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A rifle for Zimmerman

Written By: Bob - Jul• 15•13
AR-15 carbine with tactical light and EOTech holographic weapon sight. From ModernSurvivalOnline.

AR-15 carbine with tactical light and EOTech holographic weapon sight. From ModernSurvivalOnline.

I have a post coming to PJ Media either later today or tomorrow about the specific self-defense law case in State of Florida vs. Goerge Zimmerman, but for now, let us simply acknowledge that:

  • the media and prosecution lied profusely about the actual facts of the case, and the law;
  • easily-led, unsophisticated simpletons accept everything they see on television or in the papers as “truth” or even “Truth,” since they lack basic skills in media criticism;
  • despite the fact that George Zimmerman is innocent, and doesn’t have a racist bone in his tri-racial body, he’s going to be hunted for months and maybe years to come by an easily led thug culture because it serves the media/DNC narrative.

Though all evidence in the case, and 40 prosecution witnesses and 19 defense witnesses collaborated to give us a very detailed picture of what happened that night as a textbook self-defense shooting, George Zimmerman is going to have personal defense problems for years to come.

We do know that he has body armor now, and that he is getting his Kel-Tec PF9 pistol back from the Sanford Police Department (if indeed he hasn’t already). That may be enough for his mobile defense, but he is going to find a new home somewhere, and if he whereabouts are broadcast via social media to thuggish individuals, he could easily find himself and his wife under a hastily coordinated assault by multiple thugs in a home invasion with little to no warning.

With that distinct possibility in mind, I’d suggest that George Zimmerman invest in:

  • a quality AR-15 carbine variant with a 16″ barrel and mid-length gas system with folding BUIS (backup iron sights)
  • a good, dead simple tactical light, such as the Haley Strategic variant of the Inforce WML
  • a good short range optic, such as any variant of an EOTech holographic weapon sight, or an Aimpoint, or Vortex Strikefire
  •  at least a half dozen 60-round Surefire magazines
  • and a good single-point sling.
  • Good self-defense ammo, such as the .223 Remington 50-grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertip that will rapidly expand/fragment in anything it hits, making it bad for criminals and comparatively safe for his neighbors.

I’d further suggest he get a quick-to-don rifle plate carrier or OTV with mag pouches set up for the Surefire magazines, and a big dog or two.

George Zimmerman make some minor mistakes, but he is no criminal, and is no murderer, and did not kill and “unarmed child.” He is the survivor of a fight against a veteran street-fighter who was using concrete as a deadly weapon.

George Zimmerman deserves peace, and anyone who attacks him (or any other homeowner) in a home invasion deserves to be shot to pieces.

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  1. Fred B says:

    I’m not sure what GZ did for a living before this fiasco began, but I pray he can do it somewhere other than Florida. I also pray he can win a lawsuit against NBC that will provide him with the resources to remain comfortable and protected and relatively isolated for years to come.

  2. cav medic says:

    So you agree with a wanna be cop, with grandiose delusions, to have violated TM’s Fourth Amendment rights. It’s bad enough(often deadly) when the oathbreakers of badged officialdom do it; just ask the Sunday school teacher recently murdered in Culpepper, VA, while leaving her church on a Sunday morning. Oops, my mistake we cannot ask her. If anyone needs that rifle, her widowed husband surely does. Zimmerman, like most arrogant bullies, went out that night and bit off more than he could handle, and when he realized he was on the losing end of an unjustified encounter turned physical(that he instigated), he went for his gun. In the end, like the bully punk he is, regardless of having a .40 caliber pistol, he was screaming like a terrified child. Go figure.

    • Bob says:

      Wow. You haven’t managed to get any of the factual details right. Even got the pistol caliber wrong.

      That takes talent.

      • Comrade X says:

        There’s one thing that always runs true with those who opinions are mainly & almost entirely full of their prejudices & bias and that is any real regard for facts or the truth!

    • I Deal In Lead Friend says:

      Cav Medic,

      Your post smells of weakness and Summer’s Eve, but I can’t tell if it’s the “Cav” or the “Medic” that’s causing it. I’m guessing both.

      Did you give up your lunch money often as a kid?

      De Oppresso Liber.

      • Eric Blair says:

        “post smells of weakness and Summers Eve”

        EPIC !

        and I see the intellectually unencumbered Eejot returned

        in the Coming Times, clue-free meatsacks like Cav Medic will be gone quickly

    • poppa india says:

      GZ approached a young man,TM, to ask what he was doing on private property that night. Perfectly legal. TM responded with a violent illegal attack. GZ was not obligated to follow your fake tough-guy rules and allow himself to be beaten or killed. BTW, I served in the Cav in V-N, please don’t use the Cav id when you make stupid statements.

