, or Mao.  Like Obama mentor Bill Ayers once dreamed of exterminating all die-hard capitalists, the frothing left dreams of genocide.

It isn’t limited to a handful of fringe malcontents, but is a sentiment of “mainstream” progressive thought, from the afore-linked Marshall University professor, to Democratic politicians, news executives that call us terrorists, to the President’s own mentors, and tens of thousands of other radicals on social media that have imbibed so much of the rhetoric, and who have been thoroughly conditioned to equate the “other” with pure evil, that they are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to murder their fellow Americans. They are firmly convinced that one-party ideological purity will make the nation “whole.”

It is their goal to purge the nation of anyone who tries to get in their way. Becky Gerritson is one of many victims of this mindset, personally targeted for her destruction for merely deciding to participate in the Democratic process. Take the time to listen to her testimony, and the frustration in her voice, as she challenges a government that not only failed to protect her basic rights as an American, but which actively persecuted her for exercising them.

Note the politicians who could not meet her gaze, and whom who not have the basic decency to be offended by the actions of their President. Why would they be offended? He’s only dared to do what they’ve long dreamed of doing.

Karen Kenney, another founder of another grass roots Tea Party organization, reminds legislators that ultimately, they are accountable to us. Thought they certainly don’t believe her, it is worth five minutes of your time  to listen to her, as she speaks for so many of us.

Catherine Engelbrecht tells an even more sinister story, having her business and personal life attacked being repeatedly by the IRS, FBI, ATF, and OSHA for the “crime” of trying to start another Tea Party group.

These are not anomalies. This is a carefully orchestrated pattern of abuse, emanating from the Oval Office itself. It can have no other source.

This systematic abuse lasted from at least 2010, and targeted hundreds of groups, and was designed to directly impact the 2012 Presidential election, so that Democrats would not be swept from the Senate and White House as they were from the House of Representatives in 2010.

There is a strong argument to be made that if the various elements of the Executive Branch had not acted in concert to bully  and suppress hundreds of Tea Party groups, then we’d be a nation with a Republican President, House of Representatives, and Senate, and at least the outside chance of restoring the federal government to a semblance of respectability.

The government—this wannabe banana republic dictatorship—does not have the right to ask for donor lists and for list of volunteers for them to further single out for harassment and abuse. They do not have a right to a list of speeches and speakers, to censor political speech before the fact, or punish citizens after the fact for holding views opposed by the regime. They do not have the right to shut down political speech, or otherwise subvert the processes of free and fair elections as has this government.

And yet, this is the path that Barack Obama and his allies have chosen. They are not in for half-measures.

The Obama Administration, through orchestrated abuse of power in multiple executive branch agencies, has attempted to suppress the free speech of millions of Americans by targeting hundreds of apolitical and independent non-profit groups vested in liberty.

The Obama Administration, through orchestrated abuse of power in multiple executive branch agencies, has used the power and intimidation of the state to bully and harass individual Americans that dared to exercise their free speech rights.

The Obama Administration, through orchestrated abuse of power in multiple executive branch agencies, targeted news media critical of the Administration, going so far as to use laws designed to catch and prosecute spies, against them.

Collectively, these felony high crimes are unforgivable. They are impeachable. They are indictable under federal and state felony laws, including conspiracy and racketeering.

The phrase “gangster government” is no longer hyperbole.

What will be your response?

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  1. ORGO says:

    The problem, however, is that in reality relatively few Americans even know that all of this has been going on. The level of disinterest in politics by Americans is pretty much at an all-time high. More people care about what happened on Americas Got Talent last night than what happened during the IRS hearings yesterday and that is a fact.

    At best, a few people in the administration may resign. A few more will take their full-benefit retirements. A few more will get fired. Then the grand illusion from both parties will continue on its merry way. If anyone is expecting radical fallout from all of this, it isn’t going to happen. Not enough people CARE to make it happen.

    • Ranch Hand says:

      I don’t want to agree with you, Orgo, but I must. Very few of the people I have contact with throughout the day have any clue as to what is going on. This government has been caught, red handed, committing a huge crime. And they will get away with it and thus emboldened, just imagine how big the next crime will be. This, I’m afraid, is the beginning of a scary time.

      • Col Bat Guano says:

        I don’t know gents. I understand your point. But as stupid and lazy as a vast swath of Americans are, 0bama was stupider to use the one government agency the people hate the most (the IRS) to attack his enemies. The IRS scandal is waking people up. Becky Gerritson may have done more for current liberty in this country than any website, including this one. Her statement to Congress damn near brought tears of joy to my eyes over the burning rage I was feeling on what was done to her.

        I would not be surprised to see her words begin to resonate across the country.

      • Real Deal says:

        Even worse are those that know about it and try to shunt things aside by equivocating. “Bush did ….” Perhaps even worse than that are those that think whats been done are good things, that persecution and oppression of opposing political views by government is a good thing.

    • StrangernFiction says:

      Why would they think there is a problem when the leader of the “opposition party” professes to absolutely trust Obama.

  2. Earl says:

    You really should read Cook’s & Koplow’s piece on the AKP’s & Erdogan’s hollowing-out of their democracy into an authoritarian one-party state – the consequences of which we’re watching. The similarities to what we’ve been experiencing over the past 4 1/2 years are frightening.

  3. Right_2_Bear says:

    There will be no mass revolution until the economics of this tyranny forces action from the people. It’s not there yet. When Obamacare goes from 2wd to 4wd next year, I think we will see a response as millions are forced to drop their coverage and go bankrupt (or worse) due to once covered illnesses.

    Ideology and rule of law is not enough impetus. When the government literally takes away the people’s ability to survive it becomes a different story.

    • Cleburne says:

      I agree Right 2 Bear, the popluace isn’t hungry enough yet. One of my daily prayers is for the peaceful restoration of our constitutional liberties. However if it’s not to be, I pray for the swift and sure defeat of all corrupt politicans now controlling our government. They’re going to pay a heavy, heavy price for their arrogance. I hope the Lord allows me to live long enough to watch their defeat, either peacefully or otherwise.

  4. Real Deal says:

    “Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for a just master.” ~ Sallust

    Bob there are many content in their chains, many who are ignorant of their loss of liberty, and many who cannot see beyond “what can I get from the Gub’mint”.

    The dismantling of what our Founding Fathers wrought has been going on for over a century. Many of the supporting state laws on voting were abolished to move this nation towards “mob rule”. The excuse was that it disenfranchised this group or that group, the reality was that most voting laws assured you had “skin in the game”. The same Leftist rationale that goes against voter ID, yet I need to show ID to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, firearms, fireworks, cough medicine, rent a car, etc. was at the heart of abolishing those laws. Were those laws misused? Yes, but we need ways to ensure the security and validity of our electorial process against fraud.

    Its ironic, two of the most important things you do in your life, vote and have children, seem to be the most unregulated. Most people in America are really too under educated (even those with so called advanced degrees) and uninformed to actually be qualified to vote.

