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I’m not dead yet

I’m a pretty rotten blog host. I picked up on that a little while ago when I got a “miss you” email from one of you guys, wishing me well on my future. Then I realized it has been almost a week since I’ve posted anything, which is close to being as long as I’ve […]

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NY thug tried to murder rival gang members, missed with every shot, got stomped to death for his trouble.

  Unlike fake-but-accurate Native American Iron Eyes Cody, I can’t even muster up a single tear. I will note the attempted murderer died after having various parts of his anatomy slammed against the concrete much as Miami-based thug Trayvon Martin attempted against George Zimmerman, before Zimmerman permanently ended Martin’s criminal career.

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Oakland violence a great reminder of why you need a Neighborhood Protection Plan

The more I look at the declining state of the nation, the more the cautionary ideas espoused in A Failure of Civility make sense. Far from the “head for the hills” mentality of some survivalists, Garand and Lawson push for sheltering in place as a community, establishing what they call “Neighborhood Protection Plans” (NPP) to […]

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So this is what happened when I get bored

The interwebs get blowed up. Thanks, Twitchy.

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Range trip

I know I’ve been quiet here the past few days, and there is a good reason for that: I’ve picked up a new full-time job that I am not yet at liberty to discuss. A nice side benefit of that new job was a trip to the office on Thursday to meet my boss and […]

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