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Low-information Slate reporter asserts North Carolina law will allow people to drink while armed in bars.

Written By: Bob - Jul• 27•13

There is either purposeful deception going on here, or world-class ignorance.

As Dahlia Lithwick noted earlier this week, the Republican-dominated North Carolina state legislature has gone a bit bonkers, passing all manner of ridiculous legislation. One example: On Tuesday, legislators signed off on a bill that will allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring a concealed gun to a bar unless the owner explicitly prohibits it.

This sounds like an incredibly bad idea. And guess what? It is. As common sense would lead you to believe and scientific research supports, alcohol impairs both a gun owner’s accuracy and judgment, meaning that a tavern full of drinking buddies packing heat is best avoided.

North Carolinians will be able to walk into a bar strapped and start drinking is the assertion made by Slate reporterette Ciara McCarthy.

It’s also categorically false.

While North Carolina’s concealed carry permit (CCP) holders will indeed by able to go into a restaurant that serves alcohol, carriers will not be able to imbibe so much as a single drop, the same conditions as under current law.

The real question is whether Ciara McCarty was intentionally dishonest here, or is simply ignorant of the law she is supposed to be reporting about, which is quite possible considering she is an intern.

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  1. John Straw says:

    That’s a tough one. It’s a tough call whether the “reporter” was dishonest or ignorant. My first guess, based on a vague idea of a young, impressionable reporter trained in bigotry toward zealous defenders of enumerated powers, is she was fed this information by a dishonest source, and failed to do her homework. She didn’t bother reading the legislation. Regardless, she needs correction that stings her idealism before being dishonesty becomes habitual.

  2. Richard Blaine says:

    Does NC still maintain a Government monopoly on liquor sales?

    • Bill says:

      To the best of my knowledge ABC is liquor, although you can get beer and wine in supermarkets.

  3. david7134 says:

    Notice the use of “scientific studies”. She extrapolates data on drinking and physical actions. I don’t know of any study that directly addresses her concerns.

  4. Cole says:

    They’ve using the same scare tactic in Illinois over the new conceal carry law. It allows people to carry in restaurants but not bars. But if you hear the politicians and journalists tell it an army of drunks will stagger out of the bars at last call with machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. They get away with lying badly because they only have to convince low information voters.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      an army of drunks will stagger out of the bars at last call with machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers

      Sounds like Chicago and East St. Louis already.

  5. emdfl says:

    No, Cole, they get away with lying badly because the whores working for the mostly lyinglib(BIRM)media lie reflexively to support the soccomms running the country. And they konw that an armed population STILL have options when the JBT/.gov start kicking down their doors.

  6. emdfl says:

    And I would like to apologize to whores everywhere for comparing them to jourlisters.

  7. Bill says:

    Intentionally dishonest. There is no question at this point.

    Sue me. I dare you. Discovery will be a ******

  8. Larry says:

    It’s Slate. I’m going with “intentionally dishonest” here, or at least “willfully ignorant” which amounts to the same thing.

  9. melensdad says:

    So what?

    Here in Indiana we are allowed to go into bars, while carrying guns, and we are allowed to drink.

    Now its stupid to do that. But it is LEGAL to do that.

    We’ve had the legal right to carry for as long as we’ve been a TERRITORY, it was agains formalized when we became a STATE. We can get LIFETIME licenses to carry. Are allowed to carry in church, into hospitals, and, with some strict limits, even onto school property. We can carry on college campuses, we can carry concealed or we can open carry, even into town hall. And “No Guns” signs do not carry any force of law (but you may be “trespassing” if you refuse to leave).

    I’d invite the SLATE article author to come visit Indiana. I have a sign in my cigar lounge that reads: Firearms Permitted: please keep your guns holstered unless needed. Should the need arise, judicious marksmanship would be appreciated.

    • rickn8or says:

      I guess that’s because Indiana people are more mature and less prone to violence than people in other states…
      Indiana is one of the states I point to whenever some pearl-clutcher has the vapors re: loosening restrictions on firearms.

  10. Azrael says:

    OK so normally I all for carrying concealed everywhere. I exercise this right as much as possible. However, unless you are the DD (That’s designated driver for all you country folk) you should NOT be allowed to carrying in bars/pubs/restaurants when you are consuming alcohol. Firearms and alcohol don’t mix! This is a recipe for disaster and one more open target to paint on the back of law abiding gun owners everywhere. Thus giving our already bias anti-gun MSM a mountain to stand on.

    BTW keep up the awesome work Bob!

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Did you actually read? You’re not allowed to carry and drink in NC. Which means, if you’re carrying, you’re the designated driver.

    • Chuck says:

      Reading is fundamental.

      In VA there is no law against consuming alcohol if you open carry. It is illegal if you conceal, however. So far as I know there has been no rash of drunken gun carriers. How do I know this? Because you can bet, if there was even a hint of a problem with “restaurant carry,” the media would have a field day with it.

  11. whitestone says:

    Hmmm, Slate must be mistaken… the only ones that can carry and drink are the “only ones”… the cops.

  12. Lazarus Long says:

    I’ll take “Intentionally Dishonest” for $600, Alex.

  13. I sent the tramp a love note on Twitter, which I’m absolutely positive she’ll construe as a direct threat.

  14. Joe Doakes says:

    My Minnesota carry permit is good up to .04 (same as my private pilot’s license) and it’s legal to carry in bars unless they’re posted No Guns. So yes, I could carry and drink. I could also jump off the roof or stab myself in the eye with a fork. Being legal doesn’t mean being smart. Be smart.


  15. Overthetop says:

    It’s legal to carry in bars up here in Pennsylvania, and the law doesn’t prohibit drinking and carrying. Guess what? Nothing happens.