    I truly believe this nation has arrived at a point where our culture has taken divirgent paths. There are the conservatives and the totalarian socialists, and no accomodation can be reached. I’ve tried discussion and debate with “liberals” and it always goes poorly, when they cannot refute my argument they begin personal attacks, accusing me of lying, or start with accusations of racism or ——-phobia. You can’t even agree to disagree with them, they take your assault on their delusions personally and will continue to take it to you personally and professionally long after the discussion ends.

  5. Comrade X says:

    Good one Bob!

    We are at war, a cold war right now, a war by our out of control government to destroy those of us they oppose; those of us that support our constitution, limited government and a a rule of law and not man.

    We must keep our powder dry & be prepared and once again the advice given at bunker hill should be followed;

    “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”

    Death before slavery!

    • Real Deal says:

      We don’t need to get that close these days, and neither do they. What many people need is knowledge of how to defeat drones, aerial recon, satellites, and all the other tech that will be brought to bear agianst the populace.

      • Comrade X says:

        This still holds true today, IMHO;

        “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

        There is nothing they have or will use that patriot’s won’t be able to take away from them if we only get close enough to do it, some of us already are very close!

        They are the ones that need to be looking over their shoulders!

        Death before slavery!

  6. rasputin says:

    You’re delusional if you think these scandals will result in any significant change in our society.

    • Orion says:

      Absolutely spot on.

      They have too much power and control now. They haven’t overreached, they’ve merely made it obvious that the boot is now on our necks.

      And better than 60% of people living in this country won’t care at all.

      Vanishingly few will do any real preparation.

      Even fewer are awaiting that first shot.


  7. roger u says:

    I doubt there will be an impeachment. The country is irrevocably split, rule of law is a meaningless phrase in the halls of Congress, who’s going to push it through?

    I agree with Right_2_Bear, most people aren’t interested in politics because they don’t feel they have a say in it (they’re right). It will take something that directly impacts their standard of living to get them involved.

    • John Morris says:

      I know there won’t be an impeachment. You have to imagine a scenario where the forces of (D)arkness drop below 37 seats in the Senate. Not happening; even if we ‘run the table’ in 2014 and that isn’t happening.

      That is happening because Obama wanted this IRS story to come out after the election, look where it started. This is his final solution to the conservative problem. After we outrage awhile and realize it isn’t doing any good and CAN’T do any good it will quickly curdle into fear and dread. Now this thing isn’t just paranoid rumor, it isn’t suspicion; everyone in the country paying attention now knows the IRS and the rest of the alphabet agencies are fully weaponized and attacking anyone who sticks their head up. He is through with the long march, the patient subversion of the institutions; there is nothing more to win that way so he is now out and proud, flying the fascist flag and daring us to do anything about it. Nobody is going to want to donate to conservative campaigns and causes and have the full weight of the Feral government’s regulatory machinery (again, remember it isn’t just the IRS, it is ATF, OSHA, EPA, and soon enough all of em) drop on their heads.

      We play by the rules they made and we lose. We have to find a way to kick the table over, play by new rules.

      I don’t know what we can do at this point. But I do know what we shouldn’t; impeachment isn’t possible. A few resignations will only spread fear that they pretty much got away with it when the resigned fall upward into even better jobs. We might could demand a purge of hundreds of low level IRS drones in the hope that risking a lifetime job would encourage whistleblowers in the future but again, they don’t seem to CARE even when the news has come out. Ideas?

  8. dekare says:

    This is a war of ideas and ideals. But unfortunately (or fortunately), ideas and ideals do not fight…men do. So the real question is how many men and of what power and ability do they have versus We The People?

    obama is CNC, so it would seem he has the entire military on his side. But how many of our soldiers will actually pull the trigger with an American in his sights? Hitler made his men swear allegiance to HIM. Our soldiers swore an oath to the Constitution and to AMERICA. Times have changed and I will bet at least 70% of the military higher ups and 90% of the rank and file will side with the Constituion and with America.

    The old wermacht saying after the war was over was “I was just following orders”, which history has now taught us, will not fly, and soldiers who violate their oath will be killed if their side loses. I don’t believe that most of our soldiers, like Hitler’s men, are wildeyed socialists willing to destroy everything for otheir leader. I do believe there are some that will gladly kill innocents for obama, but (and I do hope I am right on this) they are the extreme minority and will be taken care of early on when the SHTF.

    As for our citizens, if we go by the vote count of the last elections, it is almost evenly split with those that choose obama and those that choose liberty and freedom. If you look at their half, its the minorities, the blacks, the bedwetters and nervouse nellies, the overzealous soccer moms, and metrosexual men, all who seem to hate guns and no not how to use them. None of these people know how to fight nor do they have the ability, and most of all, they will not even try, because they believe obama will be there for them and fight for them. Very few will want to be inconvenienced and fully expect others to fight for their views for them. How naive they are. To be honest, I see VERY FEW real men clamoring for obama’s love.

    Now let’s take a look at our side. We have real MEN and WOMEN who care about liberty and country. Maybe we’re pissed at the current lot of conservatives in govt, but we really despise the socialists/communists/progressives/liberals/democrats (all mean the same thing) and will do whatever it takes to stop them. We will do our own fighting and very few expect others to fight their fight for them. We do not want to die, but will if it means freedom…expecially for freedom for our families and our children. Also, our side believes in the 2nd amendment. We have the guns and we know how to use it. That military that obama thinks he has in his palm, will turn on him in a second the moment he tries to turn them on their fellow citizens. That is what our side has.

    Those on the other side, just want their free cheese, and the moment the fighting starts, that wil stop. I am willing to bet they will turn on their master the second they realize he is no longer able to give them stuff.

    So, obama may win the short game, but our side, which represents truth, liberty, and embraces every ideal given to us by our Founding Fathers and by GOD, will win the long game.

    Just like the early days of WWII. Japan was winning, Hitler seemed unstoppable, and the future for freedom did not look bright. But once real Americans lead by REAL leaders woke up and took notice and made the decision to act, the game was over for the other side, they just didn’t know it yet.

    We need our leaders, our Eisenhowers, our McCarthurs, our Pattons, anyone that truly believes in conservative values, and as soon as one appears, it will be over. D-day is coming. The long game is getting ready to be played. And it will be hell for the other side.

    It seems to be an American thing to get in the game late. I think this is because real Americans and real patriots truly hate war and want to avoid it at all costs. We want to make sure that it is truly the only option, even at the cost of losing the first few battles. But once war has become inevitable, there will be no stopping us. We will fight and we will win. Our side will fight with heart. The other side will wait for someone with heart to fight for them…and that will never come. And just as another D-day is around the corner…another V-day is not far behind. We saw how Hitler and Goebbels and the leadership of the national socialists reacted when the war was brought to them. They talked toug, but in the end, responded like cowards. I wonder how obama and his ilk will respond when they realize the game is up and We The People are coming.

    • J says:

      “its the minorities, the blacks”

      If you really believe that you are no more of an American than the people you seem to hate so much. Liberty has nothing to do with skin color. It has nothing to do with minority status. The ghost of Crispus Attucks reminds you that we all bleed red.