    • Beaumont says:

      Cav, thanks for showing everyone how stupid you really are. You have performed a public service.

  3. Federale says:

    Zimmerman is not going to need any sort of optic. All his shooting will be up close and personal, probably no more than 10 feet, probably less. A full size handgun in .45 and a 12 guage shotgun, pump or semiautomic, with pistol grip would serve better at such ranges.

    • says:

      Either of those would be great in the home (handgun/shotgun). But an AR platform would be most ideal in the case of multiple intruders since rate-of-fire, capacity, and recoil have a higher importance in a multiple intruder scenario. (something Zimmerman has to be prepared for)

  4. I Deal In Lead Friend says:

    Right on, Bob. GZ commited no crime. He merely volunteered to take responsibility for his community when others wouldn’t. TM was a typical thug, and I’m guessing that GZ would have ended up dead – or close to it – if he hadn’t defended himself. This was straight up self-defense, and I think that a larger point has been missed; GZ has, in my opinion, done many law-abiding Americans a great service as thugs, thieves, looters, and wannabe gangstas will perhaps think twice about jumping people from now on. It’s good to see that Sam Colt made GZ – and the rest of us – equal to the violent animals that roam our cities and neighborhoods.

    I know it’s been said before, but if this self-defense shooting had been black on black, or black on white, or asian on asian, etc., we would never have heard about it. The truth is, the race-baiters (including the one currently residing in the people’s White House) can’t make any money or retain/gain any power without playing the same old tune. It’s funny, and not in a good way, that everyone in America but the white male now belongs to a protected class.

    If the zombies want an apocalypse, let’s get the party started. The sooner the music starts, the sooner we get to dance.

    By the way, your recommendations to GZ regarding the rifle and gear are good ones.

  5. JTwig says:

    While this is the optimal set-up for self-defense, it is also a rather expensive one. Even before his legal issues Mr. Zimmerman would have been hard-pressed to aquire the listed hardware all at once, and with his legal difficulties I imagine his finances have not improved.

    I would recommend an AK (cheaper and reliable) espcially since he will most like be facing intruders within his home where long range accuracy will not be an issue, but capacity and reliability will be. Combine that with a handgun with a 15-20 round capacity, and optional 12g, he should be able to give any mob reason to pause and rethink thier actions.

    • MrFL says:

      I have a solution for this: Let’s take up a collection to help Mr. Zimmerman provide for his defense. He needs more than guns – he needs good training both for survival and in the hope that he’ll be able to avoid future situations where he could be left with no reasonable option other than deadly force.

      I’ve long stayed out of the debate on this case except to point out to friends, family and others that we needed facts, not hype, and that verbal stupidity did not and does not justify physical attack. All the evidence we now have suggests that Zimmerman could have used some good defensive training (unarmed and armed) which might have allowed him to avoid ending up in the position where he had no choice but to shoot, but in the end that was not his fault – it was Martin’s. Had Martin gone home instead of confronting Zimmerman, or had he kept the confrontation verbal instead of escalating to physical battery, Martin would likely still be alive today.

      Zimmerman is pretty well…screwed…when it comes to living almost anywhere as his face is very well known and there seem to be a lot of people (who should have learned from Martin’s mistake) who claim to want to have a go at him. He’s probably more at risk than some of the moron politicians who support gun control while being protected by entire teams of armed security.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Which AR-15 manufacturers would you consider quality? I’m from Maine and am leaning towards Windham Weaponry, support my neighbors and all that. This post is getting bookmarked, thanks for doing what you do Bob.

    • Chuck says:

      Bravo Company. You can save a few bucks by ordering a complete lower (or stripped lower if you’re inclined to put it together for yourself) from Palmetto State Armory and a complete upper from Bravo Company. Bob’s recommendation of a 16″ barrel, mid-length gas system is spot on.

  7. Right_2_Bear says:

    If I were GZ (and I’m glad I’m not), my choice would probably be a firearm like a Remington 870 w/extended magazine. Always loaded and ready at hand. Then a light carbine such as a Ruger Mini-14 or AR.

    My instinct is I don’t think GZ is going to be bothered. This “threat” thing is probably a lot of his defense team working the media in his favor. Anybody that would attack GZ after what happened in Sanford is in need of a brain transplant.

  8. Also keep in mind…

    Some of the items suggested in this excellent list of recommended equipment are now illegal in several States (e.g., NY, CT, CA).

    Choose a future home (if it’s not FL) accordingly.

