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REVIEW: Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises

Written By: Bob - Jul• 22•13
Max Velocity's "Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises"

Max Velocity’s “Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises”

Max Velocity has had a place in the sidebar of this blog for a while now, as one of the better reads on weapons and tactics, along with John Mosby and a number of other folks I normally find linked off of Western Rifle Shooters.

Max recently sent me copies of two of his books, Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival, a book on tactics,  and a novel, Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises.

I started Patriot Dawn Saturday and blazed through it in one marathon reading session, ending just after 1:00 AM.

The plot revolves around the leader of a group known as “the mountain men,” a resistance organization that rising in opposition to a scheming Marxist President who uses an unnatural event to impose a brutal form of martial law and dispose of the Constitution.

Patriot Dawn is  what I would describe as a “tactical combat novel,” that teaches both strategy and tactics as it weaves a face-paced story. There is education going on here, but in a very entertaining way that is just a natural by-product of the actions of the resistance as they fight “the Regime” forces seeking to secure the I-81 corridor and seize control of the Shenandoah Valley.

The only problem that I have with Patriot Dawn was the “bounce out, bounce in” cliffhanger ending; I want to read the sequel now to find out what happened to the main character and find out if their high risk mission succeeds or fails after the initial surprise wears off, and Max hasn’t written it yet!

In short, go read Patriot Dawn. It’s worth your time.

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  1. idahobob says:

    I have both of Max’s books. Good stuff!

    I agree with the cliff hanger ending. I bitched at him about it, and yes he will be writing a sequel.

    I just hope that it is more sooner than later.


  2. AZOlddog says:

    I have it on Kindle, now I just need to find time to read it!

  3. JD says:

    I usually read for about a half hour each night before bed, but with Patriot Dawn I was up till 4am and finished it all at once. It has taken the ranger handbook and FM 7-8 and made it entertaining! Need a sequel for sure.

  4. dekare says:

    Sounds like a great book. If I understand your synopsis correctly, it sounds like it could be on the idea of one of my all time favorite books, “Tunnel in the Sky” by Robert Heinlein. This book too is about survival and using your wits.

    I will definitely read it, and will put in on my amazon lists, but alas, I will wait until the sequel comes out first, as I hate cliffhanger endings and want my finality NOW.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Since we are on the subject of book recommendations, may I suggest “Battlefield Earth”. First, do NOT judge this book based on the movie. I will say this. The BEST book I have ever read is Battlefield Earth, and the WORST MOVIE I have ever seen is Battlefield Earth. The movie is NOTHING like the book, and doesn’t even come close to the entire story as the movie is very loosely based on only a part of the book.

    The book is about human survival, against a cold, calculating and evil invader that thinks nothing of killing all humans to get what they want. They think they are superior in every way quite arrogant, just like liberals, only they smell better I bet. Well, in the book, an individual refuses to go along with the expectations of the society and becomes the hero to save the day, at great expense to himself. Anyway, I do suggest it, and if you buy the book and do NOT like it, let me know and I will send you the money it cost to buy it…I’m that sure about it. I assure you the movie sucked, and is not at all representative of the book.

  5. Mr. X says:

    Here’s how a D.C. sociopath/borderline psychopath responds when you quote Bob Owens to them and remind them that their tweeps work for the Emir of Qatar who PUBLICALLY pushes America to fight their wars in Syria:

  6. Real Deal says:

    The link the Contact! is busted, and if you like SF/Horror/Fantasy I’d reccomend the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia.

  7. Mike says:

    “…as they fight ‘the Regime’ forces seeking to secure the I-81 corridor and seize control of the Shenandoah Valley.”

    Ahh, the Shenandoah, the I-81 corridor, the Turnpike. One of the most naturally beautiful areas in the country, and deeply historic–Stonewall’s old stomping grounds, where he led the vastly more numerous and better-equipped Yanks under “Commissary” Banks on a not-so-merry chase and established the reputation of his legendary “foot cavalry” for all time. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

  8. Matt Houston says:

    Very good read. I do like all of Max’s work. I understand the story is meant to be more of a tactical train than a likely scenario, but I do have a question. The psychopaths in the Obama Administration hate white America just exactly like the story’s Tyrone Woods the Director of the Richmond Fusion Center. So this part of the story is absolutely believable. My question is where are all the other US military and assets? Just because they are in the Military, they suddenly hate the American way of life and fight for the Regime? What would have been nice to read is that a couple of Boomer Captains decided to lay waste to the Regime and a few libtard strongholds. But still a very good story, I learned a lot.

    Velocity, Max (2013-01-08). Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises (p. 126). . Kindle Edition.

  9. Mr. X says:

    Responding to a pro-NSA concern troll who thinks me mentioning the mere possibility that limitless surveillance or gun confiscation could lead to violence years from now = a death threat.

    Diane P Senor Equis • 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much. I’ll share your death threat with my husband, and I’m sure he will really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that his 23 years on active duty is appreciated by vigilantes such as yourself.

    Senor Equis Diane P • a few seconds ago −

    That’s no threat ma’am. It’s a scenario — note the line ‘ten years down the road’ and the hypothetical nature. You might as well have the 1980s filmmakers of “The Day After” arrested for making a terrorist threat to drop nuclear bomb on Kansas City, since their film depicted that circumstance.

    Please also see these examples:


    Last time I checked, neither Mr. Bracken or Mr. Owens who wrote these articles have been arrested. Because what they wrote and what I wrote is not a threat, they are merely imaginary scenarios intended to warn Americans about the danger of letting totalitarian government create the POTENTIAL for violence in this country we love.

    And I seriously doubt your name is Diane and you have a real husband who works for the NSA. More likely you are a male, as are most Cointelpro paid federal troll types aka ‘cyber warriors’

    …and you are trying to instigate law enforcement to go after me by falsely accusing me of making death threats when I did no such thing.

    But even if you do know actual NSA personnel, please convey to them that they have a duty to expose UnConstitutional spying on the American people, period, regardless of whether this government has found judges sufficiently blackmailed or intimidated into rubber stamping what the NSA does.

    The NSA was existed to protect this nation against real Communist and other foreign threats, not to do what it has been converted into doing.

    Finally, open carry is LEGAL in the State of Utah. Which means so long as protesters maintain sufficient distance from the roadway and base gate according to applicable federal law regarding protests near military bases, they can openly, peacefully carry not far from the entrance to the Utah Data Center. You can be certain the post commander knows this for a fact, because there has already been one demo near the base in Utah:

    If certain employees — including the Utah National Guardsmen who share the base territory with the NSA — are reminded that we still have a 2nd Amendment in this country that the federal government has not been able to abrogate unlike the 4th, then that would constitute free speech.

    After all, it’s no ‘threat’ to the Texas or Michigan lawmakers when individuals openly carry at rallies on the Capitol steps in those states! Why then should Utah be any different simply because there’s an NSA facility within (x) number of hundred meters?

  10. Dan Kurt says:

    re: Patriot Dawn

    Read the book yesterday when I had a day off work and the weather currently is in the 100+ F° range so I had the opportunity. I was not impressed even though I wanted to be.

    Rather than give a blow by blow account let me just say that the author seems to have taken lessons and ideas from Howard Covington’s North West Novels which BTW are really well written with believable action sequences. Covington’s politics, as he is a white separatist, may not appeal to many but for good revolutionary/survival series of novels his are well crafted.

    One point, at the end of Patriot Dawn the attack on Washington, D.C. made no sense it was similar to a WW2 Banzai attack.

    Dan Kurt