      I have had the distinct honor and privilege to lead, and fight beside, many of the various races that make up our amazing country. Men, real men, that offered up their own lives in defense of the Constitution. Can you say the same?

      Your racism and bigotry have no place in my country.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Bob says:

        Well said.

        Among those I’d trust my life with are men and women of every color and creed. It’s what is inside that earns my trust.

      • Orion says:


      • dekare says:

        Obviously, one or two of my words have been taken out of context and construed as me being hateful to an entire class of people. This is simply not the case, but instead of that person asking for clarification on something that bothered them, they simply chose to jump to a false conclusion about me.

        When I mentioned “minorities” and “blacks”, obviously I was NOT referring to all minorities or blacks, but simply the large percentage of those that voted for obama simply because he shares the same melanin or minority status as themselves, and have used this as their sole criteria in casting their votes for him.

        I was under the impression that it was usually liberals, progressives, and democrats that measured a person’s every single uttered word looking for that one “code” word where they could immediately jump to the wrong conclusion about a person, just hoping to make a racist connection so as to immediately label that person as racist and show the world how great they are for pointing this out.

        Shame on you for doing the same. Your assumption about me based on a word or two says more about you then it does me. My intentions in writing what I did were not racist in the least and my statements are backed up by facts and statistics…not skin color or class status. Racism is an attitude, it is in the heart of a person, not in the perceived meaning of a word read out of context to what the writer intended.

        I too know many great people of all colors, and simply do NOT include them in my labeling of those who are in the tank for obama and who do view skin color in order to make assumptions of people.

        I love how you try to make yourself sound magnanimous by stating you had the distinct honor and privilege to lead and fight beside many various races that make up our amazing country. It’s as if you made this statement in order to tell others that you are somehow special and better than me when it comes to embracing diversity. And your incredible challenge to me in asking if I could say the same, as if somehow, you indicate I could not. WOW, your arrogance is boundless and your assumption of me being a lesser person than you when you know NOTHING of who I am or what I have done. Who here is making negative assumptions of others and jumping to wrongful conclusions about who I am as a person? And you want to challenge me and my morals and more importantly, my patriotism? You are a piece of work.

        As for your assuming my HATE of people, you are also making assumptions of me for which you have no idea who I am. You even go so far as to call me un-American. How sad. I never used the word hate nor did I say I hate those of specific colors. If you had asked me directly, I would say I more pity these poor souls than hate them as they are truly ignorant of what they are doing, and who they are rallying behind the president of our country solely on the basis of his skin color. They are simply being used as pawns by obama, which is again, sad if you ask me. I do not hate these victims being used and abused, but I do blame them as it is they who have handed over the presidency to obama without first learning who is really is and what his hope and change was really about.

        Again, your rash judgment of me and your statement against me says more about you than it does me. You have exhibited a fine liberal trait when it comes to denigrating others.

        Next time, ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions. If you see something that bothers you, then confront that person with your questions and concerns first. You just might realize that it is YOU taking something out of context. Or is it you simply cannot be bothered with the rigor of an open dialogue first and you would much rather just jump to your final conclusion in order to show everyone how self-righteous you are. If that is the case, you certainly exhibit qualities that liberals typically embrace.

        I would expect a person of conservative values and integrity to want to apologize for their rash jump to the wrong conclusion about a fellow conservative. However, I will certainly not expect one and will simply chalk this up as a kneejerk reaction to your limited understanding of my intentions and meanings of certain words when I wrote the above. In your mind you saw one of those bad words that scare most liberals who then made a quick assumption that evil must exist nearby, and react accordingly.

        I however, will NOT make any assumptions about you and assume you are a smug, self-righteous jerk who loves to try and show everyone how smart you are by trashing others based on a perceived narrow-minded thinking about a single word or phrase. Nor will I assume you are somehow magnanimous because you have had the distinct honor to lead or fight beside various other races and how you were so quick to name a single famous black man from history, as if somehow, this makes you special and better than others who have not acted as you have.

        And I just love it when certain people are quick to point out they have a black friend or can name a famous black guy, all for the sake of showing the world they aren’t racist. In fact, I too know many white people who voted for obama, just so they too could show they world how NOT racist they were. It’s almost as if the white guilt was so overwhelming, that they just had to vote for the black guy in order to relieve some of the pressure placed on them by society that seeks to make right, all of the wrongs of slavery 150 some odd years ago.

        I blame those that voted for obama in order to overcome their guilt, for the mess we are in today. So please, don’t support your argument with your resume of black friends, it makes you look like you are trying just a little too hard. Most of all, don’t challenge me on how many minority friends I have compared to you, as if somehow, this is a measure of racism in one’s heart. I bet you even have more facebook friends than I do, but that does not mean you are more likeable than me. It just shows how immature and childish you are. Most of all, don’t tell me I should be ashamed of myself. You are not my better, and you are not the diversity police put in charge of chastising those that don’t act as you do. That is what communism is. So please, stop. We have our hands full with obama and his ilk trying to control our actions and attitudes under the threat of being labeled a racist. Acting like obama is not something I would be proud of if I were you. I know who I am and what my feelings are of others and I am NOT ashamed of who I am.

      • J says:

        Apologies, in advance, to Bob for crapping up his excellent post.

        The words I quoted, in full context: “If you look at their half, its [sic] the minorities, the blacks, the bedwetters and nervouse [sic] nellies, the overzealous soccer moms, and metrosexual men, all who seem to hate guns and no [sic] not how to use them. None of these people know how to fight nor do they have the ability, and most of all, they will not even try, because they believe obama [sic] will be there for them and fight for them.”

        You made a generalization concerning minorities and a particular race. How did I take those words out of context?

        I don’t care what the world thinks about my opinion of you any more than you care about my opinion of you.

        Your racist sputum is backed up by facts and statistics? Well, I’m a numbers guy so let’s have ’em. Please point me toward the peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the following contentions:
        -Blacks, minorities (36.3% of Americans according to the 2010 Census and I’ll cut you some slack by leaving off cultural, religious and sexual identity minorities), bedwetters (1%-20% of the adolescent population, depending on age), nervouse nellies (you’ll need to define that), overzealous soccer moms (17.5million American kids play soccer, assuming that they live with their mother we’ll start with that though I am not sure how many of them are overzealous in your opinion) and metrosexuals (3% of American men, according to social scientist Bernice Kanner) all hate guns and do not know how to use them.
        -The same groups listed above do not know how to fight.
        -The same groups above do not have the ability to fight.
        -The same groups above will not even try to fight
        -The reason is that they believe that the president will fight for them.
        -Very few (what is your definition of very few) will want to be inconvenienced
        -Those same very few fully expect others to fight for their views for them.
        -Very few real men (how do you define a real man?) clamor for the president’s love.

