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AA Optics/Vortex Appleseed in Richmond, IN

Written By: Bob - Jul• 01•13


The guys in Indiana know how to throw an Appleseed.

Alan Alcorn of A & A Optics is hosting a special event at their range for a Vortex supported Appleseed weekend August 31-Sept 1.

Vortex and A & A Optics are giving away ten Vortex scopes as door prizes:

There are just a handful of seats left. I’d suggest registering tonight.

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  1. melensdad says:

    FYI, A&A Optics is a great company here in Indiana. Alan is very active on the INGO website and supports us shooters with great deals on amazing optics.

    I’d love to mount one of his optics on one of my 6.5 Grendels, I’ve got a Grendel that is going to the upcoming Camp Atterbury Appleseed trainers event (one of my friends is going to be using it) but it sports a fairly modest Millett optic. That scope has served me very well to modest distances, but the Grendel is a full blown custom build and deserves a Vortex.

  2. Mikey says:

    Dear Bob,

    Would you please do a piece on setting up a Ruger 10/22 for an Appleseed event?. I have a standard, early model 10/22 and I would like to install sling swivels, sights and whatever you might suggest to improve it. Please share your ideas.

    Thank you