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Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome

Written By: Bob - Jun• 27•13
George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

It has been a fascinating experience to watch the 2nd Degree Murder trial of George Zimmerman in Sanford, FL over the past few days, as one eyewitness after another has impeached their credibility.

  • Selene Bahadoor added a new claim to her testimony, that she heard noises moving “left to right,” during her testimony that had not been there in any of her previous sworn statements and depositions. This next testimony seems to have resulted from a pretrial meeting with the prosecution last Thursday. The Defense exposed this on cross, and also revealed that Bahadoor did not actually see the fight. Bahadoor was also exposed to have “liked” a Facebook page for a “Justice foe Trayvon Martin” group, and signed a Change.Org petition for the same. She is an activist, not a witness.
  • Jane Surdyka insists that there were three gunshots, despite the fact only one shot was expended from the magazine of George Zimmerman’s pistol, one shell casing was recovered, and one bullet was recovered from the body of Trayvon Martin. Surdyka also insisted that Martin was facedown on the ground when he was shot, a physical impossibility since he was shot in the chest. Surdyka also revealed that she used news coverage to later determine who she thought was who, asserting that she heard a boy’s voice calling for help, refusing to waver from her belief that a soft-spoken man like Zimmerman is incapable of such screaming under duress.
  • Jeannee Manalao was forced to admit on cross examination that she never heard any specific words exchanged, and that she only saw “shadows” of men struggling and one of her neighbors (this becomes important later) beside them, missed the shot, and only saw Zimmerman later. Incredibly, she asserted that Zimmerman must have been on top, because she thought the “larger” man was on top. Zimmerman is 5’7″. Martin was 5’11”. How did Manalo come to her understanding that Zimmerman was the larger man? From viewing the oft-shared five-year-old pictures in the news of 17-year-old Martin as a child, well after the fact.
  • Rachel Jeantel was the prosecution’s “star” eyewitness, and immediately had to admit on the witness stand to the prosecution that she “lies easily.” She lied in a sworn deposition (committing perjury) and lied to Martin’s mother about the reason she skipped Martin’s wake, and also lied about here age to Martin’s family to try to get out of testifying. The 19-year-old rising high school senior denies being Martin’s girlfriend, and denies sending hundreds of sexually-explicit text messages to Martin. She improbably suggests that her “friends” sent the hundreds of messages on her behalf to a guy that was just a friend. She’d also changed her statements on the witness stand from her sworn depositions, and was forced to recant on cross, admitting that she didn’t know if the voice crying for help was Trayvon.

Jenteal also became combative with Zimmerman defense attorney Don West, and threatened to not come back to testify today, where West has indicated he may have her on the witness stand for “several hours more.”

All four of these eyewitnesses have been a disaster for the prosecution, by any objective measure, and when considered with the evidence provided by other experts and witnesses, have completely failed to come close to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard required for conviction. So far, it has been established that Zimmerman followed Martin, there was a struggle, and then Zimmerman shot Martin.

The prosecution, however, hasn’t even approached Zimmerman’s claim that he fired in self defense, in fear for his life, and we haven’t heard from the defense, who will feature the neighbor seen by Manalo (above) who stepped out his back door, was mere feet away, and positively identified the 17-year-old Martin mounted on Zimmerman, beating the crap out of him with “MMA-style” “ground and pound.”

This witness, combined with Zimmerman’s own concurring testimony and the forensic evidence and ballistic evidence, form something between an ironclad alibi based upon basic self defense laws, or at the very least, establish that Martin was the final aggressor, making a conviction (in a rational world) nearly impossible.

Pointing out these facts, however, has led to a consistent stream of name-calling, most having to do with race. Recalling testimony, citing the applicable laws, and correcting false information is apparently “racist.”

Pointing out to someone that their desire to convict Zimmerman regardless of guilt or evidence, is a cry for lynching, is “racist.”

Nearly any noting of inconsistencies, falsehoods, or evidence contrary to the desire to lynch Zimmerman, is “racist.”

Noting the evidence that suggests Trayvon Martin was severely beating George Zimmerman and may have been committing assault with a deadly weapon, is “racist.”

I think the applicable term for someone who wants a defendant convicted regardless of his guilt or innocence as a form of “social justice” is nothing more or less than “Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome.”

The media has it.