        You make a great many assumptions about me while castigating me for, in your opinion, doing the same. Amongst them:
        -I am a liberal, progressive and/or democrat
        -I hope to make a racist connection
        -I hope to show the world how great I am for pointing out your racism
        -I read your remarks out of context
        -I try to make myself sound magnanimous (By the way, you keep using that word, I don’ t think it means what you think it means)
        -I am better than you because I served and/or embraced diversity
        -My arrogance is boundless (By the way, have you served in the armed forces of the United States?)
        -I exhibit fine liberal traits
        -I cannot be bothered with the rigors of open dialogue
        -I would much rather jump to conclusions in order to show everyone how self-righteous I am
        -I have a limited understanding of the words ‘minorities’ and ‘blacks’.
        -I am a smug, self-righteous jerk
        -I love to try and show everyone how smart I am
        -I am special and better than others
        -I have a resume of black friends
        -I am trying just a little too hard
        -I am challenging you on the number of minority friends you have
        -I have more Facebook friends than you do
        -I am immature and childish
        -I’m a communist
        -I act like the president

        Does that about cover it? And you base all of the above on the primary school level of reading comprehension necessary to see where you most clearly made disparaging remarks concerning minorities and blacks? Awesome.

        By the way, the most you can say about Crispus Attucks is that he was “a famous black guy?” Carl Weathers is a famous black guy. Wesley Snipes is a famous black guy. Eddie Murphy is a famous black guy. Crispus Attucks was arguably the first patriot to die for this country. His country. Our country.

        Honestly, I could not care less what you think about me. You’re a racist troll and the sort of marginal wingnut that makes the rest of us look bad. If you love this nation, if you love liberty, if you love the Constitution, you’ll spend some time reflecting on what I’ve said rather than just marginalizing me as some sort of liberal rabblerouser. I can imagine the steam shooting out of your ears as you read all of this but the truth is that you’ve expressed some very un-American sentiments. I have merely called you out on it.

      • kennymac says:

        Hey J,

        Blow It Out Your Ass. Why Dont You Take a PeeK At THe Election Results From 08 And 12. Stop Trying To Score Points With The Faux OutraGe, No One Cares How “Enlightened” You Think You Are, You Poser.

      • dekare says:

        Aww, how cute….do you feel better now?

      • david7134 says:

        I will take that, I am a racist. I don’t mind the label as it is given to anyone that either tries to take on this administration and its communistic ideals or to those that point out the numerous faults of certain minorities and desire for measures to be developed to correct those problems or to quit the policy of guaranteed outcomes that has been present for over 50 years and is causing much of our problems. After all, can you truly say that if Obama was not black that he would have been able to get away with as much as he has? This is affirmative action on steroids.

        Now, I really don’t care who you fought with, we all have our own stories of valor and war, but I have had to contend with the majority of our minority populations, especially the 13% that cause 90% of all our problems. I can assure you that they are not the same as the everyday individual that you see in business or even the military. In fact, I would bet you rarely if ever see the large population that I encounter and are the reason the we desperately need our weapons.

        So don’t get so sanctimonious about how superior you may be because you have found a few people in the minority population that seem to act like a normal individual and especially an individual that wants the best for our country. In fact, I am no longer interested in the best interest of the US, I want to see my region of the South develop to the point that we can seek our freedom. This does not have anything to do with addressing grievances with the tyranny in Washington.

        I will never forget a moment in which I was discussing the importance of voters taking a position on an issue and the logic thereof, only to be told by the minority representatives that they opposed the position. When asked why they were so opposed, the response was that white people wanted it so they didn’t. That about sums up what we have now. Generalizations may be bad, but at some point there is considerable truth in stereotypes and this has to be dealt with. I was also having another discussion with an Asian and a group of individuals of different origin. The conversation was humorous and tongue in cheek involving what race or ethnicity was superior. Each group gave the usual stereotypic description of their individual race that made them superior. I simply said that Anglo-Saxons were superior because at one point they get mad and kill all the rest. We are approaching that point.

        So, yes, I am a racist and don’t care. I am also a secessionist.

      • J says:

        To be clear, are dekare and david7134 the same person?

      • roger u says:

        j said,
        “Well, I’m a numbers guy so let’s have ‘em…Blacks, minorities (36.3% of Americans according to the 2010 Census ”

        I question your ability with numbers. According to the 2010 census, White or European Americans are 72.4%, so that leaves only 27.8% for minorities.

        Dekare, I understood what you meant the first time, some people can’t help projecting their fears on others.

        David 7134, hell yeah!

      • J says:

        roger u, fair enough. I got my number from the CDC here: If that is incorrect then dekare is more than welcome to use your number.

        What fears am I projecting, by the way?

      • roger u says:

        the numbers Dekare was referencing are these:
        From 2012 O R

        White vote 39% 59%
        African American 93% 6%
        Hispanic 71% 27%
        Asian 73% 26%
        Other 58% 38%

        These minorities are just voting for a fellow minority to “stick it to the man”, unless you think that they are informed voters? Or maybe they’re just stupid and didn’t know what they were voting for, twice?

        The fear you are projecting is being seen as an unlightened redneck by the oppinion formers.

      • roger u says:

        I had those numbers formatted better, but it squished them together.

      • J says:

        roger u,
        I did not mean to imply that the demographics from the most recent election do not support the working thesis that minorities were far more likely to vote for President Obama. Clearly that is what happened. However, 88% of African Americans voted for John Kerry and 90% for the Goricle so perhaps the numbers just illustrate that African Americans (and some other minorities) tend to vote D? I don’t doubt that there were some African Americans that voted for the President based only on his race just as there are whites (and any other race) that do the same.

        I’m not sure who the opinion formers are but I can assure you that their opinion doesn’t matter to me at all. If I cared about that I wouldn’t have a Gadsden flag in front of my house beside Old Glory, molon labe tattooed on my arm nor would I express pride in my Southern heritage. The only opinions that matter to me are those of a very few people that have given me good reason to respect what they have to say.

        As far as being an unenlightened redneck I can again assure you that that is a fear I have never had. I fear a government that has forgotten its role in this nation. I fear that the masses have figured out that they can vote for “free” crap for themselves. I fear a media that isn’t interested in the truth unless it makes conservatives look bad.

        I imagine I cannot help but project those fears onto my worldview but I’ll bet that we’re not that much different in that respect.

      • roger u says:

        “so perhaps the numbers just illustrate that African Americans (and some other minorities) tend to vote D? ”

        Yet, minority turn out was at record highs the last two elections, you don’t think Obama’s race had anything to do with that? Does it matter if they vote for O or any other D? Dekare’s point still holds, the vast majority of minorities are not interested in the things the GOP pretends to stand for. I don’t care about the exceptions you personally know, they are statistically insignificant.

        “I’m not sure who the opinion formers are but I can assure you that their opinion doesn’t matter to me at all”

        The opinion formers are whoever you were so quick to show off your diversity bona fides to after misreading dekare’s post.

        ” If I cared about that I wouldn’t have a Gadsden flag in front of my house beside Old Glory, molon labe tattooed on my arm nor would I express pride in my Southern heritage. ”

        How do express pride in your Southern heritage with the flag of those who would erase said heritage?

