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State rests in Florida vs. Zimmerman. Legal experts predict acquittal.

Written By: Bob - Jul• 06•13
Is George Zimmerman about to be acquitted?

Is George Zimmerman about to be acquitted?

The state rested in their travesty of a second degree murder case against George Zimmerman on Friday, and while Mark O’Mara’s bid for an immediate bench acquittal by the judge was denied, legal experts are coming to the conclusion that an acquittal is just around the corner:

ABC Chief Legal Affairs Anchor and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams told Good Morning America on Saturday that the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial had failed to make its case for convicting George Zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the jury had little legal basis to anything but acquit.

“The prosecution’s case is now in,” Abrams said. “They’ve presented all of their evidence. I do not see how the jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second degree murder or manslaughter.”

Florida juries, of course, are notoriously flaky (Casey Anthony trial, anyone?), so Zimmerman’s acquittal is hardly assured. The evidence of more than two dozen witnesses has done far more to corroborate his story than impeach it, however, and dispassionate trial viewers have come to the conclusion that the prosecution’s case did more to support Zimmerman’s claims of self defense than impeach them.

The defense called two witnesses late Friday (Zimmerman’s mother and uncle) who testified the voice screaming for help on the Lauer 911 call was George Zimmerman. The defense’s case will resume Monday morning, and is expected by some analysts to be a short case, concluded within the week, considering the apparent weakness of the prosecution’s case.

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  1. Thomas says:


  2. Treker says:

    I can’t wait for the Duh in Florida to reach a verdict . Since all the major cities are Liberal I have fingers crossed for a acquittal, with popcorn and soda on standby..

  3. Cole says:

    The Prosecution has shown itself to be as lacking in ethics as their case is evidence. That being said, I can’t trust a jury. And even if Zimm walks the Feds will go after him. Everyone’s waiting for riots but we already live in a time Without Rule Of Law.

    • Unanimous says:

      Sure hope so. Civil violations ~ Hate Crime. Then I hope Ms Folton and Mr Martin sue the hell out of Twin Lakes Community, the City Of Stanford, the Stanford PD and DA’s office, not to mention the Zimmerman’s and any who try to profit off this young mans tragedy. For wrongful death and botched investigation!!!

      • Cole says:

        The only tragedy is that Zimmerman wasn’t given a medal for making Florida safer. I think Martin’s parents should pay for the expense of this sham trial since they raised the violent, junkie, burglar, dirt bag. After all, Martin’s parents are the only ones who have profited off their son’s death. All it took was stirring up racial animosity to get some cash money. I have relatives in Florida. There’s one less criminal able to harm them thanks to George. Nothing wrongful about defending oneself from a brutal attack. Only the most craven disagree. Or racists who think self defense doesn’t apply if your skin is the wrong color.

    • Pablo says:

      DOJ has already had the FBI look at this and they failed to find the racism they were hoping for. There is no federal case to be made.

  4. Delightfuldaysahead says:

    With the proceeds of the suits he will be shortly filing against the major news organizations and hopefully specific reporters as private individuals, Z can spend what it takes to secure his family members from the lame-o nutcases and enjoy years of easy living.

    He will be able to well afford a private gun range with his choice of targets.


  5. navyvet says:

    Thomas, just FYI, Florida (and all states) requires a unanimous verdict to convict. If just one juror votes “not guilty”, GZ walks.

    • David in Cal says:

      Right. However, in case of a hung jury, the state can again prosecute Z. I suspect they would do so if 4 or 5 jurors had voted to convict.

      • Catseye says:

        Don’t think so. Considering the expense of the first trial and the real lack of any evidence for anything except self defense you can expect the state to bluster about a retrial and then spend 2 to 6 months considering a retrial before deciding they’ve got nothing and folding it up. If they can’t get close to a conviction now odds are they never will.

  6. Dan says:

    How the jury will find in this case cannot be predicted.
    Jury’s have a LONG history of returning unsupported verdicts. However in reality from the political point of
    view….and this trial is nothing if it’s not about politics…. it doesn’t matter what verdict is returned.

    If they find him guilty then the violent racists who
    believe they and their kind should be allowed to assault
    and commit crime with impunity will scream in delight at
    their victory over “the man”….even though Zimmerman is
    Hispanic…..and then they will riot, just as they do when
    their teams win a sports title.

    If the jury finds him not guilty then the racist element
    will scream, rant, rave and foam at the mouth about how
    “whitey always keepin em down and we cain’t get no justus”
    …..and then riot.