  9. Papa says:

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch a bit of the talking head marathon Sunday morning. Elliot Spitzer’s diatribe was amazing(on a par with cav medic’s above) – he got all the facts wrong except the names and that Trayvon is dead. I came to the nagging conclusion that some in the political/media ruling class seem to want to foment a race war. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why, but I feel strongly that, if I could, then the answers to quite a few other questions might come into focus…

    • JTwig says:

      I personally don’t think they want to forment a race war, only to score easy political and progressive points. They are just to short-sighted and oblivious to were all their reckless speech can lead.

  10. Dan says:

    I think the media wants a race war because it’ll give them something to cover and allow them to morally grandstand. The political establishment would want something like that because they could use it to expand their control over people. The collapse of the civil society will be accompanied by a government power grab. Though I don’t know whether that collapse causes or is caused by that power grab.

    • JTwig says:

      Like I mentioned above, I personally don’t think they want a race war. The media only wants ratings, but since they have no critical thinking skills they don’t see were their constant hate and fear mongering will lead.

  11. There are a lot of people who need brain transplants.

    I suggest thar Zimmerman consider moving to a remote area in a “shall issue” or “constitutional carry” state in the West, where his neighbors are likely to share his values, and would be willing to stand up for him. In such a place, neighbors will recognize everyone who belongs there, and those who don’t. They can misdirect and otherwise confuse anyone who seems to be up to no good, and are unlikely to give out personal information on anyone. I hope Zimmerman has the means to do this, and if he doesn’t, I think out of a decent respect for not standing idly by while neighbors bleed, the various liberty organizations ought to help him out, without needing our names or his whereabouts known.

    And yes, Zimmerman ought to invest in the firepower he needs, obtained at a price he can afford, in order to protect himself and his family. Rifles, shotguns, ammo and dogs. In the bitter experience of my people, I have learned that when somebody says they are going to kill you, you should believe them and act accordingly. It is deadly not to do so.

    • Thomas says:

      Had his friend come to help him on the night, no longer in question, young Travon might still be among the living today and all of this wood be moot.

      • Thomas says:

        would not wood

      • says:

        This is a great point. I was so frustrated when I head Ms. Lauer (famous “screaming” 911 call) testify and the reaction seems to be when someone is in trouble, go upstairs and hide. She was even chastising her husband for not following her upstairs.

  12. cav medic says:

    Wow, I got the pistol caliber wrong. That does not change the fact that he should not have bren crying like a baby for help. That is what wanna be tough guy heroes and arrogant bullies do when you their BS fails. Ironically, your respones also fail to remark on my Fourth Amenment comment, or the vile badged oathbreakers Zimmerman worships. Moreover, not a peep from anyone regarding the Sunday school teacher murdered by Culpepper, VA, PD. Yeah, I know the basis of support for Zimmerman here. Supporters of BOR and the Constitution my ass. Only if it applies to you and those you choose. Yep. Lastly, I did not know the public streets between his home and the skittle store were private property. Forgive me.

    • says:

      Please elaborate on how GZ, a private citizen, violated TM’s 4th Amendment rights? (the right against illegal searches and seizures)

      • cav medic says:

        How about you use some common sense and realize that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons,” does not solely apply to private property in their private residence. It also defends the right of citizens fo be physicslly secure from unwarrented inquires to their intentions, as long as no cause exists to warrant an intrusion into our personal affairs. Juden! Stop! Show me your papers you Juden swein!

      • Joe Mama says:

        He can’t – he’s making it up as he goes…

    • Marty says:

      It was a gated community, not a public street. As an owner, GZ “owned”, in kind with his fellow residents, a piece of every inch of that community, aside from what was inside the residences. Crayon was on his turf, and he had every right to ask him why he was there and follow him.

      As to your other point, I have no idea why you’re trotting out a questionable officer-involved shooting as comparison to an acquitted private citizen self-defence shooting.

      • cav medic says:

        Yes, a “gated community” in which his father lives. The same father whose home he walked from and eas walking back to.

    • Chuck says:

      How do you even begin to equate the two cases? Nobody here is defending cops (you won’t find many badge-worshipers here) and those of us from VA are very familiar with the Culpeper, VA case, but in that case, the fat tub of lard Deputy was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for three years. I wish it had been a harsher sentence, but he was convicted nonetheless.

      Now, I challenge you to give a fact-based assessment of how Zimmerman violated Martin’s Fourth Amendment rights? My sense is you don’t actually comprehend what the Fourth Amendment says.

    • Real Deal says:

      “Moreover, not a peep from anyone regarding the Sunday school teacher murdered by Culpepper, VA, PD.”

      What relation or even similarity does this have to the Zimmerman case?