        ” I fear a government that has forgotten its role in this nation.”

        The government defined its role in 1865, and “Old Glory” is the symbol of that centralised leviathon.

        You’re a generic Republican.

    • Real Deal says:

      I read Dekare’s post, J’s response, and the rebuttals several times.

      J I have to say I think as Dekare points out in his rebuttal to your response you are using the issue of race to downplay very valid points by Dekare. Was his phrasing a bit rough? Yes, but last I checked black or blacks was not considered a racial slur which he could have used; though Bob would have probably deleted or edited the post. Rightly so.

      Racism/Racialism IS a problem and Dekare is making that point, however it’s racism/racialism on the part of minorites that is a problem for our nation. 98% of the black vote went to Obama with greater turn out on the part of black people than other elections solely based on one thing, his skin color. Look at La Raza, literally “The Race” and their activity for amnesty. CAIR is another organization though it is based upon Islam rather than skin color. Homosexual and women’s groups also are active based solely upon their sex and/or sexuality rather than the issues. In my experience and opinion, single issue voters tend to be LIVs too. These groups are working with the Totaliarian Socialists to destroy America as we know it.

      Does this mean that every member of these various groups are all bad people? No, that is the difference between us, they want to demonize and destroy us while most of us see most of them on the political Left as misguided or useful idiots. They live on the Totaliarian Socialist plantation, and woe unto him that escapes and tries to help others throw off their chains. Judge Thomas, Bill Cosby, Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, and Condoleza Rice just to name a few.

      Black men free and slave, whose names are not even remembered by history suffered at Valley Forge, fought, bled, and died alongside white men in the integrated Revolutionary Army. It is truly sad that most people forget that people fought shoulder to shoulder as Americans, not as black, white, or anything else in the labors to birth our nation. The love of Liberty is not constrained by the color of one’s skin, gender, or religion.

      Another thing which we tend to attempt to ignore is human nature. It is human nature to socialize and live around those most like them. We joke about the cliques of High School but it really is just a microcosim of real life. The Band Kids don’t mingle with the Drama Kids regularly, however when there’s a few Band and Drama Kids thrown in a larger group of Jocks the B & D Kids will mingle with each other over the Jocks. I’ve used interests in my example but the same holds true for things like religion, skin color, politics, gender (unless persuing sex), sexual preference, sports fandom, hobbies, etc. So is this then racism, and as long as it harms or oppresses no one is it then a bad thing?

      • J says:

        Had dekare either left race out of his list of evildoers I would probably not have said a thing. He made preposterous claims and didn’t make the slightest attempt to qualify his remarks. I don’t doubt that the things he said apply to some minorities, just as they apply to some majorities. He’s not wrong to note that he has seen behaviors amongst some people but he is wrong to attribute those behaviors to an entire race based on those observations.

        I completely agree that there are people that:
        -hate guns
        -don’t know how to use guns
        -have neither the skill, desire nor ability to fight
        -some of those people are happy to let others fight for them
        -some of them would find fighting for their beliefs inconvenient though they’d be happy to let others do it for them (pacifists come to mind)
        -some of them are naive
        -some of them are not particularly manly
        None of those things are in doubt in my mind but, again, attributing them to a race is just ignorant and, in my opinion, unAmerican.

        How do you support statements like this; “however it’s racism/racialism on the part of minorites that is a problem for our nation”? Are you saying that racist white people are not a problem for this country? I agree that racism is a problem but I think it’s a problem regardless of the race of the perpetrator.

        “These groups are working with the Totaliarian Socialists to destroy America as we know it.” So are the Aryan Nation, the KKK (what’s left of it) and the Volksfront. They are every bit as screwed up as la Raza, the Black Panther Party and any other organization that organizes against a particular race in favor of another.

        Honestly, you can make generalizations about Liberals and Democrats all day long and I’ll probably laugh with you. They self-selected and it’s not my fault they picked an unworkable and unfathomable political perspective. You can “other” them all you want. I’ll probably join in.

        “The love of Liberty is not constrained by the color of one’s skin, gender, or religion.” THIS, right here, is key. I rather doubt that some of the people that responded to my post would agree with us.

        You are absolutely right that people tend to associate with people like them. It would be silly to pretend like that wasn’t true. It’s not racist to acknowledge that. If people want to live in their own communities I certainly won’t stand in their way. But, if they try to exclude other free men then we have a problem.

        However, that is not the same thing as saying that blacks and minorities hate guns and don’t know how to use guns. Big difference, right?

      • roger u says:

        “So are the Aryan Nation, the KKK (what’s left of it) and the Volksfront.”

        Really? The KKK hasn’t been relevant since the 1960s, the other two account for less political influence than Ron Paul.

        I think j is a minority. He has taken dekare’s post too personally.

      • roger u says:

        I just noticed this,
        “Honestly, you can make generalizations about Liberals and Democrats all day long and I’ll probably laugh with you. They self-selected and it’s not my fault they picked an unworkable and unfathomable political perspective. You can “other” them all you want. I’ll probably join in. ”

        So, grouping people one way is ok, but grouping them another way is verboten? Despite demographics that put the verboten grouping squarely in the approved grouping?

      • J says:

        roger u, if you can’t see the difference between race (a circumstance of birth) and political identity (wholly a personal choice) then there is no point in continuing this conversation. We’ll agree to disagree and call it that.

        I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the race of the president had a highly motivational factor for a large segment of Democrats. So what? Are you honestly saying that there are not white people that will ALWAYS vote for the white candidate over a minority candidate?

        I swore an oath to the Constitution, not the South. If you took the time to read my posts elsewhere (not that I am implying that that is your responsibility) you’d see that I had pilloried Prof. Christoper Swindell’s childish interpretation of the causes of our Civil War and that I am far more apt to use phrases like the “occupied South” and the “war of Northern aggression” than I am to be so idiotic as to blame the Civil War on slavery. That said, I was born in the USA, not the CSA. And, though I am not 100% convinced that that is a good thing, the fact remains that I found fighting for the freest nation on this Earth an inspiration throughout my youth and bleeding for the things I truly believe in to be my highest calling. I do not accept that the flag in front of my home is anything other than the mark of a free man.

        As for being a minority, I don’t know. I don’t agree with either of the mainstream political parties. I am white, secular, humanist and generally suspect of anyone or thing that doesn’t believe in the Constitution as the guiding light of our nation. I have served our country and defended our Constitution. I am enamored of liberty and opposed to anything that places community or social “justice” above that of personal responsibility. I know that I have certain natural rights that no man may take from me and I believe that those rights extend to every… single… human; regardless of their race. If that puts me in the minority than that is fine with me.

        My diversity bona fides? Who the hell do you think I’m “showing off” for? Morality is about doing the right thing when no one is watching. I’m right whether I’m doing it in the privacy of my own home or on Bob’s blog. I said it before and I’ll say it again… I don’t care what other people think about my opinions. I know that it’s wrong to be racist and I don’t care if I’m the only American on the planet that feels that way. Racism is wrong. Full stop.