Do you?

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  1. JTwig says:

    I know this is a serious subject and a man’s life literally hangs in the balance, but when I read “identified the 17-year-old Martin mounted in Zimmerman” I couldn’t keep from making a slight chuckle. If that were the case then it would add a whole new aspect to his self-defense claim.

    • JTwig says:

      Great! Now that you corrected it everyone is going to wonder what the heck I was talking about? :)

    • 12bitphoto says:

      Come on, liberal women are loopy but genuinely conservative women are not. If my wife was on that jury there wouldn’t be an ice cube’s chance in Hell of getting a conviction based on the prosecution’s “case.” I can’t think of a woman I know that would wouldn’t see through the persecution’s BS. But then, I live in the South, not Commiefornia or the People’s Republic of New Jersey.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    Apparently reality is “racist”.

  3. WhiteHispanicPower says:

    Yet the black commentators brought on by the jewish-run TV channels have all praised the witness testimony.

    Nancy Grace and Piers Morgan’s panties are in a wad that a “child was killed”.

    Don’t dismiss it. TV commentary is a step into the feminine mind and it’s six women on the jury and a female judge on the bench.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Drop the Jew-hate.

    • RuralGal says:

      Well what do you expect? We got them there frozen dinners and birthin’ control so we out of the kitchen and ain’t preggers…them TV programs is all we got left…


  4. Donald Arey III says:

    Zimmerman, an obviously innocent man (if you have followed this farce of a political prosecution with any degree of objectivity), WILL be convicted. I am as sure of that as I am sure the sun will rise tomorrow morning. The entire state knows what will happen if the Narrative falls apart at this point.

    I am reasonably positive that this conviction will be quietly overturned at a later date with little to no media coverage.

    It is far too late at this point for a “Beer Summit”. “Social Justice” is the goal and it is very efficiently being achieved.

    This trial reminds me of the dude that made the infamous video that theoretically got 4 people killed in Benghazi. He is STILL in jail. (not to compare him to Zimmerman, of course. He actually did break several laws and his rules of probation, but the political pressure to convict is similarly supporting the Narrative.)

    How can this end well?

  5. louielouie says:

    i can’t help but wonder where the good reverends are.
    now that aaron hernandez has been arrested.
    where are the threats of riots?
    where are the reverends?
    where are the vigils for odin?
    what’s in a last name?

  6. David B. Schmidt says:

    I have to wonder if anything will become of the statement from the star witness [Rachel Jeantel] which she could not read because it was written in cursive that she supposedly wrote. She has already perjured herself on several occasions.

    I, also, have to question why the calls of GZ to the non-emergency number for several months before this incident are relevant to declaring his “state of mind” but somehow the expulsion from school, bus fight, other MMA fights, drugs and gun pictures on his phone are not relevant to determining TM’s state of mind.

    This is a travesty of Justice in the name of “Social Justice”

    • Donald Arey III says:

      Have you read Mike McDaniel’s updates on this thing?

      He does a great job of keeping current with what is going on. I think I actually found out about his blog from the comments here. If so, whoever linked it, Thank You.

      • Bob says:

        Mike McDaniel is brilliant, a former cop that understands and explains the law better than most lawyers and judges. Read him.

    • Michael says:

      I encounter students all the time who are unable to read the stuff that they wrote themselves only a few minutes earlier.

      • David B. Schmidt says:

        “I encounter students all the time who are unable to read the stuff that they wrote themselves only a few minutes earlier.” is a great reason to get rid of “Public Indoctrination Education” at the Federal level; nevertheless, the point is that you are attempting to make is that the witness can write in cursive but cannot read it?

        Well, maybe, someone “helped” her but how can one know if the “helper” wrote what she said verbatim? If she cannot read what was written then there is no verification–is there?

    • eric says:

      tm isn’t on trial

      • JP Kalishek says:

        actually, he is of a sorts. His state of mind and normal demeanor are quite relevant to this.
        If TM was actually not the cherubic waif the press and his supporters contend and he is known for being a trouble maker and getting in fights at the drop of a hat, then this contention he’d never attack anyone (well, except those other times he fought those other guys) so Zimmerman must have been the attacker and even if he got his head bashed into the ground and except for the chest wound, TM’s injuries were mostly to his knuckles, is quite in need of explanation.