    Either way the usual group of miscreants will act out
    allowing their inner animals to vent, the government will
    impose more and stricter controls gaining more and more
    control and power and the lamestream media will spin it
    to look like it’s everybody’s fault except those who really
    are at fault.

    And in the end freedom takes it in the shorts once again.

  7. parker says:

    This is not a criminal trial. It is a kangaroo court political show trial. I suspect the jury will convict for various reasons, including fear for their lives and the lives of their families. But, the verdict, innocent or guilty, will result in an appeal or a federal trial for ‘racism’. This charade, this mockery of the rule of law will continue until GZ dies, a victim of racial violence, in a federal pen. This is not Norman Rockwell America, we are living in a Kafka nightmare. Watch out for giant, ninja, kevlar coated cockroaches brandishing submachine guns and full auto rifles in a neighborhood near you.

  8. thesouthwasrght says:

    actually imo an acquittal serves the regime better than a conviction. nothing like moar crisis to keep that ball of ‘fundamental transformation’ rolling.

  9. The point being. . . if you live ANYWHERE near a major city. . . you should be stocking up on food, water, and ammo. . . and plan to ride out the inevitable riots, no matter WHICH way the verdict goes.

    Think of it as an extended hurricane. . .

  10. Bob says:

    A lot of info on this site regarding the case:

  11. mytralmann says:

    I agree with mr south. The more rabid media would probably prefer a Z win, hoping, as it always does, for violence and self righteousness 3D coverage. It will take special courage for these women to let Z off.
    Here in NY, the papers are all Travonists, even the NY Post which now uses the term “gun nut” at least once a day for no reason at all. Fox News has never used any other picture of T I have seen other than his 11 year old self. Perhaps the media and their masters here remember 1977 when a Manhattan black out, at which I was present, saw 1600 stores looted in 2 hours by the locals, hundreds of cops injured, and extensive arson. What ever you might imagine was for sale in the darkened streets, if you were willing to risk your life to go get it. The blue cities would rather justice not be served in this case, from what I can tell, although attempts at violence here will not be ignored.

  12. Steven says:

    The fact that until LAST FREAKING WEEK I had never seen a well done diagram / map of how Trayvon Martin had reached his destination and doubled back, while Z had clearly NOT pursued him …. WTF~!?

    Z got out, was told to stop following, did, went a bit more forward to the next major street to call in the location, and then was WALKING BACK TO HIS TRUCK – meanwhile, “poor innocent Trayvon” is the one who initiated a hostile contact is never mentioned.

    Normally we get diagrams, virtual replays and all that – now that I see how it very much exhonorates Z, I know WHY we have not seen a good detailed diagram.

    And the usual background of both individuals is lacking the racial narrative the press wants.

    Z helped a homeless black man get justice for a beating he took from a white cop’s kid, and was helping his neighborhood out because people were living in fear due to a high number (per # of houses over time) of break-ins.

    Trayvon was a wanna-be punk who had a history of violence, drug use, theft, and was quite vocal about how he wanted to be known as a tough guy.

    While Trayvon is not on trial, per se, his past and his actions that night speak to an aggressive and violent personality. While Z’s past and actions speak to a sheepdog mentality.


  13. Lex says:

    Got the beer chilled, fridge/pantry/medical stocked… generator & 100 gallons of fuel stored. Bring out the popcorn, lock & load.

    It’s going to be epic.

    Hoping the News Stations get torched first…

  14. captainfish says:

    THe fact that now it is 24 hours after they went in to deliberations scares me. This should have been an easy decision for clear-level-headed reasoned people.

    Did the state prove BEYOND a reasonable doubt? If not, then not guilty.

    Is there ANY kind of doubt? Yes, then not guilty.

    Unfortunately, I think juror, especially women these days put too much emphasis upon feelings and wanting to have someone punished for all the time they put in. “why else would they bring it to trial unless he was guilty?” “I certainly don’t curse, so George must certainly be an evil person and therefore MUST have done something wrong.”

    sigh. Our judicial system is a laughing stock. WHen GZ can be tried by a fake special prosecutorial team appointed by political hacks, when a teenager can be forced in to solitary confinement because of a sarcastic joke he made on a gaming forum and over’read’ by someone in Canada, when another kid can also face same nearly 1 year in jail without trial for much the same sarcastic comment, when a kid can face jail time, double arrest, and have no resolution until he meets a judge who throws the case against him out……. you know our system is bent towards always finding someone guilty.

    • captainfish says:

      I’m not saying these kids should not be investigated and maybe their history looked in to, but when did our Free Speech rights get abrogated? Are we now jailed for things we say? For things people in other countries think we are saying?