        Grouping people by circumstance of birth is not okay. Grouping people by their own personal decisions, while not necessarily popular, is an entirely different thing. Using the logic you appear to be using, it is equally alright to make fun of people born with Cerebral Palsy as it is to make fun of sword swallowers, the blind as it is to make fun of Renaissance Faire re-enactors, the blacks as it is to Bronies? Can you honestly not make a distinction between things that are genetically predisposed and things that are wholly matters of choice?

        Oh, one more thing, I haven’t been a Republican for a long time. If you feel better labeling me as such, good for you.

      • dekare says:

        I can’t help but notice that everyone of your posts is all about you. Even your last post, after having been taken to task on your assumption of my being a racist, you still go on about how you have done this and that and on and on. It’s as if you are trying so hard to convince everyone you are a stand up kinda guy. I understand that libs need to do this in order to prove to those around them what they are all about. Conservatives don’t judge you by what you tell them, they judge you by your actions. Just be honest, and treat others with respect, even if you don’t fully agree with them, and you will find acceptance without having to give a dissertation on your humanities.

        I also notice that have admitted to being a recent republican convert. So, I will overlook your earlier fault of making assumptions about me and instead, I welcome you with open arms. I understand that shedding liberal tendancies and habits may be difficult. But I see you are trying. Just remember, you don’t have to try too hard. Just be honest, and most importantly, respectful. And most of all, have an open mind and be ready to understand others and who they really are, as opposed to quick assumptions based on supposed code words that sound racist, but are instead, simply facts.

        I can not speak for the lot here, but when it comes to being labelled a republican, I instead prefer to be labelled a conservative first, and a republican second. For me, being a conservative sets a higher bar.

        Anyway, since you are a convert, and still new to being a conservitive, and you are still predisposed to look for racism where none actually exists, I will forgive you. As long as you are trying to shed your democrat mindset and change for the better, mistakes can be overlooked. You may or may not apologize for your wrongful assumption, your choice.

        Anyway, being new, you have a lot ahead of you, and it will take time. You have made a good choice and are heading in the right direction, which is a big step.

        Remember, look at a person’s actions, and take in the whole picture, not the small isolated facts or words that one can easily manipulate to fit their desired outcome. After all, nobody if more of a racist than obama, and his words are near perfect at times. This goes to show you can not judge a racist by his words alone. racism is in a person’s heart, and in their actions, not because someone who is easily offended by code words used by them says so.

        A real racist is one who uses all the right language in order to hide who they really are, but whose actions will tell you everytime what they are really all about.

        Focus on the totality of everything being offered up, using real world logic and reason. Don’t rush to judge, and look at all the facts, and you will be okay.

        Now that that is settled, again, welcome and join in the fun pointing out who the real bad guys are and who is really destroying our great country.

      • roger u says:

        “if you can’t see the difference between race (a circumstance of birth) and political identity (wholly a personal choice) ”

        Its interesting how “a circumstance of birth” is such a good predictor of a “wholly personal choice”.

        “I know that I have certain natural rights that no man may take from me and I believe that those rights extend to every… single… human; regardless of their race.”

        That those rights are being abridged, if not outright revoked, is a topic of this blog. If the Constitution is the guiding light of the US then its a tyrannical document. If its not a tyrannical document, then its not the guiding light of this country.

      • Real Deal says:

        J said, “So are the Aryan Nation, the KKK (what’s left of it) and the Volksfront.”

        TBH no these groups really aren’t a problem, because as someone else noted they are mariginal groups with very little political influence. Additionally, they are considered pariahs by the majority of white people conservative and liberal. The Difference between them and the New Black Panthers is excatly as I said, racialism, the NBPP get a pass because they are a black organization, the white supremacist groups get come down on like aton of bricks by everyone. Just look at the incident at the Philly voting center involving the NBPP which Holder and the DOJ refused to prosecute. I guarentee had they been a white group they would have had the book thrown at them.

        That is the problem in our society, we have a double standard. Racism by anyone other than whites is fine, for whites its the gravest of sin. Take that white student group in Towson that was in the news a few months back as a good example. I looked at their website and saw nothing about hating other groups, just a mimic of the black groups but for white people. It’s ok to have a black, hispanic, women’s (insert group here) but not a white or men’s (insert group here).

        The funny thing is that the white male and his Western Culture has done more for advancing the cause of freedom and equality than any other group on the planet warts and all. Yet the white male is the most berated and reviled group of all our species, go figure.

    • Lex says:

      Don’t ever, EVER backtrack dekare.

      You had it right then you ceded your ground.

      We’re all quite aware of the “minorities” contribution to how we all got here- whether some admit it or not. And it’s a Helluva contribution.

      A time is coming when you can express true Liberty & Freedom of Association with those of your choosing & kind. (See, most people stop at freedom “of” association & not realize that true freedom is also freedom “from” association).

      For now, I’ll wear that “racist” badge with honor.


      • dekare says:


        I promise you I did not back down. I simply realized that arguing with a liberal mind is like wrestling with a pig. In the end, you realize the pig likes it an all you do is get tired and muddy.

        J either now has to admit he is wrong, shed his liberal mindset and join the conservative fray or he ends up looking like a sanctimonious ass. I have approached him with an olive branch, and if doesn’t accept it, then we all know who he really is…despite his desperate attempt to convince himself and others, that he is not a liberal.

  9. Jaynie59 says:

    While the testimony was powerful and moving I couldn’t help noticing one glaring irony. Whenever the spectators applauded one of the speakers the chairman, Republican Dave Camp, immediately gaveled them into silence. He couldn’t let them applaud for 20 or 30 seconds? Nope. I think everything that was said fell on deaf ears. The power is too entrenched. I’ve never been a proponent of term limits for Congress but now I think that may be our only hope. That and a third party that can split off from the Republican Party and be strictly conservative. Let the progessives and libertarians keep the GOP. Most of them will end up Democrats eventually, if they don’t die of old age first.

    • Orion says:

      So you believe that participating in a farcical electoral process to change some of the members of a criminal cartel will somehow…lead to a non-criminal cartel?

      Um…not so much.


  10. Treker says:

    Excellent piece Bob, do not change one word.

  11. SonofLiberty says:

    When the current internal cold war goes hot, it will not be civil. It will not be symmetrical like it was in 1861-1865. I.e., blue v. gray.
    It will be more like the border wars of the 1850s. Bloody. Uncivil. Horrific.

    • Real Deal says:

      As I’ve mentioned in several posts, thinking patriots need to be concerned not only with “what if” but with “what’s next” or we will have the horrors of most revolutions. I read a particularly enlightening article on the French Revolution yesterday and do not want that for our nation.

      The American Revolution was pretty unique in the fact that it was not nearly as costly to civilians as subsequent revolutions. Comparatively it was almost bloodless when juxtaposed with the French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, etc. revolutions. I think that many patriots entertain a fantasy that it will be like a Second American Revolution. It will not, it will make the War of Seccession look like a picnic.

