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Who are your favorite gun bloggers?

Written By: Bob - Jul• 29•13
I think I see one over there!

I think I see one over there!

The shooting sports community in this nation is more than a 110 million strong, and I am sure there are thousands of good gun bloggers out there I simply haven’t come across yet.

Who are some of your favorites?

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  1. Robb Allen says:

    That Sharp as a Marble guy is a dweeb. Avoid him

  2. Andrew says:

    JayG at MA-rooned: He is literally stuck in Massachusetts.

  3. Mr Wolf, non-ESQ says:

    Bob, yours is one of the few I read, other than NRA-related dudes. I do watch a few on youtube tho, to include Iraqvet8888, FPS Russia, and Hickock45. These are my faves tho.

  4. Lazarus Long says:

    Kim (who doesn’t blog anymore) duToit

  5. Right_2_Bear says:

    If that includes video bloggers like YouTube, I subscribe to these guys:


    I have many more but these seem to be my favorites at the moment.

    • Right_2_Bear says:

      Of course is top of the weblog list.

    • Treker says:

      That is a good list Right_2. All those folks speak from experience and should be given heed . Nutnfancy must have the best wife in the world . He spends a fortune on testing gear.

  6. LC Scotty says:

    Robb Allen, Bob Owens, Mike McDaniel, Sebastian/Bitter, JayG, Tam, Say Uncle, Jeff Soyer, DuToit (when he blogged), Codrea, Vanderbough, Miguel Gonzales, Kenn Blanchard, Sean Sorrentino, Kurt Hoffman, Dave Workman, Thirdpower, Joe Huffman, Kevin Baker, Breda (when she blogged), Oleg Volk, Linoge (when he blogged), Erin Pallette.

  7. LC Scotty says:

    Also, Alan Andrews, Old NFO, LawDog…There really are a huge pile of great folks creating lots of great stuff. I’m only aware of 3-4 anti-gun bloggers out there, and most of them run multiple blogs recycling the same garbage.

  8. David W. says:

    Larry Correia is a great blogger to read.

    He doesn’t always post about guns but when he does it’s usually stuff you share.

    Also his books are awesome.

    • Real Deal says:

      Yep. I’m a big fan of the Monter Hunter International & Grimnoir Chronicles series, but haven’t picked up Dead Six but it’s on my list.

  9. The Gun Wire says:

    Hopefully more chime in, there are a few listed that hadn’t shown up on my radar. Always looking for more material…

  10. Comrade X says:

    You and

    Death before slavery!

  11. CyberNorris says:

    In addition to some guy named Bob, I check in with Oleg Volk …

  12. Wild Deuce says:

    I liked Breda at “The Breda Fallacy”. When she quit blogging, I felt like all those runners following Forrest Gump in the movie (when he stopped running).

    I love reading fellow Hoosier, Brigid over at “Home on the Range” Her posts are ALWAYS insightful and informative, occasionally entertaining, sometimes melancholic. She feels like the good friend I will never meet.

    “The Mad Ogre” is another one that I have followed for quite a while. Lately I keep up with him on Facebook. He seems like the guy that you would want to see covering your six.

    David Codrea is probably the one I have followed the longest and most consistently … both online (The War on Guns) and print (GUNS magazine … “Rights Watch” section).

    I love Mike V at “Sipsey Street Irregulars” … I also like “Western Rifle Shooters Assoc.”

    Grant Cunningham is another good read at “Revolver Liberation Alliance” … always a good word and some interesting finds.

    Gabe Suarez at “Warrior Talk News” is an occasional read as well as one of my most recent finds … “Art of the Rifle” (author unknown right now).

    I used to follow Marko at “The Munchkin Wrangler” but eventually, I realized that we were incompatible with our views on social issues as well as religious issues. I eventually felt unwelcome so I stopped reading.

    Oh yeah, I like this guy called Bob Owens … his blog name escapes me at this time.

  13. Repeal 17 says:

    Andrew Tuohy

    Mark Jones

    Hands down the two foremost experts in small arms handling/use

  14. My gunblog is not exactly the most prominent, but I’ve been blogging at TriggerFinger for years now.

  15. Bill says:

    I enjoy this site, Vuurwapen, View From the Porch, Joe Huffman, Captain’s Journal, SayUncle, Shall not Be Questioned, etc.

    I try to find a new one every week. Vuurwapen stood out quite a bit when Tam linked to him. Incredible pictures as well.