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A well-regulated militia in action

Written By: Bob - Jul• 18•13

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

When the Founders used the phrase “well-regulated,” they understood the commonly-accepted definition of the term as understood for more than 150 years later, which means “smoothly functioning.” A “well-regulated militia” is one that practices often so that the function smoothly as a militia unit.

The group above, whom I saw though a TTAG article, is precisely what the Founders meant for us to be a part of as part of our civic duty as Americans.

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  1. Exciting, nice drum track, but…

    I’m not a soldier but I can say this at least from having read a manual or two:

    They are way too close together in all their examples. They should be like 15 or 20 feet apart.

    There’s guys running through a field of fire several times without even crouching. Like between the cars near the beginning.

    The only part of a vehicle that will afford you sufficient cover from rifle fire is the engine block. There was a shot of a guy taking cover behind the back of a van. Not smart.

    Stacking is for SWAT teams clearing a building, probably not good for infantry outdoors since they’re too close together.

    They should not be all in a line like that in the middle of the road. Good way to get shot right down the line. There’s woods, use them. Spread out, don’t use a straight line, and get behind a tree or some other cover. Once they hit prone they could scurry off the road at least.

    They are using entirely too much ammo. I can’t even think of that much money going downrange so fast. A man can only carry so much ammo, and they’re gonna run out of it in like 5 minutes at that rate.

    Why did the guy with the .50 cal shoot 9 rounds in the same position at the same target (didn’t see him shifting) in rifleman’s cadence, then move away and leave the rifle behind? It’s too long to stay in one spot, and he should have taken it with him. He did good at first when he shot once and scooted though, but the rest of it was just dumb.

    Some of the guys stay kneeling when everyone else goes prone. They are sticking up like sore thumbs. Likewise guys who get up and cross the line of fire while reloading. Don’t do that.

    Blue is not a good camo color.

    Being out in the middle of a field like that would make me very nervous about an air strike.

    WTF is with everyone wallowing in the irrigation ditch? Now they’re wet, unnecessarily, they’re all in a line, and they can’t see over the top.

    They cut out in the middle of the medic shot. They were just getting to the good part. But now I’m nit picking.

    • Chuck says:

      Pretty good critique for a girl. ;p

      In all seriousness, you have a pretty darn good grasp of basic infantry tactics.

      • The main thing is just to stay far apart enough that a grenade or a guy with a machine gun will not kill all of you at once, not get all in a line so that you won’t get strafed, and stay under trees when you have them so the guys in the air don’t see you. And if you get incoming fire, get out of the way. If you’re going to be laying down fire with a big gun like a .50 cal that will get more attention, you want to move between every couple shots so they don’t know where to shoot back at you. A .50 cal would be a nice trophy and they might also want to take it out quick so it stops putting holes in their armored things.

        Also nobody on a patrol is going to have an infinite supply of rounds. Even the usual soldier’s load is something like 210 rounds I think, that’s 7 AR mags – 1 in the rifle and carrying 6 more. You might have more ammo in a ruck or something. I didn’t see a lot of these guys with rucks. They could have left their rucks in the bushes or in their cars if the scenario was that they were ambushed while driving through an open field in cars. Why they’d be driving shiny black vans offroad through a field beats me, but maybe it was just to make obstacles for the exercise.

    • Joel C says:

      Heh! What Chuck said.

      I was an MP rather than an Infantryman, but we did some of this (but not like this). It’s closing on two decades since I trained, however, and my sense of “that don’t look right,” was somewhat more ambiguous than yours. That was some fine hip pocket refresher you posted there, Penny.

      My most charitable thought was, maybe they’re sticking together like that just for the camera.

      But probably not.

      • Joel C says:

        That said, if you’re training Military Operations in Urban Terrain and you’ve got no MOUT City and no empty building to play with, but you do have some cars and an empty field, you’ll do what you can with what you’ve got.

        Not sayin’ that’s what they were doing, mind you. Just sayin’ for the sake of sayin’, I guess.

        I’ll stop now.

  2. Ray says:

    Piss poor training, They bunch up everywhere, as a habit. One sniper , one arty. round, one blooper grenade, one hellfire and that whole team is gone, KIA or WIA. They hug the bullet magnets(cars) and run phony patrol drills in the open without cover or concealment (you fight like you train) I could go on all day, but lets just say that the militia in that video needs to kick the phony ass “instructor” in the ass and get their money back. They act like that around a real army and they WILL die. The guy who ran that “School” has not the first idea what he is doing. I have seen better drills run in AIT.

