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Zimmerman’s justified use of lethal force

Written By: Bob - Jul• 17•13

A lot of folks are still unclear on the legal justification for theĀ  application of lethal force in George Zimmerman’s confrontation with Trayvon Martin, so I took at stab at explaining it in my most recent post at PJ Media.

Some quibbled in the comments that Zimmerman may have technically been within his rights to have drawn and fired after Trayvon sucker-punched him and broke his nose, but as a practical matter, that would have led to his conviction. Juror B37 made this abundantly clear in her interview the other night on CNN. Even as clear-cut a case of self-defense as this was to most of us, only three of the six jurors saw it that way when they took the case back to deliberate it. Two wanted manslaughter, and one wanted second degree murder.

Keep in mind, folks, that there is a legal standard, and there is a moral standard held in the hearts of average people who will be our jurors if we ever have to shoot someone.

George Zimmerman is out of prison because he went well beyond the technical legal minimums, and did not fire his weapon until he clearly had no other options.

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  1. Brad Ervin says:

    The “media story,” or, rather, the propaganda surrounding this issue will be used (as will any new story that can be made to fit the image) to effect the end of allowable self defense. Several years ago the Left let it be known that they would sue self defense cases and the Zimmerman case will serve to provoke this tendency. Truth being that which advances the cause.

    Zimmerman should read up on Rushdie. They share similar situations.

  2. rechill says:

    Yet this guy quietly receives his not guilty verdict when he didn’t even have the courtesy to let his attacker almost spill his brains all over the concrete.

  3. Sharpshooter says:

    The juror said “Martin threw the first punch”…

    Actually, Martin threw ALL THE PUNCHES…and a lot more.

  4. Thomas says:

    I almost knew that GZ was in trouble, when I saw the jury make up of 6 women. Having been on a jury myself, with about 8 white women 3 white men and one black man, I saw for myself white guilt. Several of those white guilt women voted several times to aquit, The black man was definately was for guilty as soon as we went into chambers. We went 2 days deliberating before all of us voted guilty. As foreman of the jury it was my duty, of course, to read the verdict, and even though I had voted guilty it was a hard thing to swallow, knowing I was sentencing a man to prison.