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This “prepper” road trip just got a little too real

  After a five-hour drive, I’m unwinding in a hotel room at an undisclosed location in western South Carolina (or is that southern West Carolina? Maybe southwestern North Carolina?), preparing to go visit the site of National Geographic Channel’s new series, Doomsday Castle, tomorrow. I fire up my laptop to see what I’ve missed when […]

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A perfect neighbor

What I expect to be my final post on George Zimmerman has posted at PJ Media. A Perfect Neighbor? Considering George Zimmerman, Post-Circus It will likely be the last I write of him, until he saves a busload of nuns, or offs an evil warlord. Update: I was wrong. Zimmerman got pulled for speeding south […]

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Guns are for white people. Racism is for journalists.

This is just sad and pathetic, and as an American culture, I demand that we do better: There are pictures of guys with guns, gals with guns, animals with guns, ammo with guns and guns with guns. Curiously absent are pictures of black people with guns, brown people with guns or Asian people with guns. […]

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Alaska hiker fired 13 rounds from AK-74 into charging brown bear to survive attack

Whoa: A man hiking on a popular Turnagain Arm trail near the Seward Highway killed a charging brown bear with a semi-automatic AK-74 rifle Sunday, prompting Chugach State Park rangers to close a section of the popular trail. The hiker, who has not been identified by Alaska State Troopers, had set out from the Rainbow […]

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“That’s not a plan.” Arkansas school district trains armed faculty and staff to confront active shooters, refuses the “hide and die” mantra of those cowardly districts that won’t protect students

“The plan we’ve been given in the past is ‘Well, lock your doors, turn off your lights and hope for the best,’” Superintendent David Hopkins said. But as deadly incidents continued to happen in schools, he explained, the district decided, “That’s not a plan.” … Home to an annual peach festival, the town isn’t known […]

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