      • jj says:

        My thoughts exactly…..he’s off on a tangent.
        Also, could it be, Zimmerman was yelling for assistance so he wouldn’t have to shoot the young pink assaulting him? When no one came to his aid and instead, hid cowering in their homes trying not to get involved, his options became very limited.

      • cav medic says:

        Obviously, you ain’t worth spit as a Patriot and a defender of the Constitution. However, since you asked, and it’s clear you have not read a single word about the Sunday school teacher. She was in the parking lot of her church(14JUL13) when confronted by Culpeppers finest oathbreaker, who after ordering her not to roll up her window did so. Her actions were immediately followed by one, and then another five shots which killed the SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. That’s it that’s all there is. Why? That is all the information publicly released. There is your similarity to TM. However, I’m certain you will be able(along with Culpepper PD) to find a justification for killing a Sunday school teacher who did nothing but attempt to drive home from church(after teaching Sunday school). Hey, why not? I’ll buy that for a dollar. A glory hound, wanna be oathbreaker robocop, jackboat stomp thug justifies hounding a teen that fits his paranoid delusions, confronts him and gets more than his bully arrogance expected, resorts to the way of the gun and kills him. A Sunday school teacher leaves church and an oathbreaking scumbag justifies killing her. I’ll be damned it works for me. Here’s an idea for reinvigorating the neighborhood watch: Design and implement teams of communiry residents to reduce and eliminate the unchecked and barbaric wave of police violence and murder against law abiding citizens.

      • Casey says:

        cav medicated said:

        Obviously, you ain’t worth spit as a Patriot and a defender of the Constitution.

        I smell a concern troll…

      • Real Deal says:

        You might want to invesitgate further, here I’ll help you.

        There is not correlation except someone was shot and died.

        If you want to get riled about something how about these stories? Real babies killed by thugs which TM wanted to be like.

    • juliesa says:

      “It also defends the right of citizens fo be physicslly secure from unwarrented inquires to their intentions”

      There is no evidence that GZ even asked TM any questions. The evidence supports the account that GZ went across the T after losing site of which way TM had run. (It’s perfectly legal and acceptable to follow at a distance to see what someone else is doing or which way they went. It’s also acceptable to ask someone what they’re doing in a private community, but again, it seems GZ didn’t even do that.) The evidence strongly suggests that TM went home, then came back and accosted GZ, who had never turned down the walkway towards TM.

      Frankly, you are not very familiar with the facts of this case. Before flying off the handle, it’s better to thoroughly inform yourself. You’ve made numerous false assumptions.

  13. Higgins says:

    What Zimmerman needs is weapon sold in a private sale. No paper trail.
    The Feds are now after him, and as soon as they are ready, they will look for weapons sold to him, and then disarm him when they charge him. GZ will still need access to lethal force after he is disarmed.

    • JTwig says:

      Not just a single firearm, but multiple private sales. As many as he can afford and find sellers.

  14. Joe says:

    I don’t suggest the 60 rd Surfire MAGS. From experience they don’t stand up over time. Or in my situation under duress for an ever shorter life span. Observed a lot of malfunctions etc. Better off staying with tried and true PMAGs.



  15. Cole says:

    Nice rifle. But I think Zimmerman should go the opposite route. Old school cowboy revolver. Print up some business cards that say, “George Zimmerman. Gunfighter. Have gun will travel.”

  16. poppa india says:

    Cav medic, switch to decaf…the FL case has nothing to do with the VA case. Are you angry because people want to discuss the GZ/TM event instead of your favorite cause? Anyway, asking someone what he’s doing on private property is not illegal, 4th Amendment or what ever.TM had a right to be there, GZ had a right to ask him what he was doing. Not a civil rights crime. Do you call a lawyer and the FBI whenever someone asks who you are or why you are in a certain place?

  17. Mark Matis says:

    Two words for those who would harm Mr. Zimmerman or his family:

    100 heads.

  18. thebronze says:

    Great advice, Bob!

    Except for the 60-rd Surefire mags. They’re shit. Stick with 30-rd P-Mags.

  19. georg felis says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that particular item is the *last* thing GZ needs to take ownership of, either purchased or given as a gift. Eventually the Feds will re-arrest him on a bogus civil rights charge and ‘Take into custody’ any firearms he owns at that point. They’ve already confiscated his concealed carry pistol which Florida was giving back to him, and having any ‘Evil’ gun of this type at his ‘show arrest’ which will probably include a dozen FBI agents and two camera crews is going to be splashed all over the news.

    I would imagine the news organizations are already writing, “GZ arrested today on civil rights charges, police confiscated an arsenal of fully-automatic weapons which they suspect he was about to use in a shooting spree at a local (fill in name of innocents here….)”