  7. thesouthwasrght says:

    I have come to believe that those in control want a Zimmerman acquittal, anything to poke the bear and push forward the fundamental transformation.

  8. roger u says:

    All you evil, racis’, white oppressors are racis’ and sh*t!

    I will be out of town when the verdict comes in, just in case.

  9. eric says:

    what is gorge Zimmerman guilty of? shooting a unarmed seventeen year old. he is guilty of that and its enough

    • Shelley says:

      Martin most certainly did have arms and he was using them to try to murder Zimmerman by pounding his head into the ground.

      (geez, what planet are these trolls from?)

    • JP Kalishek says:

      so you will not protect yourself from someone who has you in a choke hold? That is a good way to end up dead, but hey, your killer was unarmed, so you are morally superior … Right?

    • Patrick Chester says:

      Zimmerman is guilty of injuring the fists of “an unarmed seventeen year old” with his face.

      The fiend.

      If you find the thought of unarmed people being killed in self defense distressing, perhaps you should encourage unarmed people to avoid committing assault and battery on armed people. They might use whatever weapons they have to defend themself, even if their assailant is “unarmed” … and have every right to do so.

      HTH, HAND.

    • rumcrook™ says:

      a man ( tm was a man) I joined the army at 17 and considered myself a man at the time and so did the government, so again, a man, is straddled on top of another man beating his head into the concrete, the man getting beaten till he is in jeopardy of blacking out shoots the man straddling him and you think that was an over reaction to being beaten to death?

  10. Cole says:

    So far the witnesses have been a joke. It’s amazing that witnesses “coached” by the prosecutors could still be so helpful to the defense. I think the reason the case is so weak, besides Zimmerman’s innocence, is that the prosecution thought Zimmerman would plea after the Murder 2 charge was announced. Unprepared and cocky they’ve already introduced reasonable doubt with their cavalcade of liars and sideshow oddities. And the defense hasn’t even called their witnesses yet.

    That being said Zimmerman will probably be found guilty. I no longer have faith in people. The problem with hoping courts will remedy the injustice of government is that the courts are government too.

  11. lottiejump says:

    the body was found face-down. there is no dna evidence under anyone’s fingernails. you may no longer have a legal duty to retreat, as as our once great nation descends into third world chaos, but it’s still the civil and decent thing to do. there is nothing civil or desent about the wild west and thug justice. if anybody is a thug in this scenerio, it’s the one who pulled the trigger, as usual.

    the only people who don’t see this case for what it is are blinded by their own willful ignorance. and the fox news commentors have no shame whatsoever. they make no effort to hide their bias for zimmerman. i wonder if they would care so much if zimmerman were black.

    imagine the same scenerio where trayvon is the “watchman” and zimmerman was the prey. do you think the public would be so sympathetic to a black teen vigilante? where are all the nra supporters who usually say, “if the other guy had a gun too, this could’ve been prevented.”? why is no one advocating arming black teens? the nra should be in the streets arming black teens, in order to preven crime, of course. crimes like this one. unless, of course, that’s all a cover story for something more sinister. unless, say it ain’t so, the nra are hypocrites.

    • Bob says:

      i wonder if they would care so much if zimmerman were black.

      Zimmerman is 1/4 black, on his mother’s side. She’s bi-racial, like President Obama. George Zimmerman is tri-racial.

    • Patrick Chester says:

      imagine the same scenerio where trayvon is the “watchman” and zimmerman was the prey.

      Perhaps you shouldn’t project your own racial biases onto others.

    • rumcrook™ says:

      if some one is on top of you pinning you down and beating you to death how do you retreat from that?

      and that is what happened.

    • Brad says:

      Live by the sucker punch, then die because of the sucker punch.

    • SinEater says:

      If I was a prosecutor I would have examined Trayvon’s knuckles and then examined Zimmerman’s knuckles and face and made my determination based on that. Trayvon was shot in the chest from close range. The bullet traveled in the front of his body and out the rear.
      This set of evidence indicates pretty clearly that Trayvon did not have any reason to mount Zimmerman and beat on him (as witness testimony shows he indeed did).
      You bring up the legal duty to retreat as if it has a bearing here. Why then didn’t Trayvon retreat, if it was the civil and decent thing to do?
      Why did he advance upon Zimmerman and knock him to the ground and beat on him while in the mount position? It would seem to me that knocking someone down and beating them in the face and head is the very epitome of “thug justice”.
      None of the teens in my neighborhood would ever *think* of beating down a member of the citizen watch or any adult who asked them why they were walking in someone else’s back yard.
      Arming *all* law abiding citizens for the purpose of self defense is one of the goals of the NRA.