  3. 3Toes says:

    Yes embarrassing to say the least. Unfortunately, today this is what Militia represents. Here in East Texas on any given weekend you will see these fools running around in the National Forest, hell it could be the same guys.

    When SHTF, these idiots will die first. It much better to fight as a 3-5 man team. Know your team, know your plans, know what the other 4 members like to eat for breakfast and you will have a true militia. The real militia is invisible… Remember one motivated individual can do a lot of damage. One motivated individual with a plan can shut down an entire city or military outpost very easily. 1) cut electricity, 2)disrupt diesel trucking, 3)ambush resupply and 4)take possession as resupply.

  4. Dan Irving says:

    The commentators in the TTAG article do a pretty good job in critiquing the video as do Penny, Chuck and Ray.

    The overall intent, that of gathering groups of like minded individuals and ‘training’ as if in a militia, isn’t a bad idea. Some of the basics in FM 7-8 and FM 31-21 do apply but we have to keep in mind that a militia does not have access to the logistics that a regular unit might.

    • If there were real “freedom fighters” in a police state, then they’d probably be leading double lives. They’d be reduced to doing little ambushes and secret sabotage. The right number for this would be 2 or 3 people. Maybe like 3 pairs or trios would get together to do a bigger job but they wouldn’t stay together after.

      I guess if there was a total collapse and a power vacuum you’d have something more like local rural security squads – maybe like a road block to protect a town from looters in WROL.

      This is probably even too big a group to be a patrol like that, though I could be wrong. And it’s unlikely that a stranded rural town would have unlimited ammo.

      And so, this scenario where there are a couple dozen guys just spraying and praying around some cars in a field? They can’t be training to be “freedom fighters” or even a local militia. This is more like a VIP convoy bodyguard squad or something, but they’re still too bunched up.

      • rumcrook™ says:

        I think your dead on you dont take the easiest path you dont bunch up and you break up into better teams.

        I read an account somewhere I cant remember when now, but it was a GI in ww2 recounting how he watched a line of germans walking up towards him at an angle from him he waited till they passed then rapidly shot each and every one of them dead starting with the last and closest becuase they were ducks in a bunched up row.

  5. Green Eagle says:

    “When the Founders used the phrase “well-regulated,” they understood the commonly-accepted definition of the term as understood for more than 150 years later, which means “smoothly functioning.”

    Mr. Owens, you are a liar. It is made perfectly clear in the Federalist Papers that the militias are to be regulated by the Federal government. You know this perfectly well, yet you stoke your ignorant readers with rage, by telling something which is totally false.

    You should be deeply ashamed of yourself for smearing our founding fathers by attributing to them your violent fantasies about the role of government.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      Well if your premise is correct it was a good thing the founding fathers weren’t about to let themselves be “well regulated” by the King of England.

      Bob is correct. The intent of the second amendment is all about the citizens right to ultimately bear arms against an usurpacious government.

    • JD says:

      So, a well regulated, as in FEDERALLY regulated militia would help make a STATE remain free how? Then what is the point of a militia? Doesnt the federal government have the power to raise armies? What business do they have in state militias? If you said that well regulated by the fed meant they supplied munitions and training i might buy it. Seeing since we here are just ignorant and violent, please do fill us in on the specifics in the federalist papers where to find what you are talking about so we can read it ourselves. Thanks and you should be ashamed of yourself for calling Bob a liar for simply stating what seems to be the consensus among people like us.

    • Dan Irving says:

      Psst … don’t feed the trolls.

      • JD says:

        Yea, I made the mistake of reading that douche’s blog. Apparently people who just want to be left alone and retain some of their American heritage are the most evil force in the universe and we must be eradicated.

    • Joel C says:

      Meh, I’ll confess I haven’t read the Federalist Papers, even though I have a copy on my bookshelf.

      That said, I’m pretty sure it’s not a lawbook, and therefor its contents, however revealing, have not the force of law. Wanna prove Bob wrong? Need a better source.

    • Sharpshooter says:

      Well, you demonstrate your ignorance by not grasping that the word “regulated” didn’t attain the contemporary definition until the late 1800s.

