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Who are your favorite niche gunmakers?

Written By: Bob - Jul• 29•13
Detonics MTX 45 ACP Pistol

Detonics MTX 45 ACP Pistol

Even people with no interest in firearms know the brands Browning, Glock, and Smith & Wesson, but there are tons of niche-market manufacturers and “up-and-comer” gun builders that come up with incredibly cool guns and accessories, like the rare Detonics MTX above.

What are some of the more interesting niche gun-makers you know?

Are there any particular gun manufacturers that have a product you would want me to review here?

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  1. Joe Doakes says:

    I bought a Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR for about $200 that I intend to use to teach grandkids. Cost about $200.

    I also bought a Hi-Point 9mm and a .40 S&W for about $200 each, just to have weapons in those calibers in case of a zombie apocalypse (should be lots of those caliber ammo floating around because military and police, moreso than .38 SPL or even .45 ACP).

    Thoughts on either of them?

  2. Knitebane says:

    Armscor. Their 2011s are teh awesome.

    And so is the .22 Tuason Craig Micromag.

    Ditto on the Heritage (now Taurus) Rough Rider .22. I’ve got upwards of 5000 rounds through mine.

  3. melensdad says:

    There is more than one local gunshop where I am known as “The Detonics Guy” and I’d have to say that is far and away my favorite handgun maker. While I have a special affinity for the original Seattle era guns, I’m drawn to the brand new and highly innovative guns in current production.

    But that said, there are some changes I would make to the new gun. The magazine release, while great for Competition or Duty, it a pain in the side (quite literally) for those of us who carry on a daily basis. The magazine needs a redesigned baseplate for concealed carry, it has hard edges and corners that print, a few radiused edges would go a long way to resolving these issues. And, dare I say, loosen up the tolerances and make the gun more forgiving so it can digest cheaper practice ammo. The gun is so tight and so well made it functions best with premium ammo.

    Oh, and while we are at it, when can I get one with a “Government” length barrel and slide and competition sights? Talk about a great IDPA gun!!! Especially if I could get it in full size AND with some alternate calibers like 9mm and 38 Super!

    Its been a while since I spoke with Bruce at the factory, but I’ve certainly got a wish list of things I’d like them to put into production . . . or at least build just for me.

    And then there is HENRY REPEATING ARMS if only they would make one of their beautiful brass framed lever actions in 458 Socom.

  4. Paul says:

    STI. I’ve got one and my son has two. We use them for competition and everyday carry. Great guns.

  5. CZ. the iconic cz-82 and the 75 are my favorites.

    • Poshboy says:

      I second CZ. I own three of their products–a CZ-50, -75, and -83–and find them to be well-constructed firearms. One of them is my carry gun.

  6. 4strokes says:

    So many gun makers, so little room in the safe… Here are few of my favorites that have passed through my hands over the years. Wilkinson Arms – the Linda pistol and the Terry carbine. The Bauer Rabbit – a breakdown .22/.410. The Herter’s PowerMag – single-action, .401 tack driver.

  7. emdfl says:

    I have a Griffin .45acp that has all of the whistles and bells of the high end .45’s in a gun that I paid ~$450 for about 20 years ago. It was only on the market for a year or so.
    If you really want to do an odd review see if you can find a Grendal P-31 carbine. Consider a .22mag 30 round carbine with a 16 inch barrel and a grease-gun style wire sliding stock.

  8. jon spencer says:

    Compass Lake, if you are a serious match or service rifle shooter.

  9. Cole says:

    Don’t know if it’s niche but I second Armscor. My Rock Island Armory 1911 runs like a champ.

  10. Sharpshooter says:

    I’m rather partial to Wilson Combat, especially the KZ-45 that I got many moons ago.

  11. Meredith Walters says:

    Stag Arms and anyone else that makes semi-autos for lefties.

    Also anyone that makes something equivalent to the old High Standard NATCHEZ (9 shot western style revolver – birds head grip)????

  12. CZGuy says:

    Im a CZ Fanboy, hence my name..
    I think thay are the most comfortable guns in my hand, they point naturally and I shoot them the Best.

  13. Right_2_Bear says:

    SCCY. Not really a favorite but I kind of like this outfit as they are here in Florida and an up and comer. Low price but not low quality and lifetime warranty that stays with the gun – can’t beat that.

  14. Greg B says:

    My favorite gunmaker?
    If you catch my drift. :)