      Black teens statistically have no problem arming themselves. I can quote line and verse from the FBI violent crime statistics where Black teens specifically account for a major sector of ALL violence in the U.S. The statistics are drastically out of proportion to all calculations of the ratio of African Americans to overall population.

    • Iconoclast says:

      Zimmerman is more black than Plessy (in the famous Plessy Supreme Court case on separate but equal). So your query is both uninformed and repulsive.

      Haven’t seen many Kossacks here. Welcome! Always nice to have a convenient punching bag.

  12. Sulaco says:

    There is pending the ballistic evidence, firearms evidence, forensic evidence from both bodies involved and photo’s of the results of the attack not forgetting the toxicology report that has not been introduced yet on Martin’s blood as well as Zimmermans. All this I am convinced will demand an aquital. Not that such evidence will matter to the racial lynch mob well represented in this comment section and in the government in general under the light bringer.

  13. juliesa says:

    I just watched the opening of the Nancy Grace show, first time I’ve ever watched her. It’ll be the last time too. She was interviewing one of Zimmerman’s friends and demanding to know over and over why GZ felt he needed to wear a gun to Target, and why wasn’t the safety on? The friend was trying to explain, but Grace doesn’t get the whole purpose of concealed carry, and she’s obnoxious about it too. I guess according to her I’m depraved because I take my gun to the grocery store. Anyone who thinks GZ’s concealed carry habits are sign of criminal intent is an idiot.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      I don’t recall the model he was carrying, but did it even HAVE a safety?

      • Bob says:

        Zimmerman’s pistol is DAO. doesn’t have a safety, just a long, heavy trigger pull, like revolvers.

  14. DAN III says:

    Where’s Al “Not-So” Sharpton now ?

  15. Brad says:

    If there is rioting this summer in reaction to an acquittal, the yellow press will have much to answer for.

    • rumcrook™ says:

      no they wont. you dont get it, being leftist/liberal means never having to say your sorry, or be responsible for anything ever.

      just look at anthony wiener he is now running for mayor of nyc. that man should be out of the public servant biz for life.

      the press lie and twist for the benifit of thier leftist goals and will never pay a price. nor will any irs agents or anyone involved from the white house in that or bengazi or a million other examples of leftist destructiveness.

      • Big Country says:

        I’m from Florida, and I only hope that things stay ‘cool’ for the summer. I really don’t want to have ‘Hell Come to Breakfast’ in the AO (area of operations) that I left my family in. If I’m lucky, I can get out of Afghanistan quickly enough if needs be, but how jacked is it that I actually have to formulate a evacuation plan to get home to defend whats mine FROM a combat zone? God forbid if something does happen and I can’t make it home in time.

  16. Comrade X says:

    “I think the applicable term for someone who wants a defendant convicted regardless of his guilt or innocence as a form of “social justice” is nothing more or less than “Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome.”

    The media has it.

    Do you?”

    Bob, methinks in the old days it was just called “lynching”!

  17. Kansas Gman says:

    Assuming that Zimmerman is acquitted, what is everyone’s guess as to a likely over/under on the number of deaths resulting from the inevitable race riots over the verdict?

  18. Cooter says:

    Shit! Nancy Grace as got Zimmerman Derangement Syndrome. that bug eyed bitch was going crazy tonight about Zimmerman carrying a gun to walk his dog or go to Target. Who wouldn’t if you know crime statistics and live in a high crime, highly minority populated area. She was also going on about him having the external safety off on his Kel-tec PF9 9mm pistol when that Kel-tec pistol doesn’t have that kind of safety. It has a real long trigger pull and a internal safety that keeps it from firing if you drop it. ZDS will cause many riots, deaths and property damage in the near future.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Zimmerman bought his gun after advised to do so by a policeman because of an aggressive dog in his neighborhood. Walking the dog is just when an aggressive dog would attack.

      The press has no interest in truth. We’d be better informed with no press.