      Find an old mechanical clock and look for the word “Regulated” on the face; was that a certificate from the Ministry of Clocks?

      I imagine you dind’t know, either, that the word “welfare” (as in “general welfare”) didn’t come into current ussage until the 1960s, formerly being called “relief”.

      Or that “progressive” (a self-designation) used to be called “reactionary”.

      Dolt or dupe? (Or both).

  6. Treker says:

    Bob, slightly off topic but you need a laugh today . The bad news is that the NSA is watching your every move , the good news is Joe Biden in charge. Follow up on Joe..|met:0000300|cat:0|order:14&%2F%3Fsource=dailyme.

  7. thebronze says:

    All I can say is Damn! The rental car company is gonna be pissed!!!

  8. Bob says:

    I guess I view this militia differently than many of you.

    Yes, I suspect that against a trained U.S. military force, they would be hosed, but who says that is who they are preparing to encounter?

    I suspect that a group using even this imperfect training could easily roll back criminal rioters and looters (a more likely threat).

    • Sharpshooter says:

      Bob, this bunch would get tromped by a squad of cops, or rear echelon military.

      A militia such as this functions much more efficiently as a guerrilla force, not a defensive force. In such as case, sniping and “targets of opportunity” are what you engage.

  9. John Mosby says:

    This video is an excerpt from James Yeager’s High-Risk Civilian Contractors Course promotional video. The lack of actual small-unit professionalism displayed by the aforementioned misunderstanding of the very fundamentals of small-unit tactics is so appalling it’s painful to watch.

    The reality is, even the bad guys in a TEOTWAWKI, call them looters, rioters, or even Cannibalistic San Franciscans, as I do, are likely to have at least one guy amongst them with real-world experience and enough sense to get them to do some rudimentary training. After all, it’s no secret that urban street gangs have had members enlist into combat arms in both the Army and Marine Corps in order to gain that very knowledge. I know of numerous former Rangers and SF soldiers who ended up sliding into the Outlaw Motorcycle Culture to one degree or another as well…..So, no, they’re not likely to stand up to even many Mutant Zombie Looter Bands, either.
    John Mosby

    • Bob says:

      So even giving them the benefit of the doubt was a mistake.

      Wonderful. I feel like an ass (well, even more than normal).

      • John Mosby says:

        Not at all. It comes down to something I beat to death….lacking a frame of reference as to what is real and what is unreal….Not having that frame of reference doesn’t make anyone an ass. Denying that lack by claiming to have it, with no factual basis for the claim makes someone an ass.

  10. DAN III says:

    To Mr. Green Eagle….the Federalist Papers were nothing more than a collection of newspaper editorials written anonymously by Mr. Alexander Hamilton, Mr. John Jay, and Mr. James Madison. Their editorials were written in argument for the ratification of the United States Constitution in the State of New York.

    The Federalist Papers were just newspaper editorials.

    • will inoue says:

      You seem to be diminishing their importance. Keep in mind there was no TV, radio, telephone, etc., so mass communications were done the most efficient way possible at the time – via newsprint. The Federalist papers were key in the discussion of the ratification of the US Constitution. The left loves to ignore these articles (or deliberately misinterpret them at their convenience), but they give great context to the laws of the Constitution.

    • Chuck says:

      You guys are making the mistake of assuming that Green Puking Eagle actually read and understood the Federalist Papers to begin with.

      Madison’s case for a citizen militia and the right to keep and bear arms for the same in Federalist 46 couldn’t be clearer and shows that the Green Buzzard is speaking out of his lower orifice.

  11. rasputin says:

    Nothing but backbiting and Bella three percenters talking s*** about people trying to do the right thing. yeah they may not be perfect but the last thing we need is everyone talking smack about these guys. if you have nothing constructive to add to the movement I suggest going down to Starbucks and ordering a nice big hot cup of shut the f*** up.

    • John Mosby says:

      Or, we can offer constructive criticism, based on real-world experience and effective training, to keep people who lack the experience to have a relevant frame of reference, understand the shortcomings of the TTPs demonstrated in the video, so they don’t repeat the same mistakes….Here, hero, your coffee is ready.
      John Mosby

      • rasputin says:

        Your advice was smart-ass 101 and you know it.

        Starbucks has a few cups in your name waiting for you, slick.

  12. James says:

    “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life.” – John F. Kennedy