      Why? Because the Totalarian Socialists (I’d call them Facists but that would require them to be Nationalist and they don’t have a patriotic bone in their body) has already committed itself to the slaughter of its enemies and all they hold dear. Sherman’s March to the Sea will be nothing compared to the strategies they will adopt to distract, demoralize, and defeat their enemies.

      • Right_2_Bear says:

        Agreed. Not sure where the term originates, but “Let’s not hasten the day”. A civil war in this country today with the current culture and arms we have now? My God…

        The battle is now – peacefully, politically and via rule of law (and the firm reestablishment of). We must demand accountability. It is vital we write or call our representatives and demand this. This is the battle we have to fight right now. It’s not sexy, or exciting and it may seem futile – but we beat back Obama’s gun control push didn’t we? We have the power but it takes all of us to force action.

      • roger u says:

        “We beat back obama’s gun control push” for now. It will be back, just like gay marriage and immigration. They never quit.

      • Right_2_Bear says:


        That is why I wrote “beat back” and not “defeated”. I know they will be back. I only wish the Right was as tenacious as the Left is. But my point still stands. We are heard if we make ourselves heard.

  12. Jim C. says:

    Several weeks ago, after the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath, but before the size and breadth of these current “scandals” had been exposed, I told my wife that we were entering what is probably the most dangerous times this country has ever seen since it became a nation. That includes the period of the Civil War. The criminals who are running this country now have overreached and exposed the extent of the corruption, are seeing how a sizeable portion of the population is reacting, and MAY decide to go for broke instead of backing off. I haven’t seen a thing yet to change that opinion.

    And, SonofLiberty, you are right on with how it will be if it all goes to hell. I suspect that your “horrific” will be an understatement.

    • Ranch Hand says:

      Aye, the Son of Liberty is probably right about how ugly things will be if the situation goes hot. That’s an assumption, though, that it will go hot. I think, sadly, that ‘our’ side will follow in the footsteps of so many before us in history and get peacefully on the trains, knowing full well where they’re going. And so, the cause of Liberty goes out, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  13. Drew says:

    Great article. A few concerns though. Yes, Obozo is a criminal and deserves to be treated as one, but flushing this country down the toilet has been a multi-generational team sport, with republicrooks and democrooks taking turns and occasionally working together to loot, pillage and murder their way to wealth and power for themselves and their friends for well over a century. All of which at our expense and to our detriment. I know, Barky’s been more fanatical and overt than even Nixon, but seriously, is this really something new? I’ve said it before, but it’s like a playing hot potato with a hand grenade and this halfwit, though he didn’t pull the pin, is too stupid to realize he’s probably going to be holding it when it goes bang.

    Admittedly, I have not been a reader for long. I first heard about this blog when John Stadtmiller on read the “what you’ll see in the rebellion” article on air. I do wonder how much of the anger I see is genuine and how much is the all will be well if only we get more republicans in office. I remember what happened when the liberals took over and so many of the left/left-leaning outfits instantaneously shut up about all the things Bush did to piss them off. I can’t help but wonder how much of this current anger, too, will be forgotten if the GOP should happen to field a decent candidate for 2016 (if we make it that far) and don’t drive him or her out in favor of a slime bag who owes favors to all the right donors and “looks good” in front of the camera.

    I’m not worried about “our” military, so much as the foreign recruits with no particular loyalty to this country. Or any number of outside parties who will probably not be excited about the idea of the vast stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons being unsecured, not to mention the never-to-be-payed debts of Sodom on the Potomac.
    Not that the distinction is necessary, when it comes to that, soldiers conducting combat operations in the U.S. get shot at. Period

    • Bob says:

      “I do wonder how much of the anger I see is genuine and how much is the all will be well if only we get more republicans in office.”

      I think that is a very legitimate concern. There are bound to have been folks who latched onto the Tea Party movement who are “just” big government Republicans giving the ideals of small government conservatism lip service, who would have immediately clammed up if Mitt Romney had won the White House in November.

      I don’t think that is true of the larger movement, however.

      As much as I admire the personal morals and character of George W. Bush (I think he is probably one of the finer, most caring human being to have held the office), he was horribly convinced that big government was the solution to most problems, and the rumblings that were to become the Tea Party started to develop during his Presidency.

      We’re now at a point where the old-line big government Republicans and the Tea Party are fighting for the control of the GOP, and I personally think that is a mistake. I’d suggest attempting to run Tea Party candidates on their own distinct party platform. They’re one of the last, best chances we have of saving this country through the ballot box.

      • J says:

        I think that this is a very important point. Though this is wholly an opinion and I would have a difficult time supporting it with meaningful citations, I feel that one of the chief causal mechanisms of our current situation is the bugs inherent to our two party system.

        Anecdotally, I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I know I pissed away my vote during the last presidential election and wonder whether I’ll see a viable (for me) third party in my life time.

        Again, anecdotally, a large percentage of my friends are equally disgusted by the GOP and the Democrats and have essentially bowed out of being forced to chose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. I think that a third party closely aligned with the Founding Father’s vision of America would motivate a great many of them and begin to marginalize the politicans on both sides of the aisle that place the goals of their respective parties over those of America.

      • Drew says:

        I think you might be putting too much stock in the Tea Party at this point Bob. I think it safe to say it’s been completely hijacked by the old liners, the cold war era fossils who can’t seem to adapt to the 21st century, rather clinging to the 1950’s when all they had to do was hint at the word communist and everyone would snap a salute, shovel all of their money into the fires of war and their sons onto the bayonets of the designated enemy.

        I wouldn’t venture a guess as to the numbers, but from where I am in the Peoples Republic of California, near San Franfreakshow, I have seen a lot of it. People who would not miss an opportunity to point out the blatant criminality of many members of the Bush administration not only couldn’t be bothered when their team got in, but actively support all the things they claimed to hate.
        And republican types who refused to hear anything bad about “our Leader” suddenly outraged as many of the crimes they made excuses for were being committed by the liberals.

        I don’t have any use for either side. If the parasites weren’t feeding on my wallet and destroying my sons’ future I would probably be laughing at the complete farce that is our political system, from the two-bit street hustler Clinton, to the “cowboy” who was afraid of livestock, to bat ears himself.

        I am thrilled at the general public response to Obozo, but could the criminality, the open hatred for all the things that made this country great once be any more obvious?

        Like I’ve been saying, I think it would be a grave mistake to put too much of the blame on Barky, when most, if not quite all, of his predecessors in the White house, congress and supreme court have all played significant roles. A thousand “terrorist” masterminds in all their wildest dreams could not do anywhere near the damage done by the federal government over the last hundred plus years.

      • david7134 says:

        I see no difference between the GOP and the Dems. The only virtue that Bush had was that he was not Gore and not Kerry. Otherwise, he colluded with the Dems and between him and Barney Frank and Clinton put us into a depression that we are not getting out of.

        In a short bit, months to maybe a few years, the economy is going to hit the average guy hard. Then you will see the anticipated revolution. Otherwise, voting is dead as far as producing meaningful change.

    • Chuck says:

      Interesting how your last paragraph, specifically the part about foreign recruits made me think of the Dream Act scheme to enlist illegal aliens into the military (something they are forbidden from doing now) in exchange for a “path to citizenship.”

      You want loyal cannon-fodder that will unhesitatingly fire on American citizens? Raise an army of NON-citizens to do so. Worked for the Romans.

      • Real Deal says:

        Worked for Lincoln too.

      • Drew says:

        I thought that was important to point out, that just because it wears an American uniform does not mean it is American. The two biggest recruiting stations, at least a few years ago were I believe in Manila and Mexico City. Mind you, I don’t have a problem with earning citizenship via service, similar to the way Robert A. Heinlein described in his “Starship Troopers.” I think something like that would be a good idea for the whole country, having to earn the privilege of participating in the decision making. But these people are being recruited not for their interest in “American ideals” but for their willingness to shoot at whomever they are ordered to, and probably more than a few to subsidize the cost of training soldiers for the cartels, like we already do through the Mexican military, which has had more than a hundred thousand desertions in the last decade.

  14. Rusty Jones says:

    Well, consider this: The Army sniper, who got his honorable discharge, took a man, provided by some Guvment agency, to the shooting range, for a day of recreational target practice! All went well, until he handed the man a loaded gun. The man then shot the sniper, in cold blood, and killed him on the spot!
    From reading stories about snipers, and how they can kill a man, further away than a half-mile, maybe a mile, and not be seen, nor shot him self!
    I have seen, in person and in pictures, that there are plenty of places where a sniper could ostensibly kill Obama, or anybody else, who stepped out of the Government buildings, and never get caught, nor seen.
    We’ll have more of that stuff. And, anybody who gets out of the service with the M.O. of Sniper, had better keep a low profile, or hide from the commies trying to find him.
    Another thing–traitors are usually the first folks to be shot, when the honest folk retake their Country! Thats why we are going to have to register our guns! At the first sign of trouble from the masses, full confiscation of any type of gun will befall us! Just wait— RJ

  15. I think the saddest thing about the conversation here is that many of you live under the spell that you are a small and special remnant. I think we are in for very difficult times and that our country is in grave danger, however, I also think many of you are wrong about Americans in general.

    Yesterday, I replied to an e-mail from a Canadian friend’s request to be apprised on the mood of the American people this way:

    “Many Americans I know are worried. They are worried about feeding their families and what will happen when Obamacare kicks in next year and they will no longer be able to afford their insurance. They are worried about their children and their way of life. It is an inchoate sense of “this can’t last” that seems to be rising into consciousness, but just barely.

    “Americans are increasingly angry. Right now that anger has a humorous bite to it, but it is there. We are–and always have been–a sleeping giant. We tend to be very tolerant . . . until we aren’t. We are getting close to not. I expect more and more people to start quietly resisting, and if this administration persists in its tyranny, there will come the moment where that quiet, passive resistance will turn into something else. Most of our presidents have understood that they DO NOT want to cross that line. Unfortunately, the 0-man did not grow up here and does not understand us.”

    I would add that those in his administration who did grow up here did not grow up as most of us did, and are too blinded by ideology to understand us.

    I think we are closer to the tipping point than we think. And I don’t think it will take 51% of the American people to tip over the apple cart. It takes a determined resistance by a few, and the message to the silent but angry people that they are not alone. That is a key point.

    Finally, Americans really do love peace. And we will cling to it as long as we can. But the fire smolders until some event brings it in contact with oxygen. Once ignited, there is no stopping it.

    I had truly hoped we would not get to that point, but I now know that is not likely. There will be no impeachment not because Americans are clueless, but because Washington is. I expect that passive resistance began to churn under ground with the attempt at gun confiscation. I think these scandals are raising the rate of agitation, and that when people start losing their insurance and health care next year, it will rise to the surface and explode.

    • Comrade X says:


      Death before slavery!

    • Robert says:

      I truly hope we are not a “small and special remnant.” But I can not shake the fear that all of this talk is just echoes in a bubble. Now more than ever, we can isolate ourselves from differing views and I can’t help but think that we are just a small bunch of cranks talking to each other over and over.

      Perhaps it is the MSM, but again it just seems that most people will keep putting up with more crap. We are used to it. I certainly do not expect any real change to come from these scandals. We are excluded from the process, made to feel powerless. Some get angry, some agitate, some withdraw. When you have no legitimate recourse or hope for reform through your ‘representatives’ what action do you take?

      We are in an intermediate zone. Those who want to influence things in Washington are denied useful recourse to legal means. But there is not yet any significant extra-legal attempts at regime change. I fear the tipping point is much further away than you posit. People will endure an awful lot in order to preserve their illusions, and avoid a confrontation.

      The IRS scandal also shows how dangerous it is to oppose the regime at this point. Unless you are willing to go all-out violent revolutionary, you face a cost that very few are willing to bear. I am in the midst of a divorce and you can bet your last dollar that I will not do anything to inconvenience the government that can use the law to take my children from me. The bravery of the men who risked everything to create this nation is breathtaking, and apparently beyond me.

  16. Chris Muir says:

    Damn,can you write,Bob! Excellent piece.

  17. AndyD says:

    Great article! Thank you for sharing. I grew up in the Socialist republic of California, have many liberal freinds and I can share with you they too are upset over the IRS issue and the current NSA intrusions. Furthermore, I am also very upset with the current crop of leadership on hte right whom choose NOT to fight for individual liberties. Unfortunately, until the press gets back to being a “free” press where all politicians hate them equally, we as Americans will never be fully furnished with the complete truth to make rational decisions of political leadership.

  18. lineman says:

    I wish Bob would get this comment section where you could reply to a reply….J is a troll and arguing with him is like beating your head against a wall…He is pulling an Alinski and taking one word and running with it…Ignore him and maybe he will go away…

  19. Black Planet says:

    Excellent article Bob.

    Dekare, no need to apologize. Grown ups can sift through labels to get your drift. You hit the nail precisely, Liberals back force when they don’t have to get their hands dirty.

    David, Plantations are economically impractical. But I’m a secessionist too. Federalism is a curse, an unwanted virus running rampant. And I would love to see California, New York and Illinois go bankrupt. Maybe then, Progressives will be exposed for the predators they are.

    Thanks Bob for bringing a historical perspective to our current situation. Now that the New York Times is acknowledging the wolf in sheep’s clothing, I hope you’re right about people waking up.

    God help this country if they don’t. Too many Zombies live in this country.

  20. Mr. X says:

    IRS and EPA gate are EXACTLY why people can’t shrug off nor believe the apologists who insist with Obama that only ‘metadata’ is being collected (as if that would make it ok, and the gov knowing every single number called including an abortion or sex chat hotline). Even many of the MSM reporters seem half-hearted trying to convince themselves that the NSA data isn’t going straight into the White House and the Soros machine for maximum blackmail and political advantage.