  19. Cooter says:

    Today we learned from the states witnesses in never disclosed info by 2 separate witnesses, that TM ran and made it back to the townhouse were he was staying. Then saw Zimmerman about 80 yards up the sidewalk went back to confront him. One of the witness said she heard running and shoes shuffling like the sound Nikes make when your playing basket ball on concrete, out side her porch going from left to right. That was Trayvon’s nikes running to attack Zimmerman, who would have been to the right of the witness house. Trayvon should have been way down the sidewalk about 80 yards at his dad’s girlfriends house. The only way she would have heard his Nikes running Left to right behind her house, is if Trayvon cut across to the front of the houses on the other side of the side walk and looped around behind were Zimmerman was. Trayvon came up behind Zimmerman and jumped him as he has described.

  20. Eddd says:

    Would anyone think I’m off my rocker if I thought that the jury members and perhaps even the judge, have been visited by thugs….henchmen of the Ozero regime, who have strongly “suggested” to them that Zimmerman be found guilty – or else?

    Or, even more likely, Ozero’s thugs would strongly suggest that Zimmerman be found innocent. What would the result be? Division? Race riots? This would be right up the Divider-in-chief’s agitation agenda alley.

  21. Chuck says:

    Rush likes to refer to Low Information Voters (LIV), with which I agree.

    It remains to be seen if this case has 6 Low Information Jurors (LIJ). Who knows?

    If so, GZ is likely FUBARed, at least until the appeal process plays out.

  22. Spud says:

    Far as I’m concerned, the only proven guilt on Zimmermans part is going beyond the rules of engagement for concealed carry. One may not pursue.
    Other than that, we were not there.
    His right to carry needs revoked, otherwise in future the gun grabbers might revoke my right to carry.
    We don’t need people out there thinking that a CCW permit makes them a self appointed sheriff of the neighborhood.
    I carry on a daily basis , yet you ain’t gonna see me pursuing someone because he looks suspicious. I’d just call the police and wait. However Mr. Suspicious comes toward me and engages with any deadly force threat. Time to whup out the equalizer and defend.
    Zimmerman was certainly guilty of pursuit if nothing else.

    • lineman says:

      Were you born stupid or are you a product of your environment… He was the designated watch patrolmen and he ended up listening to the dispatcher to not pursue him…Have you followed the case at all or just running your mouth to here yourself talk…

      • Spud says:

        Typical internet lack of a logical response.
        No debating of the issue, just ignorant name calling. Much as one might expect. So yes I suppose in your mind I’m stupid for wishing to follow the letter of the law as to what is allowed and disallowed with CCW.

  23. Tooz says:

    I’ve been following this case from the beginning and at first, yes it sounded a bit crazy because originally the media said he [Trayvon], was just a kid with tea and Skittles. Zimmerman was a man who pointed a gun at Trayvon and shot him in cold blood.

    However, as time went on and more came out about the case, things became more clear. I started looking at George and what he did that night and I thought to myself — that’s me! That’s exactly something I would do. I could be George Zimmerman. I truly believe he saw Trayvon take off and got out of his truck for the sole purpose of wanting to know if he could find where Trayvon took off to. Why would Trayvon run off the way he did? He was obviously paranoid (weed smoking does that to a person). He was obviously upset that a “creepy ass cracka” was looking at him. The last thing on George’s mind was that this person would backtrack and approach him. You can tell during the reenactment that he never felt he was in fear. In fact, I would think (had that happened to me), “okay, he’s talking to me, he’s probably from around here.” This is why he displayed no fear and just said, he didn’t have a problem and reached for his phone. He didn’t expect to get sucker punched and clearly he did because he never got in one punch.

    I am on a message board and the Trayvon supporters are so stuck to their “he’s guilty” conclusion that it literally does NOT matter what evidence has been proven; they simply change the story to match their predisposed conclusion. These people are not seekers of justice; they are literally insane. Objective, logical, critical thinking skills are absent from their “thinking” process.

    I believe this case has clearly proven beyond a reasonable doubt that public schools are not teaching children how to think. Instead they are telling people what to think. In addition, Trayvon supporters lack in other areas –spelling, reading comprehension, and an ability to form sentences complete with proper punctuation. Yet they wonder why Zimmerman supporters cannot take them seriously?