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Zimmerman juror steps forward, into incoherency

Written By: Bob - Jul• 26•13
Zimmerman Trial Juror B29, AKA, "Maddy."

Zimmerman Trial Juror B29, AKA, “Maddy.”

Juror B29 from the Zimmerman trial has come forward to speak, and has given us a wonderful example of why we try cases upon facts, evidence, and the law, instead of emotion.

“Maddy” says George Zimmerman “got away with murder,” but also that there never should have been charges filed, and that the prosecution’s case was a “publicity stunt.”

She doesn’t think charges should have been filed, but fought “till the end” to convict Zimmerman of something all the same. She doesn’t seem to grasp the difference between murder, which is a crime, and justifiable homicide, which is not.

Folks, let this be a lesson to you. If you are accused of a crime, you will face a “jury of your peers.” That does not mean you will face a jury of your actual peers, but a jury in which roughly half the participants are statistically likely to be of below average intelligence.

Be safe out there.

Update: She was framed? I’m shocked, shocked that ABC News would deceptively edit video.

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  1. Orion says:

    I’ve yet to see any juror interviewed anywhere speak to the law or evidence.

    It is ALWAYS about their feelings, wishes, impressions of the accused, or their lawyer or the prosecutor, or the judge.

    Not once. Our system is badly, badly broken.


  2. dekare says:

    You are very wrong on your assessment that HALF of the jury will be below average intelligence. You have to remember, the jury pool is random, but the actual jury is NOT. The lawyers go way out of their way to weed out any potential juror that any and smarts or common sense.

    Lawyers say they want people who are open minded, but what they really mean is STUPID. People that are so lacking in and thought, that they have no opinions about anything, and can be easily manipulated to believe the sky is green and the grass is blue.

    I a law school graduate and former cop. Smart people with common sense never make it to a jury and in fact, never make it past the first round. During law school, I interned at the State Attorney’s Office in the felony division and would assist in preparing cases for trial. During jury selection, I would watch as lawyers questioned all the jurors and you could see them barely contain themselves when a juror would answer what should have been a very simple answer with something along the lines of “I don’t know nothin about none of that” and completely absent of any opinions that everyday normal people would and should have. I would get a darn good sense who had a good level head on their shoulders and who was a complete imbecile. Would you know it, guess who made the jury and guess who got sent packing. What I found most amazing is that BOTH sides of lawyers preferred the stupid morons. You would think one side would want the smart juror, but for reasons I still cannot fathom, niether side wanted smart jurors. They wanted people who are easily tricked and have no beliefs or opinions about anything. And, if by chance, a juror with common sense did make it, he or she was the minority of the group and surrounded by all idiots. I can only imagine that poor persons plight they were about to endure. Imagine being the lone juror among a group of idiots who are arguing based on their emotion.

    I have seen this not just for criminal but for civil cases too. Why do you think we constantly have multi million dollar run away verdicts against corporations in favor of idiots who seemed to go out of their way and hurt themselves despite every best effort by the company in designing their product to be idiot proof. Jurors are shown the facts, but all they see is some poor injured person who needs money and rich evil corporation needs to give it to them. Why do you think all of these cases are settled out of court for tens of thousands of undeserved dollars to some idiot who does not deserve a red cent. Because corporations would much rather be in control and pay out ten of thousands as opposed to handing over their company checkbook to a group of morons who feel bad for the victim, regardless of who was at fault. The risk is too great, and it’s all because of jurors who are completely lacking in any mental reality.

    Anyway, if you are going to be judged by a jury of your peers, I assure you, they will not be statistically half above average and half below. You will get the bottom of the barrel. Remember the old saying, jurors are a bunch people who were too stupid to get out of jury duty. If charged with a serious crime, I would prefer my luck at a game of three card monty over the rational decision of a jury.

  3. Right_2_Bear says:

    These jurors made the right verdict – that’s all that counts. This confused hand wringing by some of the jurors is no doubt social pressure brought to bear by the media, and the Justice Brothers, etc. All that matters in the end is GZ was found innocent and the rule of law prevails.

    Frankly I am so tired of this case, and I am so tired of all the race baiting done by this administration. The good thing about Obama is that no matter what he is gone in 2016.

    • louielouie says:

      no matter what he is gone in 2016.

      what solar system are you posting from?

      • Right_2_Bear says:

        Me thinks you’ve been listening to Alex Jones too much.

      • louielouie says:

        please accept my apology.
        that was a dumm sht comment i made.
        bob’s system won’t let me delete it or i would.
        i’ve seen your comments here and respect your opinions.
        however, if you think 2016 is the last you hear of hussein, you are sorely mistaken.
        he will move on to mismanage the dysfunctional UN in the same manner as he is now the white house. the presidency, you see, will just be too small for him.

      • louielouie says:

        Me thinks you’ve been listening to Alex Jones too much.

        he lives next door.
        he listens to us after a few cold ones.

      • Right_2_Bear says:

        LL, No apology necessary but accepted. I know where you are coming from. This President has no concept of rule of law and has gotten away with so much already, who knows what he is scheming and capable of next.

        I do think though after 2016 Obama will do the lecture thing, write a couple books (ghosted by Bill Ayers no doubt), then fade away. It is no secret that he is the laziest President to ever hold the office – the UN position would be too much work for him.

        BTW, I am sometimes a bit critical of Alex Jones. I occasionally listen and some of his positions are spot on.

  4. Steve Ramsey says:

    2 down, 4 attempts at cashing in on jury duty to go.

  5. louielouie says:

    i can’t figure why bob hasn’t written about this
    just sending a message to all the little people.

  6. DCP says:

    The really scary part is that you are going to be judged by people who were not smart enough to get out of jury duty. Terrifying.


  7. Jay352 says:

    They keep stirring the pot.Now he got away with murder.They won’t be happy until there is blood in the streets

  8. roger u says:

    “A trial is too important to be left up to people too stupid to get out of jury duty.”

    Gene Hackman, Runaway Jury

  9. Donald Arey III says:

    HotAir has a post about how some people are accusing ABC of deceptively editing B-29’s interview in order to virtually “put words in her mouth”.

    It might not actually be a stupid juror, and they have the entire unedited interview to see for yourself. It looks like the “he got away with murder” line was her just repeating the question asked of her.

    The MSM will not ever tell you the truth about this story, keep that in mind when you see these kind of headlines.

    • ScottG says:

      What we all need to remember about MSM is that they have ALL become activists. There are very FEW